The Rockstar Chapter 136

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Dongsheng Airport, Li Tiezhu and Dumpling Keli got off the plane, and again, according to Dumpling Keli’s idea, co-produced a short video.

Li Tiezhu: “On the plane coincidentally met the director of the dumpling Keli, we chatted all the way, ready to use 20 million yuan to make the “that year that rabbit those things” into an animated film, by me and Uncle Dumpling Keli together as a screenwriter.”

Dumpling Keli: “At the same time, we will also set up a That Rabbit Fund, and all the income from the film’s box office and copyrights will be put in the fund to help veterans in need. Please contact Li Tiezhu if you are interested in joining forces to create this animation as a director, screenwriter, actor, or singer, but there is no film fee or salary oh.”

Li Tiezhu: “Stay tuned! Thanks!”

Li Tiezhu didn’t care about the traffic, very extravagantly used 4g directly, and posted this video on his Shake Shack number.

Dumpling Keli was even more fierce, Shake, Shutter, Headline, and Scarf were all posted, and even the circle of friends was not spared.

And then, the two were separated.

Back to the site has been almost four o’clock, Li Tiezhu fell asleep.

The next morning.

Li Tiezhu and the old man went back to his hometown, burned paper and photos for his mother, and also burned a washing machine, refrigerator, gas stove, TV set, small villa, smartphone …… and an Audi, of course, all paper.

“Can Mum drive?”

“Underground may not still need a driving licence Mai? Airbags are not needed, just drive!”

“That’s right.”

“Well …… want to give her to burn a paper old man down? You say I have found you Liu aunt …… forget it, in case of burning a bad temper, your mother and can not beat ……”

Li Tiezhu s brain hole is completely better than the old man Li Fugui, and he is willing to pay tribute.

In the afternoon, they went back to the Shudu site.

Unlike many families, Li Fugui is both a father and a mother, and he is so gentle to Li Tiezhu that he is almost spoiling, and he is not a strict father at all.

Along the way, Li Tiezhu also talked a lot with the old man, Li Fugui also knows that Li Tiezhu now earns a lot of money, the old man is relieved. But when his son suggested that he should not go to work, he was still very angry, not to go to work for what? What’s the point of not going to work?

Li Tiezhu col but the old man, can only let him continue to work.

In addition, he transferred three hundred thousand to Li Fugui, so that he is ready to build a new house in his hometown, and then good to marry Aunt Liu over the door. It is quite shameless to keep looking for people to discuss work every day like this without any basis.

However, it is said that Aunt Liu’s daughter, who is still in junior high school, has a different opinion.

Since the divorce and domestic violence ex-husband, Aunt Liu alone with her daughter to live, but also changed her daughter’s surname. She is thirty-six this year, the daughter fourteen, baby girl has a view she can only be aggrieved.

That night, after the two families gathered for dinner Liu Xiaohua’s different opinions disappeared.

Liu Xiaohua booze a cup of orange juice, hiccups, on the spot state, resolutely support and embrace the marriage.

Because Li Tiezhu not only gave Liu Xiaohua in her and girlfriends a total of eight diaries signed, but also took a photo with her to exchange WeChat, and finally sealed a large red packet of two thousand yuan.

Liu Xiaohua now already tube Li Tiezhu called brother, in the class group inside the status is steeply jumped, the stars of the general.

“My brother came back by plane!”

“The most expensive hot pot restaurant in all of Shudu is really delicious! My feet were raking (soft) when I went in.”

“My brother is flying to East China Sea again tomorrow, he’s too busy to see you guys.”

“Of course big stars make money! My brother took me shopping for clothes, for the big brand Metersweeper! Three sets!!!”

“My brother said on winter holidays, he’s taking me to Disney in East China Sea.”

In short, Li Tiezhu with 30,000 yuan heavy axiom, convinced the naive Liu Xiaohua, really children are reasonable. Liu Xiaohua is not greedy for money, mainly because the little girl feels …… dignified.

This day also happened three things, all related to Li Tiezhu.

One, on the jittery voice, many stars who know and don t know, have spoken in support of Li Tiezhu’s that rabbit project, and expressed their participation, the lineup is quite strong:

Hua, Principal Gu, Zhou Dong, Xu Shanqiang, Zhang Liguo, Nie Yao, Gao Xixi, Xiao Zhen, Zhao Liya, Yang Mimi, Fang Bo, Sun Lei, Yi Xing, He Ling, Yue Yupeng, Yu Qian, Guo Gangde, Guo Dalin, Pan Huanghe, Xiao Liaoyang, Chen Yisen …… and Mr Tony.

Much more, there are many directors and producers, have begun to contact Li Tiezhu’s agent Zhang Xiaomeng.

Secondly, Yehenala apologised to Li Tiezhu in the scarf.

In that apology letter, full of sincerity and love of talent. But this kind of apology letter looks more and more sincere the more false, too hard. What it expresses is not that I’m wrong, but that I’m a wimp, so let me give you a fucking apology for being such an idiot.

She’s just giving the official media an attitude, that’s all.

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Thirdly, on the oil can Li Tiezhu was completely on fire, and his songs and animations have made many foreign youths hot, accumulating a lot of fans.

There are even people turned out the peninsula war, the rabbit held the “camp Olympics” and with the “athletes march”, quite spooky, laughing over the crowd. I thought the rabbit was old-fashioned, but I didn’t expect it to be so creative!

The Games were the real deal: not too deadly, not too insulting.

Originally, the foreigners called Li Tiezhu “tiezhu”, I do not know which one is full of nothing to do foreigners, to a divine translation:

Tiezhu = iron-pillar

Literally: Pillar of Steel

Another countryman with nothing better to do than to eat has translated the foreigner’s translation:

Ayn Peyra Lee.

Then …… Li Tiezhu became even more fiery.

In Europe, America, Southeast Asia, everywhere is Li Tiezhu sea election, wearing a vest shorts yellow rubber shoes, mouth sip popsicle two eyes empty photos, next to the big golden letters:

International superstar – Ai En Paila Lee (iron-pillar-lee).

In short, Li Tiezhu is now famous.

Because the internet in this world has no wall, so many foreigners directly followed Li Tiezhu on tik-tok and left messages in various languages, making Li Tiezhu, who could not understand at all, have a big brain.

Li Tiezhu’s tik-tok number currently has 27.96 million fans, of which more than half of the foreign fans are.

So it seems that fans over 100 million, is not impossible huh?

Thousands of tik-tok users @ Li Tiezhu, Li Tiezhu picked a few clicked in to take a look, the English is very bad he was confused.

But it was still very cheerful, who wouldn’t be happy with a rise in fans?

Li Tiezhu replied one by one: “Three grams of oil, mai le mong yi day ai en pei la li.”

You ask why he is going to reply?

Because he got the wifi password of the site office again.


The next day, Li Tiezhu put on his schoolbag and came to his long-lost school. Today was Tuesday, and tomorrow he was going to Donghai to continue the programme.

When he came to the school gate, Li Tiezhu thought about it, Qin Tao and I have brought our homework, student ID cards, and leave slips, why do I always feel that something is missing?

Security Master: “It’s almost late, why don’t you come in?”

Li Tiezhu ah, twisted away, found the milk tea shop across the street, ordered a cup of coconut milk tea into the book bag, which walked into the school.

“That student, stand over here if you’re late.”


Li Tiezhu was still afraid of the director of teaching, obediently stood over, a group of late students were suddenly surprised.

The director of instruction was also dumbfounded, “It’s Li Tiezhu ah! Ahem …… you came back to the class teacher to ask for leave, right? That’s fine, since you are in the middle of your leave, it’s not considered late, you go in.”

Li Tiezhu: “Thank you, Director!”

“Be a champion!”