The Rockstar Chapter 137


“Why are you late again …… Li Tiezhu? Why are you back?”

“Eh, that what tomorrow also asked for leave, but today in Shudu, of course, to come to class, my grades would have been bad …… Exam University to work harder. Reverse …… teacher sorry, I’m late.”

The little prince of the contrary wind beckoned to put Li Tiezhu in, and then seriously to the students, finally found the reason to open the spray:

“Look! Look for yourselves! Even Li Tiezhu, who has appeared on CCTV’s ‘Newscast’ and ‘Hot Interview’, knows that he has to study hard in his third year of high school, but what about you guys? What about you guys? All you know is to play all day long. Do you want a future? The college entrance examination is a one-roofed bridge, your attitude must be correct! You’re the worst class I’ve ever brought up!”

“Li Tiezhu! Even dropping out of school doesn’t matter, but he has an extremely positive attitude and is determined to get into a good university. I personally recommend him to take the Nortel and the Chinese Theatre. Look at you guys, you’re all dodgy, do you have the nerve to say you’re Li Tiezhu’s classmates if you can’t get into a university in the future? You look at Zheng Yan Zi classmates, she all bailed out or serious study.”

Many students loathed Little Prince Against the Wind, but Li Tiezhu was grateful, he was so stupid that he defecated cow shit, but Little Prince Against the Wind had always cared about him, because he was stupid but hardworking.

After spraying for three minutes, Little Prince Against the Wind ruffled his hair and said, “Tie Zhu, you don’t need to worry about my maths, memorise the Literature Comprehensive and you’ll be fine! Cheer up!”

Li Tiezhu: “Thank you teacher.”

Little Prince Against the Wind: “But there’s one thing you must do for me! For the National Day Cultural Performance, I’ve already reported your name to sing ‘Pursuing Dreams and Red Heart’.”

Li Tiezhu hurriedly nodded, “Good! Good good good!”

Until the little prince against the wind finished spraying and continued the class, Li Tiezhu quietly pulled out the coconut milk tea from his book bag, under the table, and handed it to the class flower at the same table.

Li Tiezhu lowered his voice: “Coconut, less sugar.”

A light wheat-coloured hand took the milk tea and similarly lowered his voice: “I’ll skin you if you don’t ask me to go to that rabbit premiere.”

“Definitely definitely ……”

“Xiong Da, why don’t we skip class this afternoon? Go see a film.”

“But ……”


“Well well well! You’ve only been back for a few days of classes, sis? Skipping class again?”

“I’ve bailed out of the University of Physical Education, what’s the point of studying! Xiong Da you are the same, I don’t believe that Nortel Chinese theatre can turn you away.”

“Class flower, how’s your MiNET record?”

“Don’t mention it, I was beaten by Xiao Wei, I still have to practice! Otherwise I’d be back so early.”

“Let’s go get her in a sack. ……”

“Other people’s bodyguards have guns, bang and you wa cleansed.”

The class flower is named Zheng Yeon Zi, practicing taekwondo and tennis from a young age, although only eighteen, but already a professional player who can kill the four major open tennis tournaments. Although her skin colour is on the darker side, she is tall with long legs and an excellent figure, and her appearance is also outstanding comparable to that of a star.

Therefore, she was unanimously named the school flower.

But she was so domineering and forcefully modest that she ordered everyone to call her the class flower, and no one dared to disobey, especially the boys. There are many boys who have been beaten by him and cried, and Li Tiezhu is an exception ……

He managed to kill back to make the class flower cry.

Once because Li Tiezhu do not lend homework to her copy, physical education class, hateful class flower to find fault beating Li Tiezhu, He Tiezhu fighting strength is very high, one hand grabbed her whip leg, carrying is a slip small run.

Banhua is worthy of learning sports, stubbornly being slipped on one leg to hop around fast, only because the number of onlookers increased and wow cried out, shed tears of remorse and shame.

Li Tiezhu slowly walked towards her, Banhua raised her head expecting an apology from the other party, Li Tiezhu jumped over her head with one leg and then ran away furiously.

Li Tiezhu slippery class flower of the brilliant performance of a time spread as a good story, the world bitter class flower for a long time.

Then Li Tiezhu was severely reprimanded by the little prince against the wind, which became Li Tiezhu’s biggest stain, but also turned into the reason why the class flower bully him to run errands – you bully the female man.

At noon, Li Tiezhu found the little prince against the wind and handed in his and Qin Tao’s homework.

“Teacher Against the Wind, I’ll continue to take my leave, this is my leave of absence note from the back. Also, Zheng Yanzi and I may have to skip class in the afternoon ……”

“You …… whatever, I don’t know anything.”

“Teacher, this is a gift for you, I brought it back from the East Sea. Thank you!”

“Put down the things, roll!”

“Ok le!”

Stingy Li Tiezhu for the first time invited the class flower to watch a film, and even went to play a video game, Ethan teacher teaching! The force value is too high Zheng Yan Zi only training no girlfriends, there is no friend, Li Tiezhu counted the only half.

That night, Li Tiezhu again and again and again bought a discounted night flight ticket and flew to the East China Sea, but this class is earlier today.

On the plane, Li Tiezhu wore headphones and hugged the tablet, making demos, not the songs of the competition, but the pure music of “Three Kingdoms” prepared for the game, and spent 3 points of intellectual value.

Because, the game company of Dream – Three Kingdoms, Electric Spirit, has already contacted Zhang Xiaomeng, although they very much hope that Li Tiezhu will join, but still need to have an outstanding demo before they can officially sign a contract.

For the sake of 20 million, Li Tiezhu had to kryptonite his intelligence.

Before getting off the plane, a cute and lovable flight attendant even approached Li Tiezhu for a long time.

The stewardess is obviously very interested in art, Li Tiezhu’s composition and singing a praise, excited chest pressure Li Tiezhu hands numb.

In the end, she proposed that Li Tiezhu and her to go to the hotel to talk by candlelight at night, continue on the music and art of the profound, in-depth exchange.

Li Tiezhu was ashamed, I am a pussy, do not deserve to talk to you about music ah, so he excused himself.


This night, Yi Xiaomao wiped hair wax, sprayed cologne, a white suit and white shoes to a high-end hotel.

The big deal is done!

Out of the lift, Yi Xiaomao very carefully checked the coat pocket, strawberry, apple, cucumber, mango flavor …… are in it. Then, he followed the room number sent by WeChat and found the suite.

Fluttering fluttering!

To the soft body of the dance teacher!

Punch the duck!

After the hard net teasing for most of the month, Yi Xiaomao and the dance teacher’s relationship is getting closer and closer, especially after Li Tiezhu was eliminated, the dance teacher spent three days alone with him last week, and the relationship has skyrocketed.

Even, Yi Xiaomao has already invited her to eat roasted lamb loin.

Just when Yi Xiaomao was having a hard time figuring out how to break through the last step, the dance teacher struck.

When Yi Xiaomao asked her if she could go to the cinema together, she replied that she wanted to invite Yi Xiaomao to play cards, and of course Yi Xiaomao agreed. Then, very soon the dance teacher sent the door number of the luxury hotel, as well as a picture of the room:

King size bed, living room, bathtub, and chess room.

Yi Xiaomao immediately almost animalised, which is playing cards? It is clearly to sleep with me!

After a flurry of messing around, he finally arrived at the final battlefield.

From his trouser pocket, he took out a small bottle of white wine and took a few mouthfuls of it, and Yi Xiaomao knocked on the door of his room.

Soon, the dance teacher opened the door, pouting, “Why did you just come? Quickly come in, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, if you don’t come I’m going to get angry.”

Yi Xiaomao followed in and looked at the teacher’s twisted back, instantly losing his mind, he pounced on her and hugged her from behind.


The dance teacher let out a scream.

Yi Xiaomao was ready to make the next move, and then, froze.

I le a big grass!

On the other side, seven trembling old ladies looked straight at Yi Xiaomao with seven innocent faces.

A granny is high on melon seeds, a granny is knitting jumpers, a granny is eating fruit, three grannies are dancing with fans …… There is also a granny shivering her hands to put the presbyopia glasses on and look carefully.