The Rockstar Chapter 138

After getting off the plane, Li Tiezhu rushed to Miss Leng Ba’s house when it was already after zero o’clock, and the cat had to fly to Hengdian early tomorrow morning, so Li Tiezhu had to come to pick up the cat overnight, well, the cat here refers to Xiao Jiu.

Li Tiezhu back to Xichuan in the past two days, are cat in the care of the cat.

Has come many times, Li Tiezhu is very familiar with it, as soon as he entered the door, he went to change the guest drag.

“Wait, try this pair to fit.”

Teacher Leng Ba knelt on one knee by the shoe cabinet and took out a pair of new slippers that looked high-grade and gave Li Tiezhu a change.

Li Tiezhu smacked his lips, he wore slippers that cost ten dollars a pair even when he was rich, but that didn’t stop him from being able to feel the comfort of high-grade shoes.

“Leather? It’s expensive, right?”

“Crocodile leather.”

“How much did that cost?”

“Not telling.”

This time when he saw the cat again, Li Tiezhu’s heart gave birth to a strange and ignorant sentiment.

The two of them chatted for a while and put Xiaojiu into the cat cage, speaking of which, it is not easy to say who the owner of Xiaojiu actually is. Nominally, it is Li Tiezhu who keeps the cat, but in reality, the cat is bought by the cat.

Li Tiezhu gave Lengba a tightly wrapped plastic bag, “Motherwort, I bought it at Xichuan Pharmacy, next week your one will be here again soon, soak it in water and drink it.”

Leng Ba blushed slightly, “Thank you master. Master is the best!”

Pillar, master, silly.

Then, Li Tiezhu carried Xiao Jiu to the door to change his shoes, but did not open the door, looking back at Leng Ba, his intention was too obvious.

Leng Ba was bewildered: “What’s wrong? Is there something else?”

Li Tiezhu: “No.”

But he still did not go, strange and strange, sneaking to see Leng Ba.

Leng Ba snorted a smile, thought about it or walked over, lowered his head to tease Xiao Jiu: “Xiao Jiu, bye bye to sister! You have to be good, oh, don’t be naughty, don’t disturb our master writing songs, sister will come back next time to bring you little dried fish.”

Then, she raised her head and looked at Li Tiezhu, pretending to be angry: “Is your mouth greedy? Want to eat snacks?”

Li Tiezhu: “No, that what last time …… well ……”

Leng Ba stood on her tiptoes, then, her left foot foot lifted up and rubbed her right calf.

Li Tiezhu was dazzled and his head went down.

After three minutes, the toes were a little painful, and only then did Leng Ba take a step back, her eyes watery: “Is the snack good? Hurry up and go! You’re not even eighteen yet, this is making me break the law!”

Li Tiezhu let out a giggle and slipped away.

[Persian cat domestication 25%]

Leng Ba leaned against the back of the door for a long time, lowered her head, and bit her lip.

Tangled, she knew that she and he were not compatible, and there was no serious emotional direction, everything came too weird. Raising cats, cat collars, jerking cats …… in the eyes of outsiders, I am afraid that it is even more spiteful and contemptuous, but this kind of thing, such as people drink water cold and warm.

Last time she stayed with Li Tiezhu for a whole day, harmonious and warm, comfortable and cosy, without any defence. For the showbiz everywhere on the defensive at times cautious cold bar, that feeling is really wonderful, indifferent like water and thick as pulp.

Therefore, when he was finally sent to the airport, the day’s padding down, the emotions reached a high point, just ……

For Lengba, the last time is still quite watery.

But today?

This glutton, it’s true that women are emotional animals and men are all physical animals.


The next day, Li Tiezhu gnawed on a bun and came to the Good Voice training base early, and found that the place was much colder, because too many people had been eliminated.

The heat wave of the East China Sea in September was hotter and hotter.

Li Tiezhu came to the familiar training room, first turned on the air conditioning, and then skilfully opened the refrigerator to see what ingredients there are today.

What a big pig head!

If Hot Paw was there it would have been so happy, what a shame.

Li Tiezhu decided to brine the whole pig head at noon.

The mobile phone rang, it was a video sent by Qin Tao, Li Tiezhu took the pig head out and defrosted it while connecting the video.

Qin Tao reported his situation, now is that he has officially worshipped Yu Qian, but has not yet signed a contract with the Yundesha, Yu Qian’s disciples do not necessarily have to hang out in the Yundesha. He now lives and eats at his master’s house, he follows his master’s work during the day and is responsible for serving tea and water, Yu Qian teaches him things whenever he is free, and he enjoys his current life.

In addition, Xiao Yueyue and Guo Dalin are quite taking care of him, Qin Tao also thanked Li Tiezhu, he knows that they are looking at Li Tiezhu’s face.

“Roll! You Shuttle Leaf, study hard every day.”

“Speaking of studying well every day to think on, I remembered Xiao Mao, he poof …… Last night, the dance teacher asked him to go out to play, hehehehehehehe …… he sent me screenshots with great enthusiasm, and then, hehehehehehe …… then ……”

“You fucking comedian all, can you not laugh?”

“Ahem ……吭! It is Yi Xiaomao want to sleep with the dance teacher, last night she asked him to go, Xiaomao excited miserable, all kinds of flavour condoms prepared four, as a result, a go in to hold people ready to start, I did not expect a bunch of grannies in the house staring at him.”

“Hahahahahahaha ……”

Li Tiezhu all laughed, while wiping tears while looking at Yi Xiaomao who just entered the door.

Yi Xiaomao blushed like a monkey’s arse.

Qin Tao is still saying, “It turns out that the square dance team where the dance teacher’s grandmother is from all likes you, and asked her to find Yi Xiaomao to ask for tickets for the scene. Little Hairy …… just pounced on life so directly, hahahahahaha.”

Li Tiezhu looked at Yi Xiaomao, Yi Xiaomao looked at Li Tiezhu, suddenly silent.

Qin Tao: “How not to speak? Is …… Little Mao coming? Then what! My master called me, bye bye, duh!”


Li Tiezhu: “Actually ……”

Yi Xiaomao: “Brother, do you have any more stars to support this one? If not, can you share the five tickets with me?”

Each contestant has a quota of five live tickets.

Li Tiezhu nodded his head.


Li Tiezhu shook his head, the implication was extremely strong.

Yi Xiaomao couldn’t hang his face, and stalked his neck, “You don’t believe me? Brother! I’m true to my word, when I sleep with her, I’ll send you pictures.”

“Send what photos?”

The dance teacher stood in the doorway, her face odd as hell.

Today, Li Tiezhu and Yi Xiaomao’s first class was a dance class.

Next to them, the staff who followed the filming were even more crowded and ate big melons.

Yi Xiaomao cracked.

This class is very weird, the atmosphere is depressing, after the class, Yi Xiaomao chased after the dance teacher and ran out, and only at the end of the second class did he crawl back out of breath.

Li Tiezhu has some sympathy for Yi Xiaomao.

I did not expect that Yi Xiaomao was a ghostly smile, “In the car, I said I don’t send photos and she is still angry, I just don’t do it directly on the hand, and then she is not angry, hehehehehe …… Tonight, the two of us go to the hotel to play cards, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. …”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Seeing the first taste of Yi Xiaomao this ghostly appearance, Li Tiezhu suddenly some shame, he thought of his own last night to rely on the situation, it is really a bit embarrassing, but fortunately the cat is gentle enough.

Clueless, as if his life experience was different from before, Li Tiezhu did not understand, is this the so-called growth?