The Rockstar Chapter 139

When eating a boxed lunch at noon, the fish-lipped Li Tiezhu was thinking about what it means to grow up, while the smart Yi Xiaomao had already started a quick question and answer game on WeChat Voice.

“Prefer strawberry or mango?”


“Prefer blue or white?”


“Like chocolate or candy.”


After the game, Yi Xiaomao picked out the two strawberry flavours and put them in his clothes pocket, then generously gave a mango flavour to Li Tiezhu, who was watching, saying, “This is called knowing the enemy and knowing yourself is never in danger!”

It’s obvious that this bastard has been led astray by Qin Tao.

Li Tiezhu couldn’t help but say, “Isn’t it just throwing yourself at the enemy? Is it so troublesome to fall in love?”

Yi Xiaomao inscrutable smile, the Qin Tao some time ago to instil his theoretical knowledge, the original transfer to Li Tiezhu, the latter listened to the clouds, intuitive feeling is as if not much use.

Li Tiezhu thought to himself, I am a serious person who does not care to use sets, and then picked up his mobile phone to edit WeChat:

“Cat, do you like strawberries or mangoes?”

“Like apples.”

“Like blue or white?”



Li Tiezhu put down his phone and looked at Yi Xiaomao, “Can you change the apple flavour?”

Yi Xiaomao was surprised, “Brother? You asked too? Who? Who is it?”

Li Tiezhu took the mango and exchanged it for an apple, so he packed up his boxed lunch and threw it into the rubbish bin and went to brine the pig’s head.

Marinated and gave Song Zhu’er a beautiful picture of the pig’s head: hot paw, do you look like you?

Song Zhu’er: Hey ah, so angry ah.

Then she sent a photo of a model’s open-backed jumper with the caption, I’ll make you drool too.

That’s it?

Li Tiezhu smiled coldly, with no inner fluctuation or even a bit of wanting to cat.

Not long after, the programme staff sent the keyword cards for the semi-finals.


Upon seeing the keyword, Yi Xiaomao immediately spat out, “This titleholder is too revealing, right? Classic Organic Milk?”

Li Tiezhu smiled without saying anything, the meaning of this keyword lies in the tribute to the classics, but it is also true that it is not unrelated to the title provider, it is simply a tick on the head of the little prince of the contrary wind.

However, then again, since the point of the strong kissing skills, Yi Xiaomao is also a lot of guts fat ah, think of the initial coy appearance, simply, really have seen the world ah.

Yi Xiaomao complained, ”Brother! I finally know why some people say that The Voice is the grave of original singers, this issue is again three days at least two original songs, hey ……”

“We can also graveyard bounce.”

“It’s so hard to write songs!”

The semi-finals were divided into three rounds, the first round of two-by-two team chorus, ten into eight, the second round of randomly selected two-by-two pk, eight into six, and the final round of solo, six into five. So, apart from the chorus, for the original singers it all had to be new songs, that is, at least two songs.

Li Tiezhu: “That’s how the competition system is set up, we can’t complain if we choose to participate.”

“I’m just laying it out a bit, then so I can set up the fact that we’re awesome.”

“Like that, huh? Then let’s start over.”

“At least two original songs again this issue, hey ……”

“Isn’t it a handful for you Yi Xiaomao? I’m not even afraid, what are you afraid of? You’re so good at writing songs and you’re handsome.”

“It’s so embarrassing, brother stop talking ……”

Classes continued in the afternoon, and then the two of them separated to create their own songs.

Yi Xiaomao rummaged through his previous composition scripts, those were some of his scattered records of inspiration, some were a melody, some only had one line. After searching for a short while, Yi Xiaomao was inspired and opened the tablet to operate.

Li Tiezhu in the lounge holding Xiaojiu dazed, classic words can have countless ways of expression, what songs to choose?

All of them are so expensive!

Teacher has a lipstick is apple flavoured, last time at the airport ……

I have more than enough IQ right now, but I can’t spend it all on Good Sound, and I have to save twenty or so for game compositions, so I’m still stretched overall.

Forced kisses and stuff are so unethical, not me, I never initiate.

For this game, do I have three new songs? Or two songs? Cover with someone else during the chorus, save your wits.

Mr Leng Ba smells so good, it’s soft and delicious ……


Li Tiezhu woke up with a creepy shock: I am not the same teenager as before! I …… deteriorated!!!

The sound of music was already coming from next door.

Li Tiezhu is ashamed, or Xiao Mao has moderation, obviously going to play cards in the evening, but still quiet to create, and so efficient, I am not as good as him.

Li Tiezhu walked to Yi Xiaomao’s house, listened to him humming a paragraph, and asked, “What’s the name of the new song?”

Yi Xiaomao proudly said, “The king of Yu Ji”, this is a classic, right?”

[Ding! Trigger a song on the same topic, special price 1 point of intelligence value, please ask if you want to buy it]


Li Tiezhu let out an oh, Yi Xiaomao is really a treasure boy ah, immediately gave a thumbs up: ”Classic! This is a good song! Inspired by you, I also write a song called ‘Farewell My Concubine’, you see, both of our song names are only one word apart.”

Yi Xiaomao was instantly sad: “Are you here for inspiration?”


Li Tiezhu turned around and left, returned to the lounge and started making demos on the tablet, well, the original style of that song was a bit too old-fashioned, there was a fresh cover, the arrangement was good, but the vocals were all over the place.

Let’s combine them into one then!

Half an hour, the demo was ready, then, Li Tiezhu held the tablet again to find Yi Xiaomao, ready to continue to find ‘inspiration’.

However, Yi Xiaomao was still dead set on the song ‘Overlord Yuji’ and didn’t write a new song, Li Tiezhu was a little disappointed.

Yi Xiaomao: “Brother, what are you doing here again without writing a song?”

Li Tiezhu: “See if you wrote a new song, why are you still getting this one?”

“Only one third of it, what about you? How is the progress of Farewell My Concubine?”

“The demo is done.”



Yi Xiaomao listened to the demo once, the whole person is silent, originally inspiration burst, ready to get a new song in one afternoon, and then at night good to go to the dance teacher to feed strawberries, show off a wave of talent, did not expect …… to be hit in the face.

Li Tiezhu is not only fast, but the song is also huge …… This damn frustration.

Li Tiezhu: “Do not be discouraged, this is the inspiration you gave me, the military medal has your half.”

Yi Xiaomao: “Advanced Versailles ah! You make me whole no confidence are …… gaha ah, I’m easy to me. I participate in this competition is too difficult, you now have the official media support, I? The company does not support me, I still want to earn more money for my sister’s dowry, hey! The family has a difficult time ……”

“Thanks ah! I’m inspired again, you’re such a treasure boy.”

“Huh? You be a person! Brother!”

“The name of the song is called ‘difficult to read the scripture’, you listen to ah! Swallowing the wind and kissing the rain and burying the setting sun has never been at a loss, bullying the mountains and driving the sea and trampling the snowy paths has never been despairing……. For the time being, these are the only two lines, how is it? It’s not bad, is it?”

Li Tiezhu had tried to listen to this song before and liked it very much, and now that it was suddenly reduced in price by Treasure to 1 point of intelligence value, he immediately bought it.

Yi Xiaomao has already despaired, his eyes are empty: “Brother …… trouble, go out and turn left ……”

“Aiya! Small hair, plus le a oil! I mean night.”

Li Tiezhu happily left, Yi Xiaomao really is “saving money” treasure boy!