The Rockstar Chapter 14

Also receiving a 10,000-point blitz was a certain composer far away in Treasure Island, who had been serving a major mainland company since Treasure Island was reunified and he received his ID card twenty years ago.

After switching off the TV, he dialled Xiao Zhen’s agent’s number with trepidation:

“Hello? Have you all watched the programme? What’s next? That guy is out of his depth! He issued a songwriting challenge and gave me lyrics to write a song, but I’m not inspired lately, so where can I go to write a song for him?”

On the outskirts of the East China Sea, a luxurious villa was brightly lit.

Xiao Zhen was wearing a face mask, lying on the sofa, letting a maid shave his legs, another maid fed him bird’s nest, and his agent was on the phone:

“Shut up! It doesn’t matter if you can’t write it, I’ll give you that ‘Big Fish’ tune in a couple of days, I have more than enough songwriting masters in my hands, and when the time comes, you can just post it online. It’s definitely better than the one written by that bumpkin of a man, and, you hold out for the labourer! Double the price.”

After hanging up the phone, the agent was not as bossy as he was when he made the call, and said with a low brow:

“Battle, that bumpkin doesn’t follow the norm. The operation team behind him is also a bit tricky! If this song ‘Big Fish’ is compared to this one, we won’t be able to move him. Not counting, he’s in two races with us ……”

In their opinion, behind Li Tiezhu’s many gimmicks, there must be a team operating, deliberately creating the image of a bumpkin.

And behind it, there is a master operator operating, as well as a strong composition team.

After all, except for Zhao Liya, the kind of person who carries a princess aura, as well as a truly wild player, everyone else is playing like this.

Who’s cleaner than who?

Only, they can’t figure out, which one as a godfather likes this style of Li Tiezhu, looks okay, but it’s too earthy, right?

Could it be that it is simply packaging?

Xiao Zhen slapped his face and snorted coldly: “Humph! I know he didn’t do it on purpose, it was just a coincidence that he stepped on me! However, stepping on me on the list for the first time out, I can’t swallow this breath. This isn’t slapping my Xiao Zhen’s face, it’s spanking my godfather’s arse! How am I going to make a living from now on? How will you let my godfather mix in the future?”

The agent tried, “What does godfather …… mean?”

Xiao Zhen smiled gently, “What do you think? Don’t worry! Tomorrow night, when I serve my godfather well, I will let him help us. With his old man’s hand of resources, huh, write out the song is the top of the country?”

They understand, the wine pen “write” the song naturally can not be the same as Li Tiezhu “write” out, but the key is that the song is better.

Xiao Zhen can’t lose this game.

For him, only he stepped on others to climb up, never be stepped on.

Otherwise, the world would be unfair.

Moreover, this time to participate in the competition, under the full pumping …… support of his godfather, absolutely not allowed to fail, this time if he can not come out of the top, there will not be such a good opportunity.

The list of future stars, the ambition is to win.

Under the strong team operation, under the bombardment of the water army, Xiao Zhen once again returned to the tenth ranking.

However, Li Tiezhu, who relied on opening map cannons to earn a lot of eyeballs, even rose to the sixth in one breath, and was only three places away from the third-ranked Piano Princess Zhao Liya, who was not only not pulled down, but also far away from Xiao Zhen.

Xiao Zhen looked at the latest ranking and gritted his teeth.

At this time, the agent brought the latest news: “Your Jitterbug fan count broke through 2 million, shall we update the video today?”

Xiao Zhen smiled with satisfaction, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow, it’s been updated dozens of times.”

The agent hesitated, “That …… Li Tiezhu updated a video, the fans broke through 3 million ……”

Xiao Zhen: “Grass!”

So, at Xiao Zhen’s insistence, in addition to recruiting people to help write Big Fish with all his heart and soul, his team also bought out many paparazzi and rushed to Shudu overnight to carry out a secret mission.

In short, I don’t want someone to be more popular than me!

This time, that guy must be made to lose his reputation! Never be able to turn over for eternity!


How many days has it been?

Tonight, the old man did not go to find Aunt Liu to talk about work, it is said that the big sister of the aunt’s mother came to visit the door, so Li Tiezhu did not guard the door, and he was happy to be free.

Lying on the bed, Li Tiezhu looked at the number of fans of Jitterbug in his mobile phone, and couldn’t help but be a little confused, are these people idle? I am just a competition player, just sent a video, as for?

Number of fans: 3.26 million.

Likes: 7.23 million.

In the past few days, Li Tiezhu hadn’t really been on Shake it, it wasn’t that he was busy, on the one hand, it was that he had got into the habit of using a feature phone and wasn’t quite used to it yet. On the other hand, he is using the cheapest 18 yuan package, only 2G flow per month, do not dare to blindly brush the video, can only occasionally glance.

After briefly flipping through the comments, Li Tiezhu felt a little bored, don’t these people know that traffic is very expensive?


[Congratulations to the host’s Jitterbug fans breaking through three million!


It’s coming! It’s coming?

Li Tiezhu instantly sat up from the bed, oh my god, there is a new reward!

The system is no less than a father!

[The system gives the host its sincerest blessings!]

This is it?

[Since the host likes to play Jitterbug, the host makes an exception and opens a side mission for the host: Jitterbug fans break through 100 million.]

[At that time, there will be generous rewards! I hope you’ll keep up the good work!


Hundreds of millions of followers?

Don’t be ridiculous, okay? Apart from one or two official accounts, which animal has more than 100 million followers? Chen Chi-Chi’s so cheap, she only has 50 million!

Isn’t this a challenge? It’s simply an impossible task!

Sleep! Sleep!


In the next few days, “You Look Good When You Smile” was on fire all over the internet, eight out of ten short videos on Jitterbug were this BGM, and the cover singers were countless.

On Penguin Music, the hotness of this new song all surpassed the fifth of People Like Me, topping the second place.

Even, there was a hidden trend of fighting for first place!

‘You Look Good When You Smile’ wasn’t as deep and moving as ‘Someone Like Me’, but it couldn’t help that it was bursting with divine attributes.

It’s just fire!

There’s no reason, no reason, fire is fire.

As “You Look Good When You Smile” exploded in popularity in Jitterbug, Jitterbug was cocky enough to take advantage of the situation and launch a new round of activities:

The Big Fish Songwriting Challenge!

Originally, “People Like Me” and “You Smile So Good” pushed the serious brother Li Tiezhu to the position of Shake Voice netizen, this time, the Shake Voice team, which is not interested in profit, added another fire, and now Li Tiezhu is even more fiery.

Hundreds of music lovers, published their own creation of “Big Fish” on the jittery voice, the words are given by Li Tiezhu’s words, but the song is everyone’s own original.

So, “Big Fish” in the “You Smile So Nice” is on fire, but also followed the explosion of the whole network, the latter wave pushes the former wave, a wave after a wave.

During this period of time, Serious Brother Li Tiezhu contracted almost all the hotspots!