The Rockstar Chapter 140

Back to the lounge, Li Tiezhu made the arrangement demo of “Difficult Sutra” as well, and recorded the song again to try the effect, the time has come to seven o’clock, just as he was ready to leave, Tutor Ethan came.

“I’ve been busy choosing songs for Xi Menghan and Justin today, I didn’t have time to come over, how is the writing of the new songs for you two going? At least two songs are needed, and with only three days, it’s indeed too difficult.”

Teacher Ethan packed milk tea and takeaway, and the three of them sat down to eat together in the living room.

Yi Xiaomao said, “I’ve almost finished one song, the name of the song is ‘Overlord Yu Ji’, teacher listen to it.”

After the tablet played the demo, Teacher Ethan’s eyes lit up.

“Little Mao can ah! This song will definitely do well! What about you, Tie Zhu?”

Yi Xiaomao lemon face, “He wrote both songs and came to harass me ……”

Li Tiezhu played the “Farewell My Concubine” and “Hard to Read” demos, the kind with singing.

Then, Chen Yisen also fell silent and gently patted Yi Xiaomao’s shoulder. It’s hard for this little guy, obviously full of talent, but he has to live in a room with a monster like Li Tiezhu, it’s already a miracle that he didn’t collapse.

After eating, Yi Xiaomao said sourly: “Tiezhu, you’re really cultured, you know so many out-of-the-way words in the lyrics. Unlike me, writing lyrics keeps going through the dictionary all the time.”

[Ding! Trigger a song on the same topic, special price 1 IQ point, please ask if you want to buy it]

Li Tiezhu: “Xiao Mao! Thank you for giving me inspiration again! I want to write a song about ‘secluded characters’.”

Yi Xiaomao: “Howl?”

Li Tiezhu: “Standing all alone and in collusion, walking alone and enlightened, and being a butterfly and a gourd are the guiding principles ……”

Yi Xiaomao: “……”

Chen Isen: “……”

Yi Xiaomao: “What is this? A tongue twister? The only tongue-twister I know is the long flat-bearer and the wide bench ……”

[Ding ……]

Li Tiezhu held Yi Xiaomao tightly, already speechless, you are really a good person!

Yi Xiaomao: “Brother! You will not?”

Li Tiezhu: “Well.”

Yi Xiaomao began to roll his eyes and inwardly vomited blood: pfft…… both columns and hair?

Chen Yisen suddenly sympathised with Yi Xiaomao and consoled: “It’s okay, it’s okay, tonight I will first accompany you to optimise the arrangement of Overlord Yu Ji, this song is great, let’s not compare it with others ……”

Li Tiezhu: “You guys have worked hard. I’ll go home first to review my homework, and tonight I’ll memorise all the history points from the first semester of the first year of high school.”

And then, Li Tiezhu left a dashing back: sorry, I’m a hung-over!

Yi Xiaomao wanted to cry.

Ethan: “Don’t be afraid, let’s do our own music, even if it’s late teacher will accompany you.”

Yi Xiaomao inner os: teacher, I want to go play cards tonight ……

I’ll grab the landlord! Ming card! Come on, come on, let’s see if my cards are big! Hurry up I’m waiting for the flowers to shoot. Pair of twos, I’m sorry. – Mmm-hmm, ace of clubs! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!


Returning to the flat, Li Tiezhu did not choose to review, but first summoned the system.

“System roll out.”

[Please be civilised host, the loading of the new stage of the main mission is 22.7% complete, please be patient host]

Only this much?

I always feel that this broken system is holding back some kind of loud fart, it’s not a good sign.

“System, give a whole new mission, just like the last time Royal Engine disliked those two mentors. This time, not only do I want to win the Voice Championship, but I also want to bring Zhao Liya and Justin into the top three, I want to make those guys’ chickens come home to roost.”

Before, Li Tiezhu was empty of this idea, and was not so confident, but today, Treasure Boy had a wave of super assists, and Li Tiezhu, who got four new songs, was finally full of confidence.

[No! Releasing a new quest at this time will slow down the loading of the main quest]

“If I don’t get the championship, it will look like you’re a rookie system, how can this kind of system have the nerve to call itself a wisdom system?”

Li Tiezhu was not at all vain now, through such a long time of research, he found that the system had no wisdom, it was just an ai with an average high IQ. And it is also a bit good at cheating!

[Then fuck him with a pike!

“This is the right thing, give me more rewards, the system, certainly to be generous and generous!”

Please wait. ……]

[New branch mission: Host, Justin and Zhao Liya enter the top three, reward intelligence value 30 points, less one person deduct 10 reward points. With primary acting skills: featured appearances]

30 points of intelligence value?

Dry up!

Li Tiezhu, through Zhang Xiaomeng and Justin, already had a rough understanding of the top ten contestants, and it was clear who the boulder and meteor wanted to win.

Under the banner of Monolith: Cai Xukun, Zhou Shallow, Yi Xiaomao

Among them, popular idol Cai Xukun is the first choice, Yi Xiaomao, who can write and sing, is the second, and Zhou Shallow, who is a top-notch singer but is clearly unappreciated.

Under the banner of Meteor: Luo Fei Yan, Zhang Fei Chen, Xi Meng Han

Undoubtedly, Meteor boss’s own daughter Luo Feiyan is the object of promotion, the powerful turtle singer Zhang觅晨 comes second, while the great beauty that comes out once every three thousand years is the object of abandonment.

There was only one Xiao Zhen left under the Jiuzhou banner, so I guess there was not much to hope for.

On the contrary, Penguin Gang has a good momentum this year, Li Tiezhu and Justin both entered the top ten, especially Li Tiezhu popularity capped.

In addition, there is also a purely wild singer who hasn’t signed with any big companies – Piano Princess Zhao Liya, on what basis? Just on the basis that her grandfather was Admiral Zhao Tianhua, the number one spitfire in the music industry.

For the two major groups, the four of them – Cai Xukun, Luo Feiye, Yi Xiaomao, and Zhang Fuchen – had to advance to the top five, or even bag the top three.

Only, now there is an extra variable like Li Tiezhu ……

The operation had actually begun.

After forcing the system to open a new mission, Li Tiezhu watched tonight’s Super Training Camp on the tablet.

Unsurprisingly, Li Tiezhu’s footage was very, very little, but it was Yi Xiaomao, who was in the same room, who skipped class and also had a lot of footage. And Cai Xukun and Luo Fei Yan’s footage is too much, all kinds of laughs are endless, obviously have carefully designed.

This is a subtle guidance to the audience.

Li Tiezhu simply formulated a revenge plan and began to review his homework.

Current intelligence value: 99 points.

Remaining Intelligence Value: 29 points. (4 points spent on buying the special song triggered by Treasure Boy, 3 points on game music)

Music Achievement: 186 points.

Variety Achievement: 238 points. (Lowest increase ever of 3 points)

Film and TV Achievements: 5 points.

Shake fans: 28.65 million.

Cat Domestication: 25%.

After memorising history for three hours, his head was dizzy, but Li Tiezhu was very accomplished, because, he found that half of the knowledge points that he had memorised were still remembered, it was simply a miracle!

Sure enough, it’s good that the IQ doesn’t pull the crotch anymore.

Before going to bed, he routinely played the money for the cat, and then, Li Tiezhu couldn’t help but video with the cat, the cat was filming the night scene, hiding in the corner and secretly picking up the video.

“What for?”

“Leng Ba, thank you.”

Over there, the Persian cat froze and was silent for a long time, “Why …… are you suddenly calling names?”

“Wait until I’m eighteen!”


“Good night, cat.”

“Miss you.”

“Hey, I miss …… too.”

“No! You don’t want to!”


Both knew that their relationship was extremely dysfunctional, more like a game of ambiguity with a wicked twist. But neither one had any intention of stopping, and tacitly continued to push forward.