The Rockstar Chapter 141

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After taking two cold showers, Li Tiezhu finally fell asleep.

For the next two or three days, Li Tiezhu was spending money on the soundtrack and arrangement of the song, as well as …… pulling together a gang.

On the contrary, the top management of Monolith Music in the north and Meteor Group in the south had some sleepless nights in the past two days. Although they have forcibly reduced the footage of Li Tiezhu.

But, the bad news they got was that Li Tiezhu had written four high quality original songs in three days, which they had learnt about through the programme’s highlights.

How did he need so many songs?

Well, even if he advances to the top five, it would be good for our two families to deploy their resources properly, plus try to avoid him winning the title.

He’s still in his golden body, can’t afford to mess with him, let’s just stay calm for a while and watch him take the buff! This side control the line of soldiers, wait for his big move to end when no state to say ……

Meteor Rapunzel Luo Fei Yan holding a cigarette: “I don’t care, I want the championship. The Voice is run by my family!”

Monolithic Bearer Cai Xukun: “Then I’ll be second, first goes to Sister Luo, but I don’t want to see Li Tiezhu that dirt dog in the top three. Yi Xiaomao isn’t bad, he can write songs, he’s still ugly, he can provide me with new songs in the future.”

These two people still wanted to take the dragon, and it just so happened that Li Tiezhu also wanted to slay the dragon.

You say, isn’t this a coincidence?


Saturday 10th September, 8pm.

First round of the semi-finals, two-by-two free-form choruses in the following groups:

Cai Xukun + Luo Feiyan, singing the song “Night in the East China Sea”.

Xi Menghan + Xiao Zhen, sang the song “About 1999”.

Yi Xiaomao+Justin, sang the song “Dreamer”.

Zhang Feichen+Zhou Shallow, singing the song “Free Walking Flower”.

Li Tiezhu + Zhao Liya, singing the song “Cool

The first four songs are old classics, but Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya chose to pay tribute to “future classics”, which is actually off-topic. But it’s a good thing those two tutors don’t dare to beep, Li Tiezhu has a golden body and Zhao Liya has an old sprayer to protect her.

So, after the first round of competition, the audience voted honestly to send off the 3,000 year old beauty Xi Menghan and the beauty of the world Xiao Zhen.

Xi Menghan went up to the stage with a tear-stained face, thanked ten thousand people in a pitiful manner, and finally whimpered:

“Thank you all for your support, I’m sorry for not being able to reach the heights expected by the Dream Fans, Han Han is also very remorseful! As soon as I think of the dream fans, I can’t help but tear up and be overwhelmed with emotion, calling …… I hope you guys will still continue to support my new drama ‘Fighting Qi Transforming Horses’, in which I’m playing the third female. Thanks!”

On the live streaming pop-ups, her fans were expressing their heartache and support, only in a slightly monotonous format.

Then it was Xiao Zhen who said her elimination speech, and the female fans on the stage burst into tears, and the pop-up screen was even clearer as they cursed blackmail.

Xiao Zhen, however, was calm and said, “Don’t believe the words of the person in front of you, she was backstage with a whole bottle of eye drops and two mouthfuls of Vasami.”


Xi Menghan was still next to the stage without getting off, and her whole body had a seizure.

You’re insane, aren’t you?

She couldn’t help but speak, but with the microphone turned off and separated by Shao Hua, she could only stare. Just now, you were singing in chorus, but now you’re stabbing me in the back? I’ll remember you! Hiss! Vasami is so hot ……

The female fans who were crying their hearts out on stage poofed out a laugh, my Zhenzhen is so cute! Zhenzhen is so simple and down to earth.

Touched by Pras!

What kind of bullshit 3,000 year old beauty?

I don’t know.

The live pop-ups were even more ???? Filled to the brim.

Xiao Zhen didn’t care about Xi Menghan’s murderous eyes, “You have a god-boyfriend, so what? I have a godfather! I have a godfather! And he’s a clean godfather! Female turrets can be changed at will, but sons can’t be taken in indiscriminately, right?

I’m not afraid of you!

I’m going to monitor you, spur you on, and help you be a good man!

Young nuns, you can’t go farther and farther down the evil path, you have to be responsible for your own life! To put up the right values for the young boys and girls who like you!


Heroic Glory Arena, Wang Dazhao held his mobile phone and watched the live broadcast, and the person was silly: “Hahahaha …… It’s so funny! Look at Ximeng Han’s ghostly appearance, laughing me to death, she’s flipped this car really thoroughly, hahahaha ……”

Lin Mou: “Isn’t she one of yours? Are you still so happy?”

Wang Da Shao: “Anon! I can make her beg on her knees again, can I not be happy? Maybe even unlock new poses. However, Xiao Zhen this idiot is a bit strange, was he brainwashed by Li Tiezhu? That bumpkin is toxic! There’s a woman who’s also been brainwashed by him, and her outlook on love is abnormal.”

Lin: “I think Li Tiezhu is quite good. Why do you curse Li Tiezhu every day? Does he hate you for taking his wife?”

Wang Dashao: “……”

Lin Mou: “Ha! So what, how come the coffee I ordered hasn’t come yet, now the delivery guy ……”


The atmosphere of the scene suddenly became weird, and surprisingly, there was applause.

Xiao Zhen remained calm: “I have nothing to say about being eliminated for my lack of strength. In fact, the eliminated contestants, Lin Xiao and Zhou Yiran, are all stronger than me, and I’m already very lucky to be in the top ten! I will continue to improve and repay my fans for their support, thank you! Also, my brother Li Tiezhu is still fighting, so let’s all, cheer him on and vote for him! Go brother!”

The applause was even more enthusiastic, his fans were thrilled, my Zhen Zhen was so hot-blooded and righteous!

Li Tiezhu’s fans were the most numerous, most of them hated this kind of milky idol like Xiao Zhen, but they didn’t expect Xiao Zhen to be so modest and low-key, and also so supportive of Li Tiezhu, so what are they waiting for? What are you waiting for?

Li Tiezhu almost touched, fortunately now not stupid, eek to provoke, this person acting broad to le.

Soon, the second round of PK battle began, the programme team randomly selected PK object.

The first group: Zhao Liya vs.

Group 2: Justin vs Luo Fei Yan

Group 3: Yi Xiaomao vs Zhou Shao

Group 4: Li Tiezhu vs Cai Xukun

Group 1, Zhao Liya wins. Although Zhang Fuchen sings well, Zhao Liya is popular!

Group 2, Luo Feiyan wins, no doubt, because of a good father.

Third group, Yi Xiaomao wins, although Li Tiezhu thinks Zhou Shao sings first in the top ten.

In the fourth group, Li Tiezhu stormed Cai Xukun with a stylish version of Farewell My Concubine, crushing him by five times the number of votes.

Zhao Liya, Luo Feiye, Yi Xiaomao, and Li Tiezhu won early, and the four of them, Zhang Fuchen, Justin, Zhou Shallow, and Cai Xukun, faced off in a two-by-two duel for the final Top Six spot.

Zhou Shallow was eliminated by Zhang Forging Chen, and then Cai Xukun met Justin, and it looked like there was no suspense.

Cai Xukun babbled and sang and danced his way off the stage confidently as fans screamed as if celebrating his advancement.

The blonde, blue-eyed but yellow-skinned Justin took the stage, and there was actually some booing and cheering.

Justin was a little nervous and said:

“Eh …… in recent times, it’s just annoying la! In the jittery voice and the scarf, I will always somehow receive a lot of abusive private messages, really so excessive roar! In fact, I know it is for the god mill la, but …… I still say, even if my hair is blonde, even if my eyes are blue, but my body flows in the bloodline of Yan Huang, Khan you guys the same. I Justin is also a proud rabbit! Thank you, Li Tiezhu, for giving me this new song to sing, because this song is the heart of me and many mixed-race Chinese.”

There was a drum roll on stage, a song written by Li Tiezhu? For him to sing? Or a new song! Are they that close?

Is he really Chinese?