The Rockstar Chapter 142

Justin is really aggrieved, eighteen years old decisively gave up the French and rice nationality to join the Chinese nationality, but is not recognised by the people of the country, to participate in the programme was also sprayed foreign dogs. Even, he didn’t need to guess to know that on the live pop-up screen, many people are greeting his immediate family.

His eyes reddened:

“If every Chinese person was a Chinese character, you would be the common characters with black hair and eyes, while I would be the rare characters that are rarely seen and rarely used, or even not recognised at all. But I am still a Chinese character! Here’s a song called ‘Remote Characters’ for you all.”

Applause builds with the introductory music, and lasts for quite a while, until Justin’s song comes on:

Our Chinese characters

The strokes of the brush leave behind a history of 5,000 years

Let the world know

Chinese characters

Every stroke is a story


Applause suddenly warmed up, mixed with many boys cheering, this is a kind of recognition. A foreigner, no, a mixed-race Chinese, can sing a “we China” is also quite remarkable, this is a kind of bloodline recognition.

Duh contempt mincing eighty eighty eighty eighty eighty nine

Prison azulene coveted disagreement

Fascinated by the flying squirrels.

And the dirty tsetse.

To examine and condemn, and to enquire into the evils of the day.

One by one, one by one

Right in the middle of Justin’s singing, a clamour of agitation and some confusion set off from the stage where the voting fairgrounds were located, and some people even booed and cursed.

Several staff members who carried the partition to the impartial platform, after hesitating for a while, were called away by the leader.

It was a small ripple, Justin’s singing wasn’t interrupted, he could probably guess something, so he sang with more concentration:

All over the world now

There are Chinese characters everywhere

Yellow-skinned people raise their heads proudly

Our Chinese characters

One flat and one oblique is written as a poem

A beautiful melody from the gong, shang, jiao, zheng and yin.

Everyone says it’s in the language.

After the song was finished, the audience’s first feeling was that Li Tiezhu was really awesome, the second feeling was that Justin was a pure Chinese, and the third feeling was that I really don’t know those words on the screen.

Justin corners of the eyes are wet, he chose China without hesitation, but here he did not get recognition, undoubtedly a kind of sadness, but the song gave him strength, Li Tiezhu gave him strength.

Three days ago, Li Tiezhu found Justin, and said bluntly that he would try his best to help him enter the top three.

Justin was confused at that time, he understood his position, into the top ten are luck against the sky, semi-finals must be eliminated. Moreover, who is Li Tiezhu to help him enter the top three? It wasn’t until Zhang Xiaomeng nodded her head that Justin really believed a little.

Director Zhang Xiaomeng brought new instructions from Penguin Culture – for this final, Li Tiezhu can use the vast majority of Penguin Culture’s resources.

Last time, Li Tiezhu was eliminated by black, which really angered Penguin.

Is my big penguin so shameless?

It just so happens that Li Tiezhu has opened the Undisputed now, so let’s tough it out with those two, we’re all competitors anyway, no need to be polite.

After Justin finished singing, the applause resounded throughout the studio.

It was applause of approval.

The votes came out quickly, Cai Xukun had 63 million votes, which was a high number of votes. Justin’s votes were 72 million, and he was able to beat the Prince of Basketball.

But no matter what, he won.


Absolute cold outburst.

The scene was dead silent, and even the host, Shaohua, was a bit confused until a few moments later, a group of cheers came from the boys on the scene. KAM! That dead pussy has finally been eliminated, good job Justin!

The top six spots are out:

Luo Fei Yan, Zhang Fei Chen, Zhao Liya, Yi Xiao Mao, Li Tie Zhu and Justin.

Li Tiezhu smiled, interesting, it wasn’t his fight alone anymore, it was a group fight.

Li Tiezhu had two natural allies, Zhao Liya needless to say, the other was Justin, because they were both in the same company and one agent, and both were targeted by each other.

The enemy’s posture is clear:

On his side, Li Tiezhu, Justin, Zhao Liya.

Opponent, Luo Feiyan, Zhang Fuchen, Yi Xiaomao.

By the way, Yi Xiaomao is still a little traitorous big undercover agent.

Before this match was even over, the Northern Monolithic Department had almost wiped out their entire army, leaving only agent Yi Xiaomao.

Therefore, the expressions on the stage of Yehenara and Wang Feng were very interesting, they had manipulated the match for so many seasons, but they had also been reduced to the situation of being undercovered and manipulated in a clear way.

Li Tiezhu is not against Cai Xukun, he is unlucky himself, he met Li Tiezhu absolutely lost, but he also lost when he met Justin who sang Li Tiezhu’s new song.

Do what what not line pretending to be the first place, there is egg use.

A large swath of Cai Xukun’s fanatic fans on the Internet began to attack the programme team for having shady practices, attacking Justin for cheating, relying on the identity of foreigners to bully the national idol.

For this kind of brain damage, Zhang Xiaomeng has long been expected, early mobilised a group of penguin technicians as well as a large number of water army to launch a counterattack.

The live screen was buzzing with activity.

The last wave is still continuing, three thousand years of beauty of the water army is still spraying Xiao Zhen, Xiao Zhen cheating, their own on the number to go to the live chat room to brush a “overlook no shame but seek peace of mind”, pretending to be a wave of big pussy, his fans also followed the brush “overlook no shame but seek peace of mind” format is neat and tidy.

A new wave has begun, Cai Xukun’s water army is spraying Justin, Justin also has penguin sent water army crazy biting, but also broke out Cai Xukun buy water army and hot search evidence.


Li Tiezhu is very sinister!

During the short break at the end of the second round, Yehnela was gritting her teeth backstage.

Because, she just got the news that there are a few jittery netizens who are Li Tiezhu’s iron fans, sitting very close to the voting umpire stage, their mobile phones are filming the entire live broadcast of the impartial stage, and they don’t even have the opportunity to upvote Cai Xukun.

In previous competitions, they dunked a lot of water, although some people questioned, but there is no substantial evidence, and there is also a notary public endorsement. But this year, no one expected Li Tiezhu to play such a hand.

It must be his handiwork!

Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental? A few netizens bought seats that close together? And live broadcasting the justice station?

Seeing that Cai Xukun was behind in the voting, a few staff members with partitions tried to separate the impartial stage and the audience, reasoning that they wanted to avoid interference. The audience booed and questioned, so they had to stop, and thus, Cai Xukun was eliminated.

Li Tiezhu is not so smart yet, this is actually Zhang Xiaomeng’s doing.

“What does that bumpkin want? And give him a face? Our company’s headliner Cai Xukun didn’t make it into the top six, what the hell is there to play for?”

Yehnela slammed her coffee cup, and the thick black coffee splashed onto her white trouser leg.

Wang Feng was disgusted, this woman was really brain-dead, she had apologised only two days ago and now she wanted to make a scene again, forgetting the pain after a good injury.

Although Cai Xukun was eliminated, isn t there still Yi Xiaomao? All of them are people from the boulder. Moreover, he personally prefers the strength type Yi Xiaomao, and is quite upset with the Cai Xukun who is wearing grease and shaving his armpits.

Soon, the tutors returned to the tutor’s table, and the final round of competition began, six into five.

Shao Hua advanced the process on stage.

Yehnela glanced at Wang Feng, who nodded helplessly.

Although they didn’t deal with each other, they still had the same goal. Most of the audience was blindly following, a little guidance during this round of critiques should be able to eliminate Justin, who was already not very popular.

This way, the loss was quite acceptable, and Yi Xiaomao must not lose anyway.