The Rockstar Chapter 143

The third round began, and the order of competing on stage was: Zhang For Chen, Yi Xiaomao, Li Tiezhu, Zhao Liya, Luo Fei Yan, and Justin.

Yehenara can not help but laugh, Justin drew the last one to appear, born to stand in a disadvantageous position, this round is from the first contestant to sing to start voting, the last out of the doomed to suffer.

Zhang Feichen’s song “Heavenly Music” fully explains what is heavenly music, this is a classic old song, she covered it brilliantly.

Yi Xiaomao sang “Falling Plums Like Blood”, which was adapted and created from an ancient lyric, and it was also stunning.

It was as if people could see the wonderful image of winter turning to spring, with crimson snowflakes falling in the snow, while Yi Xiaomao’s head was filled only with the red plum blossoms on the bedsheets, and the song was dedicated to the dance teacher who played cards together! She will definitely like it, tonight, continue to play cards ……

It was Li Tiezhu’s turn, he was now very confident, and he took the stage and said, “This song is not a tribute to the classics, but it will become a classic because ……”

The audience immediately called out fluff, and Li Tiezhu rushed to the shell again!

Han Hong was slightly surprised, is the little guy floating?

Chen Yisen applauded, cheering, you are full of art bacteria, there is no need to be modest, modesty makes people nagging.

Wang Feng raised his eyebrows, and Yehnela sneered.

Li Tiezhu added: “No pretence, the reason why the classic is not because it is too good, but, I may not sing this song live in any public place again, it …… is too difficult to say more than tears ah. Below, please – teleprompter!”

Hahahahaha ……


The stage went crazy with laughter, Li Tiezhu used a teleprompter!

Oh, my God! Li Tiezhu used a teleprompter for the first time in his life! What’s this song?

Is it an original?

Is this the legendary self-made?


Li Tiezhu has a teleprompter in his head, but he still chose a live teleprompter – double insurance!

Li Tiezhu was a bit ashamed: “That’s what …… brings you an original song ‘difficult to read’.”

The audience is looking forward to it, how difficult to read? Made you offer up a teleprompter?

The prelude sounded, and the rhythm was extremely fast.

The audience was also surprised, digging the roots, Li Tiezhu sang a fast song? It’s really rare!

Li Tiezhu looked at the teleprompter slightly nervously:

Swallowing the wind and kissing the rain and burying the setting sun has never been at a loss.

I’ve never despaired of the mountains, the sea, or the snow.

I’ve never let the world go mad with love.

With these two eyes and a hundred arms or a thousand hands, I can’t defend myself.

The sky is wide and the snow is long, who will sail with us?

The sand is rolling and the water is wrinkled with laughter.

I want to bury my daughter’s love for her.

After the first verse, Li Tiezhu’s forehead was already sweating, the audience applauded and encouraged, but more laughter.

Laughter is simple, simple ridicule, Li Tiezhu you naive, write a song so difficult to sing to make things difficult for themselves is also can, you can not sing their own “secluded words”, give this song to Justin?

The guide was very attentive, with a split screen, inserted the lyrics of the teleprompter, after all, live broadcast, with lyrics subtitles is too late, it can only be so.

Because, they can’t keep up with the tempo, only the teleprompter can keep up.

Mentor seat, Yehnela people are confused, Wang Feng nodded repeatedly, Han Hong with a smile on his face, Chen Yisen began to dance senior disco.

The live broadcast was still a few parties of fans in a fiery swearing war, but it was quickly overshadowed by Li Tiezhu’s fans:

“This nigga is absolutely classic!”

“The lyrics are hot!”

“I can’t even listen to it, let alone sing it.”

“I was staring at the teleprompter the whole time, my eyes are going blind.”

“Cai Xukun is eliminated, celebrate with flowers!”

“Calm down, I listened to it with my eyes closed, Serious Brother is super cowhide!”

“I’m curious if Li Tiezhu will regret writing this song when he sings it, look at how he’s almost out of breath.”

“Heartache Tiezhu, never sang a fast song before ……”

“Don’t say it, it’s really damn good!”

“Xiao Zhen is stupid!”

“Pay attention to Li Tiezhu’s dumb look, the interlude is still staring at the teleprompter, it’s going to kill me with laughter.”

“Be reasonable, this song shouldn’t be sung live, Li Tiezhu had it coming.”

“Although I’m heartbroken for Serious Brother, I inexplicably feel funny, hahahahahahaha ……”

“Justin dead foreign dog, get out of China!”

“It’s so well written and sung.”

Li Tiezhu was fully concentrated, more nervous than the exam.

It was already too fast paced lyrics and too dense, and it was still a Cantonese song, Li Tiezhu had to flip it into Mandarin, even after these three days of hard practice, it was still a bit of a stretch:

Laughing at you I spent all my heart in vain

Love is a beautiful flower in the mirror.

I’m afraid that luck will pass me by

Fascinated by greed, anger, joy and rage

I blame you and me for being too greedy for power.

Blaming the beauty of the earth

I’m sorry that I was too faithful in the old days.

Jealous of the sadness, the joy, the sadness, the sadness.


I’ve never lost my way.

I’ve never despaired of trampling the snowy paths of mountains and seas.

I’ve never let the world go mad with love.

With these two eyes and a hundred arms or a thousand hands, I can’t defend myself.

The sky is wide and the snow is long, who will sail with us?

The sand is rolling and the water is wrinkled with laughter.

I want to bury my daughter’s love for her.

After the song was sung, the whole audience applauded and cheered unreservedly, also mixed with unrestrained laughter. This time it is not because the song is good, but because Li Tiezhu’s appearance is too naive, even very wretched, which is rare, must be ridiculed.

The good thing was that it was finished, without singing the wrong words or missing the beat.

Li Tiezhu also had a red old face: ”I’m laughing, I’m laughing …… uh uh – almost couldn’t catch my breath. I will never sing this song again!”

Hahahahahahaha ……

The jeers became even more violent, and even Chen Yisen laughed along with them.

Shao Hua also laughed extraordinarily happily, having been disliked by Li Tiezhu quite a bit, he said, “It’s really hard to read! I’m happy to see you in such a sorry state, honestly, I want to hear it again.”

Li Tiezhu rolled his eyes.

The audience on the scene, however, was uproarious: Do it again.

Li Tiezhu: “Laugh at you and me in vain to spend light heart plan, love to compete in the mirror flower that beautiful, afraid of luck will be blind wrongful death ¥%@&*…… bah! Calculated begging! No teleprompter really can not ah!”

The audience exclaimed.

Shaohua: “Hahahahahaha what does …… have to say to the audience?”

Li Tiezhu: “Originally I was singing another song, but, it was given to Justin to sing, he super invincible like that song, old Jia sang that song and cried all the time, I had to give it up to him, so I can only sing this song, ‘Difficult to pronounce the scripture’. He’s a bandit, when he hears a good song, he grabs it.”

Li Tiezhu’s plain routine began.

Shaohua: “Are you close to the Justin contestant?”

Li Tiezhu: “Not good! He’s an agent with me, I’m forced to be in business. Old Jia is not generous, I asked him to tutor me in my English homework, he actually said he grew up in France …… unreliable.”

After chatting a few more times, the tutor review began, no one made a demon, even Yehnela was moderately complimented.

However, Yehnala and Wang Feng also panicked a little, Li Tiezhu is blatantly canvassing for Justin again!

This was a letter of war!

Monolith and Meteor are relying on eliminating Justin to stop their losses, but Li Tiezhu, with his golden body, is trying to protect Justin, and this issue is two new songs for him. Li Tiezhu is going to fight against Monolith and Meteor!

You boulders and meteors, will you take it or not?