The Rockstar Chapter 144

Next, Zhao Liya and Luo Fei Yan each sang their own tracks.

Zhao Liya was an original “Bodhisattva Barbarian”, a tribute to Li Qingzhao. Luo Fei Yan was a song “Different Sparks”, a tribute to the eternal brother of the Xiangjiang music scene, forcibly binding her brother.

Finally, it was Justin’s turn to take the stage, he was the last one, but after the last competition, he was no longer timid and introverted.

Fear of a hammer!

Li Tiezhu’s famous words, Justin remembered them by heart.

“Thanks again to Tie Zhu, this song is still his original, new song. Thanks to him for letting me sing it!”

Justin’s voice trembled a little.

The audience was dumbfounded, how much does Li Tiezhu love you? Writing two original songs for you in one match? And he even went to the death of “Hard to Read” by himself? Honestly, are you guys up to something?

Justin said: “The keyword of this game is ‘classic’, then I think, China five thousand years, the most classic than the words of Confucius, we say words, Chinese words, is classic! This song, from Li Tiezhu’s original – ‘Chinese Words’.”

The applause exploded.

Li Tiezhu flowed! A song called “Remote Characters” wasn’t enjoyable, but also a song called “Chinese Words”!

Yi Xiaomao: Half of the military medal is mine! After all, the flat stretcher is long and the bench is wide ……

Justin sang reverently, the song was just as he had seen it abroad, watching the foreigners learn Chinese with pride and honour:

The flat stretcher is wide, the bench is long, the flat stretcher wants to be tied to the bench

The flat stretcher is wide, the bench is long, the flat stretcher wants to be tied to the bench.

Marilyn of London. She bought a cheongsam for her mum.

Moskovsky fell in love with beef noodle lumps

All colours of skin, all colours of hair

The Chinese language is becoming popular.

How many years have we learnt English pronunciation and grammar?

In the past few years, they’ve been learning how to speak Chinese with their tongues rolled up.

Flat and narrow, flat and narrow.

What a smart Chinese, what a beautiful Chinese language.


The whole world is learning Chinese

Confucius’ words are becoming more and more international

The whole world is speaking Chinese

The world listens carefully to what we say.


What a smart Chinese, what a beautiful Chinese language!

There’s a kid called Xiao Du who goes to the street to buy vinegar and cloth.

After buying cloth and vinegar, he saw a hawk catching a rabbit.

Putting down the cloth and vinegar, he went after the hawk and the rabbit.


The whole world is learning Chinese

Confucius’ words are becoming more and more international

The whole world is speaking Chinese

The world listens carefully to what we say.

In this issue, Justin, under the advice and packaging of Li Tiezhu and Zhang Xiaomeng, started to work on his national sentiment. Of course, he’s not pretending, he loves China himself, he just lacks the opportunity to show it.

Now, the song given by Li Tiezhu allows him to successfully achieve what he wants.

The live audience is very satisfied, and the pop-up screen in the live broadcast room is also much less abusive and much more supportive and encouraging, which is kinda warm.

Mentor Review.

Han Hong and Chen Yi Sen also quite appreciated Justin’s, and his words were mostly encouraging and agreeable, but Yehnela had a different opinion.

Yehenara commented, “…… What does the last line of the lyrics mean? What we say to make the world listen carefully? Personally, I don’t think it’s right, we are a peace-loving country, you’re being a bit too overbearing, don’t put your foreigner’s set of logic on our Chinese heads ……”

Yes, it didn’t take long for Justin to revel in the fact that he’s back to being “you foreigners” again.

Then came Wang Feng: “The song is good, and the singing is okay. But …… it’s not related to the classics, it’s all tongue-in-cheek and there are tongue-twisters, honestly, I personally can’t accept the use of tongue-twisters to represent the classics of our Chinese culture. ……”

Deja vu or not?

The treatment that Li Tiezhu received in the beginning was once again repeated on Justin.

The only difference was that this time, the two mentors could only comment and guide, and did not have the right to vote.

Justin was very disappointed, but suddenly remembered Li Tiezhu’s catchphrase, “Fear of a hammer”, and with a hot head, he picked up the microphone and said:

“Thank you for your comments, as you said, what I sang cannot represent the Chinese culture in your hearts. Similarly, what you said, also can not represent the audience’s voice, they will have their own standards of judgement, I believe they will recognise me, recognise me as a Chinese! In order to get Chinese nationality, I started at the age of eighteen, and travelled to and from Paris and the East China Sea fourteen times in nine months, but I don’t care, because it only takes twenty minutes to get a passport from France, but I don’t care! Because I have a heart of red blood!”

Witty …… and slightly obscene!

A ruse is a ruse! Come together and play a routine! As if anyone wouldn’t.

I’m not arguing with you about whether I can sing the Chinese classics, I’m just trying to gain sympathy, I’m a half-breed who wants to be a Chinese.

Have mercy on me!

Auntie! I don’t want to make an effort ……

So, the final vote came out, and after five minutes of forced delays by Mr Hong Bo’s Lust for Words technique, it was known that Li Tiezhu, Luo Fei Yan, Zhao Liya, and Yi Xiaomao had each advanced with the top four votes.

The last remaining skill diva, Zhang Forichen, and the little prince of rap, Justin, were left in an extreme showdown.

The winner is: Justin!

He eliminated Zhang Fei Chen by a slim margin of three million. The reason for his victory was simple, the bitter drama was one aspect, the main reason was that he sang a new song, and, it was also a new song written by Li Tie Zhu.

After advancing, Justin and Li Tiezhu embraced passionately, Li Tiezhu had a calm expression and looked away from Yehnela in the tutor’s seat:

You bite me again!


Nowadays, both Monolith and Meteor have only one sole seedling left, Luo Feiyan and Yi Xiaomao, but instead, the Penguin Department is making a big splash. I heard that under Li Tiezhu’s tampering, the studio that Zhao Liya’s grandfather opened for her is also going to be affiliated with Penguin.

This is simply a rebellion and usurpation ah!

Backstage, the eliminated contestants waited in the backstage hall for their post match interviews.

Cai Xukun lit a cigarette and cursed, “Dog said Li Tiezhu, stupid turtle folk! Grass you big …… old man …… for what?”

Suddenly, a figure blocked in front of him.

Xiao Zhen serious face: “Please do not smoke in public, by the way, please do not curse my brother.”

In his heart, he added, “Let you dog pussies rob me of the first place in the Eastern Region!

Cai Xukun exhaled a mouthful of smoke, “You’re fucking nuts, right?”

Xiao Zhen: “Firstly, smoking is extremely harmful to the human body, especially to singers, it affects their lung capacity. Secondly, this is a public place, and there are many girls, it’s very unethical for you to do this. Lastly, as an artiste, you have to make a good example instead of the opposite, in case the camera catches you. It’s very bad of you.”

Cai Xukun: “I …… said your uncle, you learnt from Li Tiezhu that shit-eating fool ……”


A loud slap.

Xiao Zhen suddenly felt the joy of Li Tiezhu, when he beat up my bodyguard and driver, he should be so cool, right? Cai Xukun cigarettes were knocked off, and he was about to get angry, Xiao Zhen backhanded another slap, so smooth Oh!

I really Gil have talent!

Slap –

Then the two wrestled.

Xiao Zhen fights with zero point five person parts, Cai Xukun zero point three person parts, two rookie chickens pecking at each other, limited killing power, but full value of screams.

Showbiz Disciplinary Committee Xiao Zhen vs Showbiz Sports Committee Cai Xukun, the rest of the contestants watched in disbelief.

(Recently, the chairman of a mega-fund used a hammer to seriously injure the general manager, this is high-level business warfare, if you don’t believe me, you can go to Baidu. So, I am now writing about singers fighting backstage with no psychological burden at all, ha!)