The Rockstar Chapter 145

Cai Xukun pointedly went to grip Xiao Zhen s hair, Xiao Zhen screamed miserably, and smashed his fist on the other s abdomen, Li Tiezhu honestly did not deceive me! What other moves are there? Let me think about it …… Oh yes, the knee bump.

Xiao Zhen raised his knee to the top, but the bounce is limited, turned into a yin yin leg, the leg was also the other’s legs clamped, Cai Xukun accidentally gained the advantage, but also a stunned, and then ow holding Xiao Zhen’s arm on the bite.

No one to pull the fight, Zhou Shallow and Zhang Fook Chen cold eyes, Xi Menghan even wanted to go up to grab Xiao Zhen’s face, but was afraid to get beaten hesitantly, finally she decided to shoot video.

The staff was even more confused, they hadn’t encountered this kind of thing before.

In the end, or by the two sharp screams made impatient Zhou shallow went up to separate the two, effortless, one hand a tear away.

The small Zhou Shallow was shocked, am I a Hercules?

At this time there are staff to come up to pacify the two, Cai Xukun was beaten green eyes and nosebleed, Xiao Zhen better, but the neck was scratched out of the blood marks.

Ximeng Han immediately sent the video to Shake it, with a sneer, Xiao Zhen, I’ll let you tear me down!

After the battle, Xiao Zhen was not satisfied.

He also summed up the lessons learnt, in order to fight better, from tomorrow onwards I’m going to work out! Learn from the Tie Zhu brothers!

The two fought to such a friggin’ standstill that the eliminated contestant interview segment was cancelled by the director.

The match is officially over.

But the contestants can’t go back to their respective homes just yet, they have to go to the Top 10 reunion hosted by the show, which is frankly the final get-together.

The top ten who made it to the finals are basically all artists with faces and resources, even if they are eliminated, the impact is not too big, the programme group has always treated the top ten contestants with respect, at least on the surface.

The ten contestants came to a restaurant backstage, and the programme team had already prepared the evening meal dishes.

Everyone took their respective seats, and Cai Xukun quietly and angrily looked at Xiao Zhen.

Xiao Zhen said in a domineering manner, “What are you looking at? If you ever smoke in public again, I’ll beat you up once I see you!”

Weak chicken haughty!

Kun Kun huffed and puffed, but didn’t dare to talk back.

Glaring at Cai Xukun did not dare to raise his head, Xiao Zhen only whispered to the side of Li Tiezhu to report the cause of the incident and the results of the battle, slightly arrogant.

Li Tiezhu decisively nodded his head in appreciation, this guy awareness has improved a lot.

A moment later, the director Hong Bo took the host Shaohua, as well as four mentors arrived.

A group of people who each have their own mind secretly stabbing each other are happy and happy, talking and laughing and starting to enjoy a delicious snack, no matter if they have humiliated each other before, or have demolished each other, or just now also fought a fight, they all seem to be very peaceful, and the atmosphere was once quite harmonious, and the harmony was …… bizarre.

In a small half hour, everyone ate more or less, dispersed.

After all, is to do the appearance, go back to want to eat what they point does not smell? Eat here to see those who advanced to see the smug face? Listen to those tutors hypocritical praise? See just beat me Xiao Zhen forced to play the warrior?

People dispersed almost, Li Tiezhu in packing those who have not touched the dishes.

“Want some?”

Li Tiezhu asked Yi Xiaomao who was holding his mobile phone and smiling cheaply.

Yi Xiaomao shook his head decisively, got up, and his footsteps were a bit fluttering, “Let’s go, brother. Playing cards to go, wave liger wave liger wave ……”

Xiao Zhen is still not gone, “I want that dry mixed pork waist, take it back to Godfather to make up.”

Finally, Li Tiezhu and Xiao Zhen walked out of the TV station building together, and were naturally stopped by their media friends, some of them were TV reporters, but more of them were online media and self media.

“Xiao Zhen, the video of you beating up Cai Xukun in the background is on fire in Shake. May I ask what you have to say?”

“You have a grudge against him right? Because he robbed you of the first place in the East Sea Region.”

“Are you jealous that he’s better looking than you?”

“Were you happy that he was eliminated? So looking for a chance to get back at him that’s why you beat him up?”

“Just now, Cai Xukun said that you were vulgar and barbaric and that he didn’t want to be common with you, what was your response?”

Obviously, the media had already interviewed Cai Xukun whose eyes were black and blue.

Xiao Zhen was very calm: “The thing is like this, he smoked in the presence of many girls, I persuaded him, he did not listen and scolded my brother Tiezhu. I impulsively slapped him in the face. Later on, it was supposed to be a mutual assault, but he was so weak that it looked as if I was beating him unilaterally. To this, I just want to say to him, please exercise more, or else it will make me feel very unfulfilled.”


Did Xiao Jin change his persona? Your family’s company changed your route for you? Why is your style so fierce?

“The video was shot and released by Xi Menghan, do you think she’s taking revenge on you?”

Xiao Zhen shook his head, “No! I think she did a good job. On the show, I dismantled her eye drops for her own good, to make her an honest and upright person. Backstage she was good, recording and publishing the incident instead of hiding it, this is a sign of conscience and responsibility! I give her kudos for that! I hope she cleans up her act and be a good girl from this point on!”

Reporters and friends have felt Xiao Zhen full of malice, tell you a Jill, do not interview this prude, we interview the real serious people.

“Hello Li Tiezhu player.”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah, I’m good.”

“I’m glad you’ve made it to the top five of The Voice finals, plus ……”

“How happy?”

“Just happy yah.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

“Eh …… what do you think about the beating of Cai Xukun’s player?”

“How do you think? I didn’t see it at the time, unfortunately, I’m going to go back and watch it on my phone.”

“No …… I mean, what do you think about this incident?”

“The opinion is that smoking is bad for your health.”


“Look at Cai Xukun smoking, he wouldn’t even be able to beat Xiao Zhen, so smoking is bad for your health.”

“Cai Xukun’s eyes are blue, this is a very damaging thing for an idol star. Don’t you think Xiao Zhen went overboard?”