The Rockstar Chapter 146

Li Tiezhu went home and transferred the money to take Xiaojiu to sleep, the mobile phone did not open a bit more, naturally, for the furore on the scarf without any knowledge.

But Xiao Zhen is different, he has experienced the joy of being a good person today, which makes him feel good about himself. After offering the dry mixed pork waist to his godfather to replenish his body, Xiao Zhen went back to his small villa with his agent.

The little maid was ready to peel grapes for Xiao Zhen’s face mask, as usual.

Xiao Zhen refused, “No. I have my own hands! I have my own hands! You can’t be a human being with clothes on your back, you’ve worked hard all day, go rest.”

“Sir no I’m not tired, I’m idle when you’re not at home.”

“No! You’re tired!”

Wu Yongqiang had to wave his hand at the maid and drive her away, then looked at Xiao Zhen with worry, this guy has not been normal lately, and today he is even more outrageous, losing his mind like a madman ……

Xiao Zhen personally unwrapped the mask package, put on the mask in front of the mirror, and peeled a chilled grape for himself, well, his own peeled grapes are just sweeter, this is the taste of labour?

Then, Xiao Zhen took out his mobile phone, ready to go on the scarf personally down to dislike Cai Xukun and Ximeng Han’s fans, usually this kind of incident will trigger the fans scolding.

Cai Xukun and Xi Menghan’s three-less fans are too brain-dead, no logic, no common sense and no sense of decency, they are comparable to my fans.

The upright Xiao Zhen is not afraid in the slightest, let the storm come harder!


The righteous idol Shawty Town.

To teach you proper values and aesthetics! To grow up to be useful to our country and people!


I can’t believe no one yelled at me?

Did Choi Wook Kun cool off? Where are his supporters and sailors?

Is Xi Menghan dead? Where are his brainwashed fans?


Is it because my righteous personality is too strong that they’re scared? Or is it because I’m too popular these days that they don’t dare to mess with me? It doesn’t make sense. These two are about the same level as me.

I’m a bit upset that I couldn’t complete my mission of indoctrination.

Wu Yongqiang was inexplicably distressed, “Zhenzhen, why don’t we stop playing, okay? Big deal, we’ll tear our faces off with Li Tiezhu!”

Xiao Zhen was puzzled, “Why tear my brother’s face off?”

Wu Yongqiang said, “Let’s not pretend to be brothers with Li Tiezhu, okay? It’s all my fault for not doing things right! Let you suffer, I found that your mental state is not right recently, let’s forget about it?”

“What do you mean? Tie Zhu and I are true brothers now. Didn’t you see him speak up for me during the interview tonight? Even complimented me.”

“I …… we still have the video of him bullying you last time, it wasn’t much use before, but now that Li Tiezhu is even hotter than you, the situation has changed. It’s not that we’re afraid of him anymore, it’s that he’s afraid of us, as long as the video explodes, we’re a scandal, but he won’t be able to turn over for eternity, so let’s simply ……”

“Video I deleted ah early!”

“Not afraid of him at all, huh? What? What? You ……”

“The old one was deleted a long time ago. Besides, Tie Zhu and I are real friends now, he changed me and beat me back from the crooked path, I should thank him.”

“Are you serious?”

“Grass! So that’s what happened! Shame on you, this bunch of cerebral palsy ……”

Xiao Zhen suddenly had a horrified look on his face, no wonder the fans of those two families don’t come to my place to have fun, they all went to die spraying Mr Tony!

Quickly slide the mobile phone, there are several big v scold Li Tiezhu insulted women worse than dogs and pigs, the words are extremely vicious and underhanded, tonight, “Li Tiezhu demeaned women” is the only hotspot of the scarf.

Teacher Tony helped Li Tiezhu say a few words, and then became the target of the fire, and finally, Tony was sprayed to the point of self-isolation, and self-exploded to withdraw from the scarf.

Xiao Zhen looked at the angry hair …… Tony teacher fighting will not be strong ah, I still have to come.

Immediately update the scarf:

“A couple of words about Li Tiezhu tonight! Firstly, if there are any of my fans in here, please retreat on your own. Secondly, my brother Tiezhu’s character and three views are the best, and in no way can he degrade women. Lastly, this is a farce provoked by people with ulterior motives, and anyone with a slightly normal brain can figure out that Li Tiezhu’s remark didn’t have any demeaning connotations. Above all, everyone disperse.”

The logic was clear and the attitude was resolute!

Worthy of being me!

Drip drip drip drip drip ……

The bib exploded!

“See? He said we women are not in our right minds, men are smart and women are stupid, and that’s what makes men superior, right?”

“Who do you think you are? You think you’re a big star?”

“I’m not sure you’re such a big star! I didn’t expect you to be such a Xiao Zhen!”

“Go to hell scum.”

“You live in a big villa every day, and you let the maid give you a mask to soak your feet, you’re also a scum that steps women under your feet, animal!”

“You’re not relying on your godfather to be popular? Robbing women’s jobs, you’re really good! Do you want anal sex?”

“I didn’t realise you’re still a rabbit, pretending to be a tough guy! Disgusting.”

“His black material on top is simply not too much, no longer shut up all for you to burst out.”

“Xiao Zhen’s family owns a massage parlour, and his parents squeeze people’s feet, hahaha! Laughing to death, this kind of low life can be a star? And fans?”

Xiao Zhen’s eyes are red, I’ll fight you all to the end and pick a fight!

Abandon your mobile phone for a computer, just now!

Wu Yongqiang, are you stupid? Hurry up and call the navy for support! How can I do this alone?


Hengdian, cold Ba Qi shaking cold, big summer in the hotel wrapped in a quilt are cold and shivering, these people …… are too uneducated! She looked at those on the mobile phone on the slander of Li Tiezhu, could not help but sneer and laugh.

Civilian labourer? Moronic child? Ugly pussy? Retard? Male maggots? Cankerworms? Needle mushrooms?

Leng Ba cut out: “Brain-dead people who have never seen the world! Li Tiezhu can scare you to death if he pulls it out! That’s not a needle mushroom, that’s an almond mushroom, doesn’t the cat know that?”

She wanted to stink up those people on Weibo, but once she thought of her weird relationship with Li Tiezhu, she wimped out. She is not afraid of being sprayed, but if the matter of raising a cat is exposed, then …… Li Tiezhu will really become a demeaning woman!

But, the matter of being a cat is the cat s initiative ah!


Kunyang, Song Zhu’er has just arrived at the theatre group, watching them filming the nightclub scene overnight, brushing up to the fact that Li Tiezhu was scolded, and the reason was extraordinarily strange and far-fetched, and couldn’t help but backhandedly send out a microblog.

Sand sculpture chorus leader: “I think what Li Tiezhu said is not wrong ah, only girls should be delicate, boys should be brown, Li Tiezhu kind of brown. This matter, must be some idol stars invited the water army malicious attack, they are jealous of Li Tiezhu not only talented, but also more manly than them!”

Then, her neckerchief also blew up, with all kinds of dirty words coming out.

One of the strangest comments was, “Self-satisfied lowly goods like Song Zhu’er are male fertility machines.”

Song Zhu’er replied in a second: “Speaking of which, I want to have a baby when I’m twenty-five and a second child when I’m thirty, beautiful! Please God give me a boyfriend! Be brown, not a sissy.”

Predictably, the group of people cursed even more ferociously and unpleasantly.

Song Zhu’er closed her scarf and continued to watch the acting, wow, based on my past experience, I’m going to be scolded on the hot search again tomorrow, right?

Hey hey hey …… really save money, I Song Zhu’er never spend money, all based on strength on the hot search!