The Rockstar Chapter 147

East China Sea, the big night to stay up late composing Zhao Liya was also alarmed, just crossed the golden body of Li Tiezhu also someone dare to mess with? And the angle is also so strange and tricky, tsk tsk ……

She is smart in her own right, plus she has Zhao Tianhua’s circle and connections, she knows a lot. After watching a circle of scarf curses, and did not hesitate, she went straight down.

Hot pot should be eaten standing up: “I probably know who is going to mess with Li Tiezhu, wait and see.”

The overwhelming fire came towards Zhao Liya, but she has always been very smart, and she decisively withdrew after sending the scarf, not looking, ignoring, not returning. After all, inside the three little ones, she was the one with the highest IQ.

Composing to two o’clock, she thought about it, and sent another WeChat to Li Tiezhu, very short, a person’s name.

It’s better to remind it, Li Tiezhu is too stupid and easy to meet the road, she will definitely look for him.


Luo Fei Yan?

The next morning, Li Tiezhu looked at the WeChat sent by Zhao Liya, and couldn’t figure out what was going on, sending a person’s name over in the middle of the night? I’ll send you a message back and ask you about it.

“What’s wrong with Luo Fei Yan?”


“I didn’t download Scarf, I don’t want to play.”

“I’ll take a screenshot for you then.”

A few minutes later, Li Tiezhu came to his senses, someone was messing with him in the scarf, and things seemed to be quite a big deal. Because of this matter, he, Tony, Xiao Zhen, and Song Zhu’er were all on the hot search.

Li Tiezhu was at a loss, but Zhao Liya was concise and straightforward, pointing out that the murderer was Luo Feiyan.

Is it?

I don t have any grievances with her …… You are saying that it is someone else who did it without any evidence, it is a bit arbitrary, isn t it?


Li Tiezhu phone rang, it was Luo Feiyan, the background politely left the phone.


“Did you sleep well last night?”

“Very well.”

“You …… you didn’t have insomnia or anything? Didn’t know you were cursed by the entire population?”

“I don’t swipe my scarf, I just found out.”

“You’re so good …… Pinghe Hotel, room xxx, waiting for you.”

“I have plans today. ”

“Must come! Otherwise, there will be news about someone objectifying women today.”

When the other party didn’t reply for a long time, Luo Fei Yan smiled, the other party agreed to meet, which was good! She hung up the phone and turned back to see a certain Kun who was soft on the bed, Luo Fei Yan suddenly had some speechlessness.

It’s also too unbreakable, only three times only, can’t get up out of bed, so boring.

Come to think of it, if he had a bronze body like Li Tiezhu, how good would it be? I remember that when the Mushroom House was hitting the valley, I had seen Li Tiezhu’s abs, tsk ……

Wipe off the saliva, put on make-up, change clothes, and prepare to meet Li Tiezhu.


The word “objectifying women” is very strange to Li Tiezhu, and he did not think about it for a long time, until he was a thousand degrees and a little afraid.

Could it be that the matter of keeping a cat has been discovered?

It is better to go there, Zhao Liya is really smart.

At nine o’clock in the morning, Li Tiezhu met Luo Feiyan, who was dressed up in the Pinghe Hotel, she looked okay, and she had plastic surgery, and she looked a little bit like a peninsula actress, that is, her expression was very stiff, like wearing a mask.

In the luxurious private room, there are only two of them.

Luo Feiyan took off her jacket and hung it on the chair, stirring the blue mountain in front of her.

Li Tiezhu hugged his large plastic teapot, lowered his head and did not dare to look at Luo Feiyan, close to see a little stomach, fortunately did not eat breakfast.

“The sunshine in East China Sea is not as good as Xiangjiang, but it’s much better than other places. Order some food?”

“No, looking at you can’t eat.”

“Heh heh heh …… am I that good looking?”

“No, it’s no appetite.”

Luo Feiyan raised her eyebrows, rubbing the huge emerald gemstone ring on her left pinky, and said:

“To make a long story short, I want Good Voice first.”

Li Tiezhu was a bit surprised by the other party’s frankness, and for a while it was a bit difficult to organise the language to effectively express Cao Nima.

Luo Fei Yan added: “It’s actually quite simple, we both made it into the top five, you take second, I’ll take first, as for who the third is, just let those three dogs tear each other apart. I don’t care!”

Li Tiezhu held the tea pot and took a sip, “So direct?”

Luo Fei Yan shrugged, “The reason I don’t mix with the business world is because the entertainment circle is simple ah! In this circle, everyone has a low IQ and a worrying IQ, how nice! Unlike the business world, it’s hellishly difficult. So, isn’t it good for us to simply talk about things like this? Even though the air here doesn’t smell as sweet as rice, the fans here are also more stupid ah, I like this country’s showbiz.”

It was the first time for Li Tiezhu to see such a shameless animal, and he was a bit shy: “It’s my birthday on the day of the finals, and I want a champion as a gift.”

Luo Fei Yan: “Fifty million.”

Li Tiezhu: “I don’t like money.”

“Fifty million plus me, not to mention sleeping for nothing, but also making half a billion.”

“It’s a bit excessive ……”

“Don’t secretly record, there are recording devices turned on within ten metres, this ring will light up.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll turn it off. The ring is quite pretty.”

Luo Fei Yan smiled seductively in self-confession and unbuttoned her three shirt buttons, revealing her artificially deepened career line, “Are you hungry? Eat me, not only will you get the second best voice, but also, in the future, you will have a steady flow of resources, and the whole Meteor will support you! Becoming a superstar is just around the corner! The two of us together will be invincible!”

Li Tiezhu’s serious face: “You’re immoral!”

“Huh? I like it when you’re serious like this, it’s especially cute!”

“That is to say, if I don’t give up my fight for the first place, you’ll make me stink and make me die, and make me not get the first place right?”

“I’m also in a difficult situation, there’s no other choice!”

“Then it’s really hard for you.”

“That’s right! I also want everyone to be simple, but I run my own show, if I don’t take the title, should I let you take it? That wouldn’t be fair.”

“Why are you saying I objectify women? I’m not.”

“You’re a good boy! There’s no truth in this world, millions of people say you do. If you can’t find any truth, you can make it up.”

Li Tiezhu was relieved that the cat wasn’t found, “Oh, I see, you framed me!”

Luo Feiyan laughed in waves, “Pfft …… you are so cute, greedy sister. It’s so hot! Aren’t you hot?”

Li Tiezhu shook his head seriously.

She undid another button and leaned her body forward.

A leg in stockings reached from under the table and stepped on Li Tiezhu’s thigh, climbing all the way up.

Luo Feiyan stared straight at Li Tiezhu, who frowned.

“I refuse.”

Li Tiezhu got up and left, he only came to find out if the cat had been discovered, and now he had already got the answer.

Luo Fei Yan retracted her legs, winking, “Don’t give me an answer too early, the game has just started, I want you to keep this tough stance – a little more durable, the more durable the better!”

Li Tiezhu left, Luo Feiyan continued to drink coffee, leisurely and self-composed.

An old foreigner with a hawkish nose and thin lips, silver hair combed meticulously, walked in, still fluent in Chinese: “Miss, just let him go? Scarf side still continue?”

Luo Feiyan clothes are not buttoned: “Of course, continue, try the hardness of the body of this gold is also quite fun well, with the sky fight is endless. Pete, you know I like raising dogs, but I’m tired of raising little wolf dogs and little milk dogs, suddenly I want to try to domesticate a real hungry wolf into a dog, it should be very interesting.”

Hawkeye: “It would cost a lot of money.”

Luo Fei Yan: “Do I lack money? What I lack is a wolf! A genius who can sweep the music scene with a shooting star. If in the end this wolf can’t be used for me, then it’s better to shoot it dead and eat the meat and skin it.”