The Rockstar Chapter 148

Li Tiezhu went out of the restaurant, got into a black car, and headed to the Electric Spirit Game Company.

“You are not on the same level as her, you are a player, and she has taken over Meteor from her father. Her energy isn’t smaller than Penguin Culture, and we’re just a small part of Penguin Culture – an artist in the music department ……. The resources we can mobilise are very limited!”

In the car, agent Zhang Xiaomeng was in a somewhat depressing mood.

Li Tiezhu ate a bun to himself.

Zhang Xiaomeng stroked his beard and said, “Is there any other way to reconcile with her? She takes the first place, we take the second place, well water does not offend the river water?”

Li Tiezhu: “You ask me? If I want to know, why do I need you as an agent?”

“Er …… I think, I think again.”

“I don’t know much about this circle ah, but I can’t figure it out, why do we need to reconcile? If I don’t give in, can she really make me stink? Really keep me from getting the title?”

“I don’t get it either, but again, I don’t think she’s bluffing.”

“Those scarf smears are so deliberate that anyone with a little bit of intelligence wouldn’t believe them, like me. How could it possibly be effective?”

“Right! And you’re in a golden body guard now ……”

Obviously, both of them didn’t realise the seriousness of the situation and were a bit confused, after all, both of them were straight men of steel.

Under the leadership of the staff, Zhang Xiaomeng and Li Tiezhu came to a gaming hall on the upper floors. Zhang Xiaomeng and the staff went to the other side of the room to rest, leaving Li Tiezhu to meet the guys who had been waiting for a long time by himself.

“I heard that someone wants to eat my Tianba? What kind of people are so bold? Simply lawless, not putting me in their eyes!”

A slightly round and greasy man stood in the doorway, smiling extraordinarily cheaply.

Next to him, the incredibly good-looking man arched his fire and said, “More than not putting it in your eyes, it’s simply beating your face like an arse! Slap!”

The greasy man instantly broke, raised his leg and kicked: “Roll! Fawn which end are you standing on?”

Li Tiezhu quickly stepped forward and bowed slightly, “Good day brother Chichu, good day brother Hani.”

Now Li Tiezhu, not so mute, also not just out of the pure white, at least he knows that these two curiosity is very high, can come to the door to pick him up, is really flattered.

Deer Hani said, “Tie Zhu, go go go, go in and try the new game, I’ve played it, it’s addictive to thieves!”

Chen Chi Chi supported his waist with one hand and slowly moved his pace, “You two wait for the elderly ah! Do you have any sense of morality?”

Li Tiezhu: “Chichu brother, what happened to your waist?”

Deer Hani laughed: “He went to the toilet and slipped off the toilet and twisted his waist, click, I heard it outside. Hahahahahahaha ……”

Li Tiezhu: “I can do bone-setting! My old man taught it to me, do you want to learn about it, Chi-Chi?”

Chen Chi-Chi: “I don’t really want to learn about it, I’ll just apply the plaster.”

Li Tiezhu had some regrets, so he and Deer Hani helped him to walk towards the rest area inside.

In the rest area, there is a man drinking tea and a man smoking a cigar, even if the idol of justice Xiao Zhen is here, I am afraid that he would not dare to beat him up.

Li Tiezhu was slightly stunned.

The enemies are red in the eyes!

Chen Chi Chi sat down and was about to introduce, the man smoking a cigar grabbed the lead and said in a conspiratorial manner: ”Yo! International superstar Ai En Paila Li, please sit down! Let me introduce to you, next to me is Lin Mou. Lin Mou, this is the famous songwriting genius, the king of divine music, Li Tiezhu.”

“Hello, I’ve heard a lot about you!”

Lin Mou shook hands with Li Tiezhu in a blindfold, do I not deserve a name?

Li Tiezhu: “Hello, I’ve been watching you on TV since I was a kid.”

In fact, Li Tiezhu did not know this Lin Mou at all, but blindly guessed that it was a famous actor.

Chen Chi Chi raised her eyebrows, “Young Wang and Tie Zhu know each other?”

Da Shao Wang: “Three lifetimes ago, I had the honour of meeting him once.”

Li Tiezhu followed and nodded his head, yes he has met once, last time he almost chased out to beat him up, but was stopped by the cat.

Lin Mou’s eyes fluttered, excitedly rubbing his hands, the hatred of taking his wife ah! Although I don’t know which wife, and see how Wang Dashao and Li Tiezhu overstay their welcome!

Chen Chi Chi’s hands danced, “Tie Zhu, demo played to them, I listened to it in advance, they have not heard it. The song is called ‘Dreaming Back to the Three Kingdoms’, simply …… days BaDaMoBaTua!Must be domineering!”

Deer Hani is looking forward to it, Lin Mou is still waiting for Wang Da Shao to make a move, Wang Da Shao extinguished his cigar and signalled Li Tiezhu to play the song.

Li Tiezhu opened the tablet to release the demo.

This music comes from a game in another world, also a Three Kingdoms game, the music is called “Three Kingdoms”, but Li Tiezhu changed the name to it “Dream of Three Kingdoms”, which is more suitable for the game “Dream – Three Kingdoms”.

The music sounded slowly, sometimes poignant and melodious, sometimes majestic, sometimes sad and impassioned, sometimes ethereal and gentle ……

It’s not long, two minutes, but the quality is excellent.

The combination of Chinese classical instruments and Western orchestral music, ancient style song meets symphony, beautiful and magnificent, classical and fashionable.

Hailing the great King Deer Haney, he went straight into silly roe deer mode:

“Wow! Wow! Awesome! It’s so strong! Whoo hoo hoo …… put it on the login screen and as soon as you open the game it’s this song! Absolute bomb!”

Lin Mou eyes bright, good ah, and then looked at the “blood feud” Wang Da Shao, do not let me down ah, I want to eat melon.

Wang Da Shao: “Good to hear! Signing the contract matter to the agent, we are here today to try to play the game, go, go play together. Zhou Dong did not come, otherwise we can 3v3.”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah? I don’t know how to play games.”

Wang Da Shao: “It’s okay, I’ll call my girlfriend on, as usual 3v3, she not only doesn’t know how to play, but her brain is not very good.”

Li Tiezhu: “I’m not good either, so you guys teach me.”

Lin Mou stared at the dog, this is the end? What about the promised hatred of taking his wife? Wang Da Shao, don’t let your brother look down on you! You just fight with him face to face is also fine ah, can not fight afraid of what, brothers help you call an ambulance!

Come to the game table to sit down, each person in front of a large screen mobile phone.

Deer Hani in teaching Li Tiezhu for novice tutorials, laugh crazy are, Li Tiezhu even which is their own do not know, follow the prompts will not operate.

A very unrecognisable beauty, sitting next to Wang Da Shao to learn to play, from time to time to look at the opposite Li Tiezhu.

Wang Da Shao said, “Why are you looking at him? Is he very attractive?”

The beauty said, “Of course! He’s talented and has a good body, of course he’s attractive, unlike you who only has money.”

Wang Da Shao frowned: “So reasonable ……”

Lin Mou stretched out her dog’s head, “Really don’t beat him up? It’s okay to scold him.”

Wang Da Shao shook his head, “Can’t beat him, let’s kill him a few more times in the game, right? Kill him once we see him, it’s fun to think about it.”

Lin Mou: “Brother, would you be a bit too unproductive?”

Wang Da Shao justified: “Outstanding? I’m a rich second-generation who is just waiting for death, how can I have that? Are you blind?”

The beauty chimed in, “That’s right, do you have some misunderstanding about my husband?”

Lin Mou: “……”

Wang Dashao is well-informed, anyway, someone came down to clean up Li Tiezhu, I eat melon!

Over there, Deer Hani laughed until she sputtered, “Puhahahahaha …… Tie Zhu, you’ve been killed by the defence tower five times, are you colour blind? The red tower is the opponent’s tower.”

Li Tiezhu: “I know red is the enemy! But I didn’t know that every time the tower is hiding the little man who shoots arrows ah, can I go in and kill him? Putting hidden arrows! Insidious!”

Deer Hani: “Hahahahahahaha ……”

Chen Chi-Chi wipes his sweat: “Tie Zhu, you’re making me suddenly panic, I’m betting on a luxurious hotpot with Wang Da Shao.”