The Rockstar Chapter 149

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Half an hour later, Li Tiezhu had been able to shoot a bunch of tier 1 monsters to death with Huang Zhong, and had passed the human game with a balanced stat of 0 kills, 0 deaths, and 0 assists.

With his confidence soaring, he started the first official round with them.

It was still a little exciting.

Although it’s just a demo version without music, the game’s picture quality and experience is still very refined, and the character designs in it are all pretty exaggerated, but they also carry a strong Chinese flavour.

Zhang Liao can transform into a bird man, Xu Chu is a boar, Da Qiao’s thighs are particularly white, well …… Lu Bu’s square sky painted halberd is really huge, and this halberd it, it’s kinda overbearing.

That said, this game has the suspicion of copying the foreign game Multi-Tower, but it also has its own characteristics.

For example, the game’s heroes are based on the principle of phasing, Liu Bei is most afraid of Lu Xun’s skill fire, which is double damage to him. Hua Xiong, Wen Chou, Yan Liang and Yu Ban are most afraid of Guan Yu’s knife cut, Guan Yu is also afraid of Lu Xun, and Xia Houyuan is afraid of Huang Zhong. And Liu Guan Zhang and the three brothers together can trigger bonus damage unless the opposite side is Lu Bu. Zhou Yu and Huang Gai can perform the Fire Red Cliff Combined Passive Skills, Lu Bu can backstab when he encounters Dong Zhuo, with a 5% one slash fatal chance for normal attacks……. Sable Cicada encounters Dong Zhuo, and Dong Fatty’s head emerges with a green light.

Of course, Li Tiezhu does not understand these, he will only kill the minions.

The first game, Li Tiezhu single disadvantage road, was Wang Dashao’s Cao Hong see a ride, the opening five minutes 0 kill 9 dead 0 assists, replenish the number of soldiers 2. Then, Li Tiezhu in the Chen Chizhi’s advice to go to the field to play the wild, the game experience much better, in addition to being killed by the wild monsters once, was killed by Cao Hong only four times.

In the first game, Chen Chichibu’s team lost completely.

In the second game, Li Tiezhu chose Zhao Zilong, who looked like Yao, and with one skill leaping around, he made a wave and died 24 times. Deer Hani’s 15-1-5 record was also unable to turn the game around, and he looked at Li Tiezhu with a sly look in his eyes.

Between sets, Li Tiezhu is still studying the game, being killed dozens of times by Wang Da Shao, not happy.

He looked at the skill descriptions of each hero, looking and looking, and finally found a disgusting one – Xu Chu. After careful study and judgement, he also looked at the strategy given by the professional players who had tried to play, Xu Chu’s outfit route and playing method, and was enlightened.

The third game, see Wang Da Shao again selected Cao Hong, Li Tiezhu decisively choose Xu Chu.

Li Tiezhu opening point of the anti-injury skills to go to the field, four levels have a big after going to the tower to seduce, Wang Dashao open big directly riding face, each other dropped half blood. a few, found Xu Chu this goods anti-injury horror, two people are disabled, Cao Hong some false, to withdraw. At this time Xu Chu sat down on his arse, control a second punch two punches, followed by a dash, each other off three hundred points of blood.

Cao Hong died horribly, Xu Chu blood back to the city, and in Cao Hong body next to the light of a dog tag.

Wang Dashao angry, about Lin Mou together to catch Li Tiezhu, Li Tiezhu was abused very badly, but …… silk blood issued a punch skill, each other to reduce three hundred points of blood, suicide.

Li Tiezhu suicide, the other side can not get the money, so Chen Chi Chi and Deer Hani took off, finally won the last face-saving game.

This game, Li Tiezhu died nine times, suicide seven times, once died in the hands of wild monsters, once died in the hands of Lin Mou, Wang Da Shao was Li Tiezhu bumped to death three times 0 kills, angry rolled his eyes.

There is no way, this is a new game, everyone is not familiar with it, the technical advantage is not obvious.

After playing three discs of the game, Li Tiezhu’s fingers were sore, and finally arrived at the meal time.

Electric Spirit’s two executives also followed to eat hot pot, Li Tiezhu only then understand, the original Electric Spirit is the main creative company, but Wang Da Shao, Zhou Dong, Chen Chichih, Deer Hani are all invested in the money, so he composes surprisingly Wang Da Shao and Zhou Dong’s idea, magical. They generally believe that computer games are more playable, but mobile phone games are a big trend, and many young people only have smart phones without computers.

During the meeting, they had an in-depth discussion on the experience of the game, except for Li Tiezhu, these people are also considered to be the game masters of the entertainment industry, and they can make a lot of comments.

They talked for a long time, and finally asked Li Tiezhu.

“I don’t understand, usually don’t play games, although I also killed Wang Da Shao three times ……”

Li Tiezhu hesitated.

Wang Dashao suddenly lost his appetite, looked at Lin Mou, Lin Mou eyes signalled that you go to beat him ah, Wang Dashao calmed down, it is better to eat something.

Li Tiezhu thought and thought, said: ”I just casually said ah, say it wrong you guys don t laugh. I was thinking that in our game the sky goes dark every two or three minutes, the kind that alternates day and night. Can we do it in a different way? Like, four seasons of the year? Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the change of vegetation, the river freezing or something, because I’ve been thinking about game soundtracks lately, and I just happened to think of Spring’s sprout, Summer’s march, Autumn’s abundance and Winter’s silence, which also fits in with the laws of war during the Three Kingdoms period, where they attacked in the summer, grabbed the grain halfway through, and retreated in the winter. I don’t know if I can give it a use, that’s all I’m saying!”

In fact, it is Li Tiezhu’s purchase list has these four songs, in order to be able to use, he can only try his best to fight for a bit, blind a few nonsense.

The two leaders looked at each other and thought it made sense.

Deer Hani said, “Our day and night design is copied …… er, borrowed from Dota, right? Replacing it with year round I think it’s quite good, the soldiers can also change their clothes according to the season.”

Chen Chichu: “Shallow! After the river freezes in winter, the water battle hero’s power drops, and when the water rises in summer, the water battle hero’s power rises, so it’s more interesting.”

Wang Da Shao: “It’s best to design a few hibernating wild monsters that storm out after being woken up and double their attack power.”

Lin Mou: “Spring! When you hit the wild in spring, disturb the wild monsters to mate and triple your attack power!”

The group of people immediately looked at him straight, he~tui~

Lin Mou snapped, “Forget I said that.”

One of the people in charge said, “The four seasons of the year is just changing the map screen, it’s not too difficult, but regarding the rise and fall of the heroes’ abilities need to be corrected one by one, it’s fine, there’s time. We also think it’s more interesting to change it to four seasons, let’s go back and try.”

The meal then ended with each going back to their own homes, Li Tiezhu hesitated for a while, but still called out to Wang Da Shao in front of the limousine.

Li Tiezhu: “You should stop pestering Miss Leng Ba, she doesn’t like you.”

Wang Dashao: “Leng Ba? What am I looking for her for? I haven’t looked for her recently.”

Li Tiezhu: “See, you really are not sincere.”

“What am I sincere about? I made a bet with my brothers to pick her up in three months, and it expired at the end of last month, so I’ve lost, so why do I still look for her? It’s not like she’s my type.”


“What? What’s the betting on a set of out-of-print Saint Seiya paintings! Can I not be tempted?”

“Is that why you’re chasing after Lemba? Shame on you!”

“What else? Am I stupid? Isn’t it fun to find an internet celebrity like my current girlfriend, who has no status, no career and no brains, and surrounds me every day?”

“Then I misunderstood you, I was thinking that if you harass her again, I’ll put a sack on you.”

“I can’t, I go out with bodyguards.”


“Let me ask a ha! Li Tiezhu, do you know …… what is ****?”

“Is it some new trendy fashion? I don’t have much research on trends.”

“OK, we don’t have a grudge anymore, don’t think of setting my sack in the future.”

Wang Dashao smiled and broke the case.

Li Tiezhu did not recognise anything that was held in his hand in the beginning, the woman was taking Li Tiezhu as a shield last time, I was not indirectly green.

But I still hate you!

How dare you kill me three times and show a dog tag?