The Rockstar Chapter 15

The “Big Fish” challenge initiated by Jitterbug was exceptionally popular.

Those who participated were mostly spoofers who knew nothing about music, but there were also beginners who had learnt some music, and even some composition veterans who had been mixing with the music scene for many years.

Everyone’s level varies, but it’s all about participation and making a scene.

Not to mention, a few very good compositions emerged from this activity. It was an unexpected blessing!

During the two days, the three songs that were recognised as the best were “Big Fish”, all of which were relatively good.

One was composed and sung by a writer with the ID name “Old Chen Vinegar”, with a slow and low melody, and a mute and ancient voice that moved people. He received 3 million likes and 400,000 comments, placing him first in the challenge, which was undisputed.

Many people left comments below, almost in the manner of worshipping a great god, this song is a top ten masterpiece of the year even in the current music scene.

A quadrangle, Chen Posong crossed his legs and brushed his mobile phone, thinking, ginger is still old and hot, I see you kid sing in a couple of days, can have a great master I write good?

The old man is actually very entangled, on the one hand, can not help hand itching to write a song, on the one hand, but also afraid of hitting Li Tiezhu’s creative enthusiasm.


The front waves don’t always die on the beach!

In front of my absolute strength, the current Chinese music scene, apart from those few animals, there are not many that can hold up!

Ever since Li Tiezhu initiated the challenge of Big Fish, the more Chen Posong thought about it, the more he felt that it was impossible for Li Tiezhu to plagiarise. He should be a true genius, I hope he can resist the pressure and write a better tune than me.

As for that wine pen, Chen Posong thought that it was just a shameless musician who was rubbing it in.

A golden song like ‘Someone Like Me’, just by him?

No way, the old man is so kind.

The other song was composed and sung by the female author of ID “Hot pot should be eaten standing up”.

This tune is very different from the previous one, the overall tune is slightly cheerful, but with a little melancholy, like a young girl’s first love, if it’s a little bit different, if it’s a little bit different, but with a long aftertaste.

Mainly, the piano soundtrack is extremely smooth and pleasant, and the vocals are exceptionally soft and appealing.

However, because the overall tune is a little monotonous, but not compared to the “Old Chen Vinegar” of the old hot and calm, came in second, with two million six hundred thousand likes and three hundred thousand comments, is the second challenge.

Behind the screen in the hot pot restaurant room, Zhao Liya was so excited that she didn’t even notice that her fat assistant had snatched all the fresh tripe.

She felt that this is the best song she made, this level, put the general album as the main song is enough. Why didn’t I realise that I have such a talent for songwriting before? I’m really suitable to be a singer!

The decision to turn to the singing world was really right!

Suddenly a little inflated, wahahahaha …… immortal board board, my mawmaw mawmaw!

I’m so happy in the music scene, but not in the hotpot scene.

Another song is ID name “dry bar father” of the author uploaded, has been listening to the wine pen song friends recognised, this person is wine pen.

He composed “Big Fish”, the tune is gentle, not much ups and downs, overall is good to listen to, but not too big waves, compared to the works of the previous two, there is still a small gap.

So it could only rank third, with less than two million likes and more bad reviews.

Even so, this song is also too much stronger than his previous works, not even like a person to write.

This song was a far cry from Wine Pen’s previous style, and the level had jumped several times.

Ever since Lee Stirrup was captured alive twenty years ago and the people of Treasure Island lined up to get their ID cards, the status of Treasure Island artists has generally been low. Therefore, the inferiority complex and weak hearted wine pen a little anxious, this front two people can not be that guy’s company, right? That would be the end of it!

He was really scared because he didn’t have the strength to do it himself, and his heart was weak to the extreme.

The song was written by Xiao Zhen’s team.

Soon after, Xiao Zhen’s manager called and let him down completely.

With the resources of his godfather, Xiao Zhen has already understood the identity of the first two, after all, these days the APP all need real-name authentication, “Old Chen Vinegar” is Chen Posong, “hot pot should be eaten standing” is Zhao Liya.

This is an asymmetrical information resource, which is invaluable.

We are sure to win!

So, on 27 July, two days before the competition, the “dry bar father” complacent in the jitterbug face to reveal himself:

“I’m the composer Wine Pen, and I composed ‘Big Fish’ in the last video. In addition, this is the first time I’ve seen the lyrics, the other party did not plagiarise this time. This is the other party’s measure to get rid of the plagiarism accusation, but I still chose to respond to the battle, just to defend the dignity and morality of a composer! To defend the glory of art! When that guy sings his rubbish composition in tomorrow night’s Super Voice competition, everything will be revealed!”

It’s no wonder that Wine Pen Blind Jie Bao Li Flug, it’s really that he already has no choice but to carry on to the end under Xiao Zhen team’s compulsion.

Xiao Zhen team writing songs is good, but not better than Chen Posong and Zhao Liya, not to mention that these two people wrote the tune, in fact, from that Li Tiezhu’s famous god song “people like me” is still half a grade it.

But did Wine Pen have a choice?

He didn’t.

So, this jittery short video “announcement” is so unhesitatingly sent out.

Li Tiezhu does not know anything about this, because he only has 2G traffic every month, almost never brush Shake.

His life is very full, moving bricks and steel during the day, and at night to help the old man guard the door so that he can happily go to chat about the work, and even have no time to read the study materials.


Three days later, people from Penguin Music, through the programme team, found Li Tiezhu.

“What? Signing?”

At the entrance of the construction site, Li Tiezhu reluctantly took a leave from his foreman, and at the high cost of wasting half a day’s working hours, he received the several leaders that the programme team had just called to recommend.

He was a bit confused, what kind of contract to sign?

A middle-aged man at the head, began to explain to Li Tiezhu, it turned out that they were from Penguin Music, anxious to come to sign the copyright licensing contract of original songs with Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu brought a few people to the tin house where he and the old man were living temporarily, the old man was on the bed fruit who, snoring loudly not to mention that, the body is still residual scratches left by last night’s discussion of work with Aunt Liu.

“You usually live here?”

The leader didn’t know how to land, this place was just too suffocating.


Li Tiezhu was oblivious.

The leader let out a dry laugh and scanned the dilapidated surroundings, and finally, his eyes fell on an ancient compact octave box on the table.

“I didn’t expect ah! A popular singer-songwriter, actually living in such a shabby and dilapidated environment, moreover, there isn’t even a decent musical instrument in the residence. The only thing that can produce sound is still an octave box?”

Saying this, the leader was about to go get the octave box.

Li Tiezhu snapped open the leader’s hand, snatched the octave box and hid it under the pillow, “Don’t move!!!! The octave box is broken.”

Leader a burst of embarrassment, rubbing hands, dry laugh: “Tiezhu little brother, really love music ah, a broken octave box are so distressed, huh ……”

Li Tiezhu heart tightened, secretly, you dog said know a hammer!