The Rockstar Chapter 150

Wang Dashao is open-minded, Li Tiezhu can be confused, this kind of person …… is worse than a beast ah! Actually because of a bet on the harassment of other girls, people do not move on just, move on it?

Wang Dashao: “What to look at ah? Haven’t seen the scum?”

Li Tiezhu: “I’ve seen less.”

“Come and add a wechat, don’t contact me in the future when something is wrong, you can find me when it’s okay.”

“You sweep me, are you sure you won’t harass Miss Leng Ba?”

“That I don’t guarantee, in case I gamble something next time, but it won’t be her every time, right? I, I, Wang Onion, am face-blind, all the girlfriends I’ve found look the same, who am I not looking for? Why hang on to one tree?”

“I’m also face-blind, I don’t even know that Lin Mou, just blindly said I’ve seen him acting ……”

“Hahahahaha …… there is fate there is fate! I see everyone looks like Lin Mou, except you, you really look distinctive ……”

“Overkill, you also look imaginative.”

“Alright, just get the Dream-Three Kingdoms music done. I won’t hold it against you! I’m scum yes, but I won’t bully good people, I have ethics.”


Li Tiezhu found that this rich second generation head was quite good.

Wang Da Shao got into the car, “Let’s go. Take care of yourself, the road ahead is uneven.”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head and looked, a straight avenue, the infrastructure of East China Sea is quite good, the road is well built ah, which is not flat?

Then, Li Tiezhu’s car also came.

He is now the head of the Penguin Culture and Music Department, and was assigned a black car that can be used in Donghai. Moreover, Zhang Xiaomeng said that after Li Tiezhu’s competition, the company would assign him a car and driver in Shudu as well.

Li Tiezhu was so happy that he shouted to the driver to drive the old man and Aunt Liu to buy groceries in the future, and the company reimbursed the fuel cost anyway.

Can rub on rub, because …… signing this 20 million today, Li Tiezhu can only get 10 million plus a fraction, in addition to the tax, the company and brokers respectively commission 20%.

A little bit of meat pain, but the cat told Li Tiezhu that he has been lucky enough, Penguin is in desperate need of music stars, to Li Tiezhu’s contract is very generous. Not only does the copyright go to the individual, but the company and the agent’s cut is still relatively small, and other companies are even darker.

Even Cat herself can only take 50%, Mimi has a big appetite.

When Li Tiezhu was playing the game, Zhang Xiaomeng asked the company’s senior management again about the topic that Luo Feiyan was looking for Li Tiezhu to talk about, and the answer he got was still very firm: full support for Li Tiezhu, and a hard shoulder for the boulders and meteors.

The company will give Zhang Xiaomeng a promotion, and he and Li Tiezhu will each get a 5% commission increase, so the company will make a profit.

Zhao Liya’s studio has been almost talking to Penguin, almost signing the cooperation agreement, said barely Penguin’s artists.

In the car, Li Tiezhu received a call from The Voice programme team.

“What? Give me a holiday? Well …… okay, I understand.”

Li Tiezhu hung up the phone, pondering.

Zhang Xiaomeng’s heart thumped, “What’s the situation?”

Li Tiezhu said, “The programme team said that the heat of the incident on the scarf last night is still very high and has a tendency to intensify. So, the programme team asked me not to go to Super Training Camp this Wednesday first, and to go directly to the competition site on Saturday. And, also told me ahead of time on the phone to keyword next week so that I could work on my song. It was also said that it was to chill out and to protect me, with the outward excuse that I had to deal with academic matters.”

Zhang Xiaomeng: “It’s Luo Fei Yan who messed up. This will give you a lot less exposure in the week before the competition, and ……”

Li Tiezhu thought about it, “It doesn’t matter! I’m sure to take the championship, because this keyword it …… dinged again.”

“What dinged?”

“You guess.”


When no one was around, Li Tiezhu called the cat again and told her about Wang Da Shao.

Leng Ba heart mixed feelings, say it is difficult, Wang Da Shao and do not pester her, say it is happy, became the object of other people’s bets, the bet or a set of pictures, really happy.

I damn to avoid you, all give people as a cat, the result …… is this?

In the afternoon, the idle Li Tiezhu flew to Kunyang, this time it is not a discounted ticket, because this is the “Heart and Flower” crew booked – first class.

Li Tiezhu’s play is not much, two or three days to shoot.

Therefore, after being put on holiday he contacted Xu Shanqian, and the other party was straight, did not refuse because of the recent storm, and called Li Tiezhu directly.

Zhang Xiaomeng also gave Li Tiezhu a small assistant who had just graduated and was currently in charge of taking care of Xiao Jiu, which was the penguin’s first brother’s card.

On the plane, Li Tiezhu signed a photo to several passengers, still holding the tablet with headphones to do demos, done to hurry to pass to Zhang Xiaomeng in East China Sea to record.

The key word for this issue – dream.

Of course you can not sing “Chasing Dreams Red Heart” again, even if it fits. Li Tiezhu bought another good special song at the system, and then there was no response, let’s make this one first, and then the other songs can only be bought hard.

Current intelligence value: 99 points.

Remaining Intelligence Value: 28 points. (Purchased a special offer song, consumed 1 point)

Music Achievement: 254 points.

Variety Achievement: 262 points.

Film and Television Achievements: 5 points.

Shake fans: 25.41 million. (Dropped a few million after the scarf incident)

Cat Domestication: 25%.

No one is eliminated from the finals, but there are three singing rounds, the first qualifying round, the second round for the top three, and the third round for the title. At the end, there’s a round of thank-you singing, which, of course, can be any round.

The demo was done and the plane landed.

Li Tiezhu opened the network and sent the demo to Zhang Xiaomeng before slowly getting off the plane.

The one who came to pick up the plane was Song Zhu’er who volunteered, and when she saw Li Tiezhu, she was a pouncer, pouncing on Li Tiezhu’s backpack not the person, looking for food. Li Tiezhu did bring her a lot of food, she chewed beef jerky and took Li Tiezhu in the car to the small town where the crew is located.

Click! Click! Click!

“Be intimate! Don’t be shy ……”

“Hot paw, watch it!”

“It’s Nezha, why are you hiding? I’m not afraid of a girl! Come here!”

After getting into the car, Song Zhu’er took several pictures with Li Tiezhu face to face, and then started to send out her necklace:

“Finally, I’m looking forward to you, I’ve been craving for boxed lunches for filming these days! Now you can improve your food! Ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha!”

Li Tiezhu wondered, “You were scolded last night on the hot search, and still do not remember? This wind and waves of photos with me to send a scarf, you still think you were scolded hard enough?”

Song Zhu’er turned off her scarf with an innocent face, “Right! Why is it that Xiao Zhen and Teacher Tony are both ranked higher than me when they’re both being scolded on the hot search?”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Song Zhu’er waved her small fist, “I’m not convinced! I’m booking for tomorrow’s hot search! I hope the ranking is a bit higher.”

“Hot Paw, you’re not being very honest like that.”

“It’s Nezha. Of course it’s not honest, I, Song Zhu’er, am a hypocrite!”

“One of them is a bit revealing, delete it.”

“I purposely pulled the collar down, so that they could provide some suitable excuses.”