The Rockstar Chapter 151

Matsutakeer sent out that tweet at 4.30pm and it caught fire in just ten minutes.

Sure enough, there were a lot of people spouting off underneath Song Zhu’er’s scarf about that photo being underhanded, saying things like backstabbing, bussing, owing that, and all of them were women. A group of fighters for women’s dignity were attacking another woman with insulting words about women, and it was righteous.

Some people even took Song Zhu’er’s blatant act of showing a photo with Li Tiezhu as a provocation to women in general, threatening to call her out of the entertainment industry.


Underestimating Song Zhu’er’s cheek thickness!

Song Zhu’er also did not read the comments, and happily took a car with Li Tiezhu to a rice noodle shop.

“Didn’t we say we were going to the theatre?”

“Ah! It takes more than two hours to drive in that small town, let’s eat first. The boxed lunches at the theatre set are just too awful!”

“You can choose to have a small meal, just pay for it yourself.”

“This will leave you with no friends, all the big names eat boxed lunches, how can an old artist like me get privileges? This kind of thing of opening a small stove, I only messed up once last time when I wanted to be on the hot search.”

“Hot paw, you’re so smart!”

“It’s Nezha! This Bridge Rice Noodle is a Netflix shop, so we’ll take a picture to hit it later.”


“Why are you hugging my neck?”

“Taking a photo!”

At ten minutes past five, Song Zhu’er sent out another steaming scarf:

“This cross-bridge rice noodle is really delicious, however, even more delicious depends on who you’re eating with! Eating with Li Tiezhu is fragrant! He dried two large bowls!”

This Nima, it’s topsy-turvy!

How long has it been? And necking? You’re the enemy of all women! You’re asking for death!

Then, Song Zhu’er dragged Li Tiezhu to try the bacon roasted square, bean flower powder, egg fire paste poi, wash sand cold cake and other snacks, and also bought a lot of snacks to pack and bring back to the crew.

It is rare for a theatre farmer to go into the city!

As of six o’clock back to the car again, Song Zhu’er sent three more scarves, the last one or Li Tiezhu back her photo.

Li Tiezhu looked at the scenery speeding past outside the car window and gratefully said: ”Thank you, I know you are trying to help me. But you don’t have to be so ruthless, what if there is a scandal?”

Song Zhu’er was eating green bean cake and swiping her mobile phone, “Huh? Why would you have such a misunderstanding? I’m just seeing how hot you are and simply rubbing off on you. If there’s a scandal …… I’m personally quite looking forward to it ……”

Li Tiezhu drifted off, “Hey! It’s also right, I still want to deal with this matter coldly, and you’ve fired it up again! You even jumped on my back to come.”

“Did I get heavier?”

“A little heavier than last time in the mushroom house, and my face is a little rounder.”

“That’s good, I want to show my legs and waist in the film this time, I can’t be too skinny, I need to be fleshy to look good.”

“Have you shot your film yet?”

“No, it’s not until next week, I’m coming over to mix it up first. Otherwise I have to go to school, it’s too boring.”

“If you don’t study well in culture, what about the college entrance exam?”

“I can pass 100 per cent in languages and foreign languages, so what are you afraid of? Anyway, the Nortel admission line is just over three hundred points.”


“Yo! Apple flavour? Hey? You came to the filming and brought this? That’s great!”

“Ahem! Give it to me, it’s from Yi Xiaomao, don’t go through my bag, you’ve got all the snacks.”

“Have you already done that? With whom? How did it feel?”

“I haven’t, I’m not, don’t be ridiculous!”

“Petty! Don’t even know how to share the experience …… The two of us are a serious psycho duo! It’s one of our own.”

Song Zhu’er was suddenly a little jealous of Li Tiezhu, who had experienced storms at a young age, unlike herself, who didn’t even have a serious suitor, and a duo sport was even more unattainable.



She has a special brain circuit, always thought it was her own problem, never thought it was because she was too popular and ordinary boys didn’t even dare to chase her.

[Ding! Neurotic Combination triggered a special song, please ask if you want to buy it?]


Li Tiezhu began to be silent, in his head to study the newly purchased song, well …… nothing useful, not only does not fit the word “dream”, and even serious singing is a little difficult to come up with.

The loss, the loss!

I can’t help it, I can’t listen to the special offer.

Then, Li Tiezhu began to pull out the flat plate to arrange the song, buy all the buy, can not be wasted ah.

Song Zhu’er ate and fell asleep, her head leaned on Li Tiezhu’s shoulder, and began to drool, Li Tiezhu wiped and wiped.

When I arrived at the small town, Song Zhu’er was not yet awake, Li Tiezhu played the demo loudly, and the sharp electronic sound effect really woke Song Zhu’er up.

She rubbed her eyes and said in surprise: “New song? I like this song, it’s sandy at first listen!”

Li Tiezhu: “It’s for you, it’s called ‘Song of Neuropathy’, let’s chorus to record it sometime. This is the team song of our combination!”

Song Zhu’er nodded her head repeatedly, “Good good good! You sing it for me to listen.”


Song Zhu’er applauded madly: “Li Tiezhu is bullish! I love you!”

The driver’s ears were limping, “Two teachers, the crew is here, aren’t you getting off?”

Put away the Avatar!

Only then did Song Zhu’er and Li Tiezhu get out of the car, chatting about the new song with extra enthusiasm as they walked.

Arriving at the crew, Xu Shanqiang introduced Li Tiezhu to the director, Ning Shi, and several of the main actors. Li Tiezhu greeted and called the teacher one by one, and took out the packed snacks to distribute to the crowd.

Xu Shanqian stared at Song Zhu’er and his head got bigger again, “Your scarf ……”

The people on the scarf, already even the “heart of the road” together scolded, who let them encyclopedia write what “hunting trip”, catching the tip of this wind and wave, not to be sprayed only strange.

Song Zhu’er smiled brightly: “Hey, hey, don’t be polite! It’s only right for me to advertise for the crew on the hot search! Seeing the effect, this time the hot search should last for two days, and if ‘Song of Neurosis’ goes well, maybe it can be extended for two more days.”

Xu Shanqian: “Who’s being polite to you? I’m so angry that my head is getting big.”

Ning Shi also smiled bitterly, “Alright! You found the actors yourself, who’s to blame? Anyway, we’re in the New Year’s Eve slot, there’s still a few months to go, so it won’t have much of an impact.”

Xu Shanqiang scratched his head, Mushroom House I saw her for the first time, how did I know she still had this ability?

Fang Bo said to Li Tiezhu, “It’s fine, it’s just a bunch of online spammers, it will be fine in a few days. Follow everyone and learn to act well, you are preparing to take the art exam, right?”

Li Tiezhu nodded: “I want to try Nortel Chinese theatre or something, after all, the cultural achievements are too poor.”

Song Zhu’er patted her chest, “I’ll cover you! Next year, my sister will take you to the exam, and I can usually teach you to act.”

Xu Shanqian: “You stay away from him, isn’t he miserable enough now? After being hacked by his tutor, he’s hacked by the netizens.”

Song Zhu’er: “I know he’s being hacked, so a friend can’t stand by coldly and help him fight to the end!”

Xu Shanqiang opened his teeth and claws, “My head now weighs ten pounds!”

Song Zhu’er was puzzled: “How did you weigh it?”