The Rockstar Chapter 152

Song Zhu’er searched with her mobile phone, and it dawned on her that an adult pig’s head was usually no less than twelve pounds. No wonder, Teacher Xu Bajie’s head was as big as a bucket.

The crew is still filming the nightclub scene tonight, the last scene, where the avatar comes after them and beats them up.

This scene has nothing to do with Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er, they are on the sidelines to watch the fun.

Ning director is very demanding and harsh, Avatar and other actors frequently ng talk about the play, even Xu Shanqian and room Bo were instructed to obey.

Li Tiezhu scalp numb: “Acting so well still but? This director is not a novice ah? Gao director shooting theatre can be silky smooth, in addition to being stuck a few times by me, not so much ng ah.”

Song Zhu’er said, “That’s a TV series, although it’s also a big budget production, it’s still not comparable to a film. Moreover, this director can be petty, so keep your voice down when you say bad things about him ……”

Over there, Director Ning was directing Avatar: “Don’t overdo it with your emotions, tighten up your acting …… Song Zhu’er, say that again!”

Song Zhu’er: “The director can cowhide, Li Tiezhu you are not allowed to say bad things about him, be polite.”

Li Tiezhu: “He didn’t hear me say bad words, only heard what you said.”

The crowd issued a burst of laughter, Song Zhu’er this girl is simply a living treasure, now add a Li Tiezhu, become a pair of living treasures.

Director Ning cried and laughed: “Zhu’er, you take Li Tiezhu back to the B&B to memorise his lines, don’t shred here, you have a bunch of wrong knowledge and still madly instilling Li Tiezhu, don’t bring the other actors to the wrong side!”

Song Zhu’er: “Li Tiezhu just has a few lines of ‘I Nima’, still need to memorise?”

“I mean your lines, mainly the dialect accent, practice them properly for me, if it doesn’t work, I’ll replace the actor.”

“I’ve asked Tie Zhu to buy you snacks and bribes, I can’t change.”

“Go go go ……”

“Tiezhu, go with sis, go back and read the script, I’ll dissect your character for you.”

“Hot paw you’re going the opposite way, the door is over there.”

“Told you it’s Nezha, I’m here, take some snacks back, aren’t you hungry?”


The crew didn’t choose a hotel, but a B&B to save money and be spacious. This B&B was a one-room layout, not upscale, but very living, and even had a refrigerator and kitchen.

Back at the B&B, the clueless Li Tiezhu was taught a bunch of advanced theories by Song Zhu’er, and Li Tiezhu didn’t remember any of it.

The next day, Monday.

Li Tiezhu got up early, but he and Song Zhu’er were refused to go to the scene by Director Ning to watch the film, for fear that the two live treasures would delay the progress of the shooting. The two went to the recording group to get recording equipment, connected to the computer and tablet, and began to record the song.

The recording teachers surrounded them at first, but were quickly defeated.

In the morning, finally the Song of Neurosis was recorded, and the rest was sound repair.

At noon, Li Tiezhu was in the kitchen of the B&B to make braised pork and fish-flavoured aubergines, plus an emerald white jade soup.

“Hahahahaha! It’s worthy of being me! Finally, I’ve pushed Li Tiezhu to the top of the hot search!”

Song Zhu’er was paralysed on the sofa waiting to be fed and couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she looked at her impressive record in her phone.

As for those abusive comments, she briefly looked at them, tsk, no creativity in cursing, and calling herself a boxer. One by one, they are all copy and paste, this group of guys make money really easy.

When the food was served, Song Zhu’er ate a lot and asked, “The internet rumour is that all of you Xichuan men are particularly good at cooking, right?”

Li Tiezhu: “In our place, will not cook to marry the mother-in-law.”

Song Zhu’er: “If only I could find a Xichuan man.”

“You’re too thin.”

“I’m already putting on weight, hopefully I can go up a cup size.”

“Then you’ll also have to learn to manage money, people, and all external affairs, ushering people around and whatnot. In our Xichuan, this is all done by women.”

“I just want to be kept and focus on having babies.”

“That won’t work! You have to be able to be on your own! It’s not good to be a rake-eared man when all the men do is cook, bring up babies and work.”

Li Tiezhu decisively dispelled the other party’s fantasy, just like you, you still want to be my daughter-in-law in Da Xichuan?

Think beautifully!

Song Zhu’er stifled her sigh: “Forget it then, I can t even chase a hanyou …… Oh, right. I tell you howl, some time ago there is an old man chasing me, teasing me almost touched.”

“Oh? How old?”

“There must be more than thirty, right? He is a little famous in the circle, his looks are average, not much more handsome than you, not my favourite type. Some time ago, I exchanged WeChat with him, and hey, guess what? He gave me a heart-shaped stone and said he picked it up himself. Although I’m not interested in him, but, mum ah, when I got that stone, my heart is crispy ……”

“It’s not easy to pick up a nice looking stone, I’ve picked up a panda stone before.”

“No! Only later did I search in a certain treasure, that kind of stone, wholesale only five yuan a piece. Fortunately, I have no feelings for him, a little good feeling, only afraid to …… tsk tsk! These people really can tease ah! If I were that good I wouldn’t lack a boyfriend.”

“You are still young, look away. When you’re single for a few more years …… you’ll get used to it.”

“Tie Zhu, do you know how to chase girls?”

“Of course not.”

“You see, this is a failure of education. A smart guy like me can’t even chase hans, do you think it’s a failure of education? And you!”

“School only teaches physiology classes, not this.”

“So there’s a big problem! But I have been studying on my own lately, do you want to learn to chase girls?”

Li Tiezhu had a serious face and shook his head decisively, “Serious people who …… where to learn?”

Song Zhu’er took out her mobile phone and said, “I have a book, it is very well written, I push it to you! Discounted price of 9.9 yuan, a full set!”

Soon, Li Tiezhu received a message to push the book – “The treasure book of love from the heart to the action of one hundred and eight strokes”.

Li Tiezhu decisively clicked subscribe and said, “This kind of book is usually unreliable, I don’t believe it.”

Song Zhu’er suddenly fell into silence, she remembered again the tragic experience of chasing a slightly favourable boy in her second year of junior high school.

Debut is defeat!

Her first words had scared him away, when she shyly told the boy who loved to play football, “You’re so good at football, you look like a national team player”. Since then, the boy avoided Song Zhu’er coldly when he saw her, even with a hateful glint in his eyes.

To this day, Song Zhu’er doesn’t understand why the boy was so averse to her advances.

There must be something wrong somewhere!

A girl as good looking as me, and no boys actually crave my body?

That’s not scientific!

With the past fresh in her mind, Song Zhu’er took a sip of tofu soup and looked up to ask: “Tie Zhu, do you want to sleep with me?”

Li Tiezhu replied: “No!”

Song Zhu’er sighed: “Hey! Failure! I really have a big problem with my emotional line!”


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