The Rockstar Chapter 153

On this day, the scarf furore did not subside, but rather intensified. The reason for this may have been the excessive provocation of Song Zhu’er, but it was more from an organised and purposeful operation with a very clear agenda.

Even the scarf of a group of boxing masters listed a rather overbearing ranking, named – Strong Female Fuckers Ranking List, and the first ranked was not even Li Tiezhu.

Poor review!!!

Huh? How come even people from the corporate circle are involved?

In this regard, Li Tiezhu is very Buddhist, anyway, I’m still a virgin! Pure virginity!

You guys watch the hype.

In the afternoon, Li Tiezhu review homework, Song Zhu’er on the side holding a mobile phone to study chasing the big law, from time to time with Li Tiezhu forced to explore, make Li Tiezhu always think of the cat’s snow-white soft, simply can’t learn in.

In the end, had to follow her to read and study together, and jointly study how to pursue the opposite sex.

“Learning theoretical knowledge alone does not work, Li Tiezhu, you have to combine theory with practice. Let’s do it this way, in order to help you progress, I’ll let you pretend to chase, you use the knowledge you learnt in the book to tease me, and see if you can get something out of it. Think of it as practicing acting, let me test your mastery.”

“Nah. You just don’t have anyone to chase and want to experience it, don’t try to trick me.”

“Throw! Are you that smart already?”

“Or what? Hey!”

“Sure enough, boys aren’t stupid, they’re not easy to fool!”

“Hot Paw you’re so sinister.”

“It’s Nezha ah ah ah ah!!!”

The clever Li Tiezhu was unlikely to fall for it, besides, I have a very clear object of pursuit, why do I need to find someone to practice on?

With Song Zhu’er around, learning was impossible to learn, Li Tiezhu had to punch the shell with her while holding the tablet to repair the sound, trying to make the Song of Neuropathy a little more refined.

Not long after, Peng Yu Chang also came to the crew, joined the “love discussion group” in the middle of the unreservedly share his experience of love – all the failed blood and tears lessons, very warning significance, when floating life a big white.

In this film, Peng Yu-chang and Song Zhu-er play a pair of horse-riding couples, the two are always laughing at the lines, it’s fatal, the laughter of these two goods are too magical.

Li Tiezhu had to put on the headphones and seriously read the book, reading the treasure book of love. After all, spring is here, and everything is recovering again ……

In fact, Song Zhuer is also quite beautiful la, but she is too young, especially when I think of the image of her as a child with a cute hot paw, I feel guilty, which …… is very immoral!

Therefore, in the opinion of Li Tiezhu, who has a strong moral character, it is still a cat that is more flavourful, after all, it has been tried.

In the evening, Xu Shanqiang invited the guests to eat hanging pot rice.

The only ones present were Xu Shanqian, Fang Bo, Li Tiezhu, Peng Yuchang, Song Zhu’er and Ning Shi. When listening to Chasing Dreams Red Heart on the spot, Xu Shanqian personally said that he would treat Li Tiezhu to dinner, and he couldn’t go back on his word.

During the meeting, Song Zhu’er showed off and gave everyone the “Song of the Nervous”, and the crowd was dumbfounded.

Then the director Ning Shi shot the board, this song as the episode of the “heart flower road”. At the same time, “Tears of a Dancing Girl” should also be obtained, and the big mothers use this song when they dance.

To this end, the stingy producer Xu Shanqiang hate a high price of 600,000, in fact, has been very cheap, after all, two songs, “Three Kingdoms” a theme song are higher than this.

After the meal almost nine o’clock, a few people rushed to a cleared dilapidated street, which is the scene of the new film.

The content of this scene is very simple, Fang Bo and Xu Shan scrambled out of the clubhouse, surrounded by a group of black asthmatics brought by Masu. Li Tiezhu plays the role of Big Head, the number one gangster under the Black Shibuya boss.

Before taking part in the show, he was also plastered with a fake beard, as well as …… dyed hair.

In the nearly two months since he joined The Voice on 16 July, Li Tiezhu’s hair has grown long, sort of medium-length.

“Dye it back for me after the show, thanks, or my old man will beat me.”

Being forced by the programme group to pick and dye the yellow hair, and do what hairstyle, Li Tiezhu looks …… surprisingly a little handsome?

This is illogical ah!

Ning Shi tsked: “Well! The image is actually not bad, give his leather jacket a try, wow, gel, lollipop!”

Li Tiezhu was handed a lollypop with a confused face.

Song Zhu’er also smoothed a lollipop, looking at Li Tiezhu’s eyes with some surprise, is it an illusion?

His previous face value is obviously the same level as Peng Yu Chang, how can he change his hairstyle and clothes to have the style of Oba? I can’t believe that I have been bumping into a deer twice, it’s really because of the collective face value of the male actors in this drama group.

Li Tiezhu’s first role has begun.

After all, before in “Three Kingdoms” is just a running gag, does not require any performance.

When the room Bo and Xu Shanqian finished acting out the scene, it was Li Tiezhu’s turn, which is a group drama. Under the leadership of Wang Hui and Masu, a group of gangsters riding a small donkey “domineering” debut, surrounded the room Bo and Xu Shanqian.

Ning Shi: “Ready! Ike heart …… card! I’m not sure what’s going on with you, Li Tiezhu.

Seconds Card!

A group of people rode away, Li Tiezhu is still in the same place, and his electric donkey sitting behind the “boss” Wang Hui is also a face of despair.

Li Tiezhu gripped a lollipop, confused: “ah …… this …… a bit did not keep up, Sao Rui ah.”

Ning stone speechless, this Nima is a little did not follow? You are fucking just lost in thought!

“Take your place and then another …… line,” Ning stone glared at Li Tiezhu, “Tiezhu you concentrate, hear me shouting Ike heart on the start, got it?”

Li Tiezhu nodded, “Good! Change a lollipop, this one is finished.”

Ning Shi: “……”

Da da da da ……

Song Zhu’er delivered three lollipops in a trot: “Pineapple, apple, strawberry, which one do you like?”


“Wow, you really like apple flavour! Even buy a set ……”

“Shhh! Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Ohhhh, I get it I get it ……”

Fang Bo smiled with a ruffled face and looked at Xu Shanqian, whose head was as big as a bucket shaking.

Ning Shi gritted his teeth, “You guys are still fucking chatting? Song Zhu’er retreat, Li Tiezhu get ready.”

Article two.


A group of small electric donkeys killed, in unison, sandy air, sand sculpture of sand. When they arrived in front of Fang Bo and Xu Shanqiang, they stopped.

Mas Wu: “Husband, it is the two of them …… Hey, be careful.”

Wang Hui: “Grass!!!”

“I Nima!”

Li Tiezhu roared in a domineering manner, very quickly ah, in a flash of lightning.

He was seen holding the collar of Wang Hui, who had nearly fallen, in one hand, and carrying the electric car whose wheels were spinning in the air in the other.

It turned out that Li Tiezhu, according to the script, stopped the car and got off. But when he got out of the car, his clothes were scraped by the handle, and when he was getting his clothes, he twisted them to accelerate, and the car went out, and Wang Hui almost fell into a dog’s mouth.