The Rockstar Chapter 154

Fortunately, the previous shots can be used, only need to reshoot the scene after the parking, Li Tiezhu this time did not make a whole lot of trouble, smooth shooting, and then it is the turn of Li Tiezhu’s scene.

Throwing things, cursing, hitting, spitting, and being called back by the oldest.

“I Nima!”

“Nope! Be more arrogant.”

“Meine Nima?”

“No way! Think about that feeling of bullying for a moment, get the feeling.”

“Bullying is wrong, director, between people ……”

Ning Shi looked at Xu Shanqiang, “So who, can I scold him?”

Xu Shanqian: “Hit him all you want.”

This article are ng a dozen times, thankfully it’s not the film era anymore.

Ning stone looked at Li Tiezhu’s block, calm and a lot, said: “Tiezhu, let’s do this, I’ll give you a good run through ah, the veins of this role. It doesn’t matter if you can’t act well, you don’t have much experience, take your time. This character it, he seems arrogant but in fact goatish, he is a …… This kind of character needs suddenness, his irritability and impulsiveness, you have to use words and actions to reflect …… You have to experience the character… …figure out the clues to his actions …… Be aware of the coherence of the performance and the layering of emotions. Do you …… understand?”

Li Tiezhu’s brain exploded, “Ah …… change another lollipop.”

Ning Shi: “……”

Song Zhu’er was epileptically laughing the whole time, suddenly handing over an apple flavour: “Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ……”

Ning Shi: “What are you laughing at?”

Song Zhu’er Dao sipped a lollipop: “Director, you don’t really think that Li Tiezhu understands these profound theatre theories of yours, do you?”

Li Tiezhu nodded his head.

Ning Shi: “Then you even gave him a lesson last night?”

Song Zhu’er: “That was just me simply pretending to wave in front of a newbie like him, I do it all the time. You this, no! It has to be like this …… Li Tiezhu, Geng Hao and Hao Yi beat up your buddy um …… postpartum brother Qin Tao’s girlfriend.”

“He can’t have a girlfriend.”

“That’s beating him up.”


“Go and act it out, substituting well for the fact that Qin Tao was beaten to a pig’s head.”

Li Tiezhu’s eyes really became sharp.

Ning stone Nick Young question mark, can this work? Whatever, try it, “All departments prepare, one more line.”

Li Tiezhu looked at the eyes of Fang Bo and Xu Shanqiang seemingly calm, but a look is that I want to tenderise the two of you, a packing box smashed over.

“I Nima!”

Li Tiezhu went up and kicked over Fang Bo, turned around and hit Xu Shanqian with a hook punch, but fortunately, Mr Shanqian, although his head is big but flexible, barely dodged.

The boss snapped, “Hey hey hey ……”

Li Tiezhu intentionally slowly backed up, spitting a mouthful of water in the process.


“Ka! This one passed.”

Ning Shi breathed a sigh of relief, then looked wryly at Song Zhu’er, who was squatting to the side sucking on a lollipop ice, and who was now imparting obviously incorrect musical knowledge to fellow lollipop ice sucker Peng Yu Chang.

Xu Shanqian’s back was sweating, ”Hahaha! I was so stupid, Tie Zhu, you really hit ah? Luckily I dodged.”

Li Tiezhu: “There is no real hit, I collect force, otherwise you can not avoid, after all, your head target is too big.”

Xu Shanqian: “Do not say that my head is too big, I tell you, turn around and I will go to do head shrinking surgery.”

Li Tiezhu: “There is this kind of high technology?”

Fang Bo limped: “Hiss …… you listen to him bragging, only chopping head surgery, which has shrunken head surgery? I fucking hurt, Li Tiezhu you cattle ah! The first time on the variety show tied me, the first time to act in the film kicked me, you start too high! You’re going to step on my head to become a film star!”

Li Tiezhu: “I’ll rub it for you.”

“Don’t touch me!”


“So who, safflower oil for me.”

Next, the filming continued, and when it came to Li Tiezhu’s next sentence of I Nima, it got stuck again, ng several times.

Ning Shi said to Li Tiezhu, “This I Nima sentence means you still dare to haggle. Be arrogant, your character is now looking down on them, remember, don’t be superficial, go to the heart, use your emotions to move the performance. Understand?”

Li Tiezhu nodded his pulpy head.


“I ni …… hey, this lollipop soared out.”

Li Tiezhu used his strength, and the lollipop ice sprayed high, luckily he dodged it.

Ning Shi: “Ka! Er……”

Everyone else couldn’t help but laugh, and the director was the only one who freaked out.

Li Tiezhu stifled his laughter and apologised to the director, “Sorry director, I’ll do it again.”

Ning Shi shook his head, “The mood is still not right, so who, Song Zhu’er you come over and translate for the translator.”


Song Zhu’er gave Li Tiezhu a new lollipop.

Li Tiezhu sucked off half of it in one gulp, to be the same as the previous shot.

Ning Shi: “Nah, I want the kind of …… well ……”

Song Zhu’er saluted, “Understood! Li Tiezhu, it’s like this. Qin Tao was beaten and swollen, let these two pay for the tonic, but they don’t even want to give fifty, you look at it.”

“Oh ……”

Li Tiezhu came to a sudden realisation, and even swept a slightly contemptuous glance at Ning Shi.

Once again, the shooting started, and Li Tiezhu passed one line.

“I Nima!”

It’s crispy.

This one worked well, honestly better than expected. But Ning Shi was not happy at all, picking at his brain, something must have gone wrong somewhere!

Sure enough, the rhythm broke again on the third line of I Nima.

Ning Shi does not care to communicate with Li Tiezhu, backhandedly called Song Zhu’er over: “You’ve seen all his scenes, right?”

Song Zhu’er nodded her head.

Ning Shi: “For this section, act out the dramatic conflict, his scene is a direct factor in driving the audience’s emotions, and be bossy when you say your lines. Also, make sure to have the teasing look of looking at Fang Bo like a fool. Come on, Zhu’er, you translate the translation.”

Giving an ok gesture towards the director, Song Zhu’er looked at Li Tiezhu with a serious face, “Imagine that the person on the opposite side who is being hit in the face with money right now isn’t Fang Bo, isn’t Geng Hao, it’s Yehnela, and she likes apple flavour too.”

“Pfft – I, I, I get it.”

Li Tiezhu immediately understood, so it was such an emotion.

Song Zhu’er squeezed her eyebrows with a you-know-what expression, “I nyet, like apple flavour ah?”

Li Tiezhu: “Hey hey hey ……”

Ning Shi’s brain is square, laughing at what? How do you understand? What does it have to do with Yehenara? What’s wrong with liking apple flavour? I like apples too!

Shoot again.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey …… me nyah? Love sister-in-law ah?”

“Hey hey hey hey ……”

This nymphet acted quite refined, Ning Shi looked at Song Zhu’er’s eyes are not right, so …… is it my problem?

The time passed twelve o’clock.

The shooting is still continuing, tonight is this one, stay up all night to shoot after the crew to change the place.

It’s time for Li Tiezhu’s I Nima session again, and this time Ning Shi didn’t even try to shoot it, it was directly: “Song Zhu’er, go tell Tiezhu about the play.”

Song Zhu’er, the small and medium-sized Chinese interpreter, is on the line again.