The Rockstar Chapter 155

Songzhuer: “Yehnara is blocked in the corner and told to sing ‘Don’t You Go’ and she won’t do it.”

Li Tiezhu: “Understood.”

Start filming.

Li Tiezhu threw his lollypop ice: “I’m Nima!”

“Cut! Passed. Very good!”

Ning Shi scratched his head, his scalp numb. Tonight’s filming of this scene is a bit of a mystery, it’s made me, the director, confused.

Soon, the boss was pushed, and it was time for the I Nima segment again.

Li Tiezhu called for help in place, “Hot claws!”

Song Zhu’er was prepared and went over with the script, “It’s Nezha Nezha, this shot is like this ……”

Ning Shi was silent.

In the end, under the careful guidance of Song Zhu’er’s “director”, Li Tiezhu gave a very good performance, and the harsh Ning Shi couldn’t find many faults.

Especially the last scene ……

Li Tiezhu boasted that he has never been a goon, do not know how to play goon, Song Zhu’er said that you act according to the Qin Tao is, Li Tiezhu goon is quite thorough and also thieves have a sense of comedy, that guy fights to play dead is this way, Li Tiezhu simple imitation.

Li Tiezhu scene killed, the next is the two film stars to compete with each other’s acting.

Li Tiezhu completely unintelligible, and came to the Songzhuer blowing moment, Li Tiezhu listen to more confused.

At 3:30 in the middle of the night, after filming and wrapping up, the director invited everyone to eat a fire pit barbecue, and also drank some beer. Tomorrow is not shooting, the staff move equipment, the actors take a day off to rest.

After being poured two bottles of beer, Li Tiezhu became even more straightforward, and suggested to Ning Shi: “Director, I think you are good at everything, but your ability to express yourself is not good, learn more from Hot Paw. You see, I understand when she talks about theatre, but I don’t understand when you talk.”

Ning Shi: “Thank you! I’ll try to improve myself.”


The next day at noon, Li Tiezhu below to Song Zhu’er eat, received a WeChat friend request, the other party claimed to be the “red star rabbit” organisation.

Li Tiezhu agreed, and then the other party sent a message:

“Hello, Li Tiezhu. We are a group of red hackers initiated and organised by your core fans, the ‘Proper Gang’, and we were ready to disband after the last time we messed with the Black Palace website, but now we found out that you’re in trouble again. So, we’ve been closely tracking the big v’s and active users online for the past few days, and it’s clear that you’ve run into a punching bag. But what seems like madness now is still just a prelude, bigger moves are yet to come, so you need to be mentally prepared! This is an organised and premeditated operation that’s aimed entirely at you. We’re currently gathering some interesting stuff and will send it to you when it’s sorted, I’m sure it can help you.”

Li Tiezhu puzzledly read the message, completely confused, what is a boxing?

Martial Arts Association? Or the Boxers Union? I don’t have a grudge against them! Moreover, the online quarrel is basically female.

Li Tiezhu replied back, “Thank you very much! Give you a good morning!”

Li Tiezhu brought a small bowl of onion oil noodles and a pot of reddish hot and sour noodles to the table, and the two of them started eating.

“Spicy Claw, do you know what a punching bag is?”

“Nezha Nezha! Of course I know, two years ago when I was in school in Rice, several waves of people came looking for me to go boxing, and they were very generous! Not only did they give money, but they also rubbed off on a bit of Hollywood resources. I don’t know! But I just wanted to have a baby early and couldn’t box, so I refused.”

“Does having a baby affect boxing?”

“Not fighting that boxing, the water behind this stuff is so deep that the real name is-”

“Oh! So that’s it. No wonder!”

Under Song Zhu’er’s science, Li Tiezhu finally understood what a female boxer was, and also understood that their boxing skills were highly lethal.

Song Zhu’er also wondered, “Why are they hitting you? It was far-fetched to begin with.”

Li Tiezhu: “Luo Feiyan.”

Song Zhu’er understood: “Oh …… scallion oil noodles are delicious, teach me to make them next time.”

Li Tiezhu: “A girl’s family, learn to cook for what?”

After the meal, Peng Yu Chang ran over and said, “Tiezhu, your jitterbug exploded! You quickly go and take a look, those boxing ones saw that you still don’t register your scarf, so they ran to Jitterbug to scold you.”

Li Tiezhu calmly washed the dishes: “It’s blown up, why should I go and see it? Let it blow up, can it still drill out of the screen to hit me?”

Peng Yu Chang poured himself a glass of water, sat down and asked Song Zhu’er: “It’s not right! Why is he so calm? I’m pissed off, those comments are so brainless and disgusting. Huh? What’s wrong with you?”

Song Zhu’er lowered her head, her voice like a mosquito, “I’m fine, thank you brother Yu Chang for caring.”

Peng Yu Chang was shocked, “No, you’re sick, right?”

Song Zhu’er raised her head and blankly glanced at Peng Yu Chang, then quickly lowered her head again, then looked a little squirmy.

Peng Yu Chang was confused, looking at Li Tiezhu who was washing dishes in the kitchen, and then looking at the seemingly shy Song Zhu’er, unable to make sense of it.

Then, Song Zhu’er fished out a gift box from her bag and shyly handed it to Peng Yu Chang: “Tie.”

Peng Yu Chang took it in confusion, “What for?”

“This tie you on the awards ceremony or something can be used, I …… people in the morning specially went to buy it for you, open it to see if you like it.”

“Why send me something?”

“Oops, don’t ask, nasty ……”

Song Zhu’er flew a glance at Peng Yu Chang and even reached out to pinch him.

Peng Yu Chang nimbly dodged away, “You’re not going to say you like me, right?”

Song Zhu’er nodded slightly, “Hmm.”

Peng Yu Chang immediately crossed her arms and laughed, “Hahahahahahahahaha ……”

Song Zhu’er pulled his sleeve: “Keep your voice down, there are still outsiders.”

Peng Yu Chang grunted: “You think I will be fooled? Inside this box must be a spring-loaded fist, the kind that dislikes my face once I open it. You want to trick me!”

Song Zhu’er instantly broke down, stopped acting and looked at it angrily, “Huh? What? This is really a tie. You’re not moved at all? Was I a bad actor?”

Peng Yu Chang was also shocked: “Acting …… acting? I was just digressing to politely decline, but I didn’t expect you to act? This theatre can be ah! Worthy of being a veteran actor!”

“If I acted well, how come you weren’t moved at all?”

“It’s just too real, so I have no fluctuations.”

“Am I not pretty?”

“You’re pretty, very pretty, but you’re mentally unbalanced.”

Peng Yu Chang finally unwrapped the tie with confidence, it was quite nice. He also had a moment of fear in his heart, fortunately I really don’t have any feelings for her, if I had accepted it, it would have been played out awkwardly!

Li Tiezhu wiped his hands and walked out, “I think Hot Paw’s spirit is quite normal, why do you all say she’s not normal?”

Song Zhu’er was so mad that she casually took out another gift box and threw it to Li Tiezhu: “It’s Nezha.”

Li Tiezhu took it, “What about me too?”

Song Zhu’er’s voice was breathless: “Every time I enter the theatre group I will give everyone a small gift, you two later, I will make it up to you today.”

Li Tiezhu: “There is this rule?”

Peng Yu Chang: “Not a rule, it’s a courtesy, my agent also prepared a gift for me, arrived in the next two days.”

Li Tiezhu: “Then I have to prepare something.”

Song Zhu’er shook her head: “You don’t have to, the night before you invited everyone to eat snacks, the meaning has arrived. I was specifically taking you to buy them, a guess would tell me that you don’t understand this. Showbiz isn’t just about singing and dancing, there are also human affairs.”

Li Tiezhu was a bit touched: “Thank you! Hot paw!”

Pang Yu Chang: “It’s Nezha!”

Song Zhu’er: “……”

Peng Yu Chang suddenly said, “Bamboo Er, you still pretend to chase me, I can believe it because I’m stupid! If you really want to chase, you should also chase Li Tiezhu, look how good you are to him.”

Song Zhu’er’s eyes lit up, why didn’t I think of that?