The Rockstar Chapter 156

“Sister, your eyes are not right! Hehehehehehe ……” Peng Yu Chang laughed heartily, stood up from the chair, took the gift pike wall root and left, “You guys chat, I’ll withdraw first. Can’t afford to mess with!”

Song Zhu’er: “Do you pair lines at night?”

Peng Yu Chang’s voice came from far away, “Come to Tie Zhu’s house at night to duet your lines, alone with you, brother is afraid.”

Song Zhu’er looked at her prey, “Tie Zhu, am I really scary?”

Li Tiezhu shook his head, “No! I think you are quite cute. When I was a kid watching TV, I always wanted to pinch your face and pull your braid.”

“Eh? Really?”


“But I drink and fight and swear.”

“I drink and fight and swear too.”

“I never think before I speak.”

“Me neither, because I don’t have much of a brain.”

“Right? It’s still a little more appropriate for the two of us.”

“Well, we’re supposed to be a psycho duo.”

Song Zhu’er was a bit stupid, “Why don’t I chase ……”

Li Tiezhu interrupted, “Are you pretending to chase Peng Yu Chang, are you practising the knowledge points in the book? I feel that you’ve gone too far, although you’re a good actor, you can’t be so simple and rough in chasing people, right? Definitely won’t be able to chase anyone. Especially if you’re still a girl, be subtle.”

Song Zhu’er: “You still know this?”

Li Tiezhu: “Slightly.”

It’s all boring knowledge imparted by that lewd man Qin Tao.

Song Zhu’er: “Why don’t I chase you! Hey? Don’t be afraid. Pretend. I’m looking for you to practice your chasing skills, you don’t have to cooperate much, just keep rejecting me. If I’m not doing well, you point it out to me so I can correct it. Understand?”

Li Tiezhu shook his head, “It’s a scandal if people know.”

“I’m not afraid of gossip.” (The rumour spreading wave scandal can be on the hot search again.)

“I’m afraid.” (In case the cat knows ……)

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll chase quietly. Time is running out, brother! Next year will go to college, Nortel ah, handsome guys pile! If you don’t know how to chase a hanyou, you’ll starve to death by keeping a table full of hanyou!”

“You’ve gone off the deep end, falling in love is like raising a cat, it depends on fate, you can’t force it.”

“I’m just simply unbalanced, why do so many girls have boyfriends but not me? Even Guan Shuang Shuang, who also started out as a child star, has Deer Hani! I’m not convinced!”

“Hold it in.”

“No! I’m going to try to change my fate!”

“Hot paw ah, you ……”

“Nezha! If you let me chase after you, I’ll let you call me Hot Paw.”

“Then …… Nezha!”

“Where’s my sword?”


The next day, Wednesday.

Li Tiezhu followed the crew to another small town to shoot the killer scenes of Fang Bo and Song Zhu’er and Peng Yu Chang.

Although the scene was over, Li Tiezhu did not choose to leave right away, but followed the group to observe and learn. After all, having decided to take the art exam, he should study hard.

If you have never eaten pork, you must see more about how popular pigs like Xu Shanqiang and Fang Bo run.

Even though it has already been mentally prepared, the performance of Song Zhu’er and Peng Yu Chang still surprised Li Tiezhu.

Song Zhu’er effortlessly, easy to manage the middle two kill mattress girl, in addition to that head of yellow hair, she is simply I play my own. The only flaw is that every time she talks about the little frogs, Song Zhu’er is out of character and her head is filled with images of fried little frogs with pickled peppers.

Peng Yu Chang is also a bomb of an actor, and has a great rivalry with Fang Bo that makes even Ning Shi tsk tsk tsk.

After seeing Peng Yuchang’s strength, Li Tiezhu has a position for himself, like me and him, bad-looking, really can only fight acting to get ahead!

What’s more, good-looking Song Zhu’er are very good at acting.

For acting, Li Tiezhu basically has no concept, the heart has actually been weak, good thing Song Zhu’er encouraged him:

“You have no acting skills at all! Because you have traffic! Otherwise, Big Head Xu would have asked you for a cameo? And he was so nice to you in the first meeting? You think it’s all me, looking at green beans with you. Dude, that’s because you’re a hit!”

Well, it didn’t sound like encouragement at all.

Song Zhu’er will give Li Tiezhu the knowledge and process related to the arts examination in the interval of acting, which is much more reliable than her set of nonsense theatre theory, Li Tiezhu has benefited a lot.

At noon to eat a box lunch, Li Tiezhu to Song Zhu’er added dishes, her favourite – braised pig’s trotters.

“The next scene is the one where I take off my trousers, are you coming to see it?”

“Strip naked?”

“Are you stupid? Of course it’s not possible to take off my trousers. What are you thinking? Can a film be a mosaic?”

“I told you, I’m not going to watch it, I’m going to buy a turtle …… Bo said he’s a bit weak lately, I’ll give him a tonic.”

“Come! Otherwise I’m afraid, the first time I acted such a revealing scene, you’re not in people’s hearts no bottom ……”

“Oh oh! This paragraph can be, don’t rush to chase, tease first. According to Qin Tao’s saying is, let the other party find out that he is the person you trust and rely on the most, and the other party will stimulate a psychology similar to the sense of responsibility. Well, Tao seems to be saying that.”

“Right? Subtle enough?”

“It was okay. A little more delicate would be nice, not shy enough to say take off your trousers. Nope, girls just don’t say things like taking off their trousers straight away, it’s not elegant.”

“Hmm! You really do have a point.”

Eating a meal where two little psychopaths could discuss tips on how to cheat, it was a good indication that both of them were in a hurry. (Official spiel: one straight man and one straight woman, a blind man telling a blind man how red the flowers are)


Later that night, fans of The Voice were shocked to discover that there was no Li Tiezhu in Super Voice! Although it was stated at the beginning of the show that Li Tiezhu was taking a leave of absence this week because he was dealing with academic matters.

However, there were still a lot of people who began to be suspicious, and the live pop-up screen was even filled with speculation.

And the happiest than the boxing, the scarf once again lively, a variety of rumours endless, said Li Tiezhu was good voice blocked, said Li Tiezhu face the wrath of the people scared to go on the show, there are also people said Li Tiezhu red play big names do not come to the training base, but about artillery to go ……


What kind of brain circuit is this?

Don’t be afraid, they also gave a picture of a few peripheral women fighting Li Tiezhu.

A time this colourful picture spread all over the network, but soon was punctured, because the hero in the picture only four abdominal muscles, while Li Tiezhu has six.

This night, the scarf once again set off a “Li Tiezhu insulted women” event a new climax, quite brainless.

Scarf three boxer bean juice, juice, brain juice have posted articles to denounce Li Tiezhu, and put a new charge – Li Tiezhu so-called “A Diao fund”, in fact, is a very evil plan to raise women.

This is really shameless, p out of the adoption document details unbearable, is a person will not believe.

But it just caught fire, and it’s all over the internet.

There’s no way around it, even Loquat, one of Scarf’s former pillars, had a baby and was rounded up by female boxers. And the fact that Scarf abandoned it and allowed it to be beaten to the point of autism shows where Scarf stands.

Tonight, even Ziguangge can not see past, sent a scarf to advise female netizens not to blindly follow the female boxer, the result …… three minutes was deleted.

This is bullish enough!

Even a scarf of this level of Zi Guangge was directly deleted!

What’s even more bizarre is that after the scarf was deleted, there was still a large group of true and false fighters who went to spray Ziguang Pavilion:

What Court, a broken hotel that I’ve never even heard of, pretending to be your mother?