The Rockstar Chapter 157

Thursday morning, Chen Isen really can’t stand those dogs barking on the Internet, originally his scarf is only the team in operation, this time also can’t help but send a message:

“These female fighters on the internet now are not really pure female fighters at all, the gold master behind them is the same as that of the Hong Kong eggs – the Rice Petri Dish Foundation.”

This is a bit harsh.

Although many people knew about this, the star who blatantly said it was the first one, Ethan Chen.

Sure enough, soon his neck was taken over, taking out a lot of evidence to prove that Chen Isen hates women and insults women, photos quite a lot of video is also much, after all, Chen Isen’s black spots were originally quite a lot, all without P picture.

Miserable ah!

These people have extraordinarily strange views, for example:

Thank you to the Rice Dish Foundation for supporting Chinese women’s boxing!

Isson Chan has not been indoctrinated enough, Xiangjiang should have been colonised for another hundred years.

After the return of Xiangjiang, the quality of Hong Kong people has slipped badly!

See? No Chinese man is good enough for a Chinese woman.

They’d rather be a mistress to a foreigner than give birth to a Chinese man.

First-class women marry in Europe and America, second-class women marry in Japan and Korea, third-class women marry in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and fourth-class women marry in Mainland China.

How come this ugly cunt is not on the list of the most powerful women fuckers? I strongly request that she be put on the list.

The most stunning part is in the comments of the famous boxer Juice:

“Trashy males like this should be castrated, they don’t deserve to leave any offspring at all.”

The comments are average, but the comments on the comments are interesting.

A straight male replied, “Why don’t you castrate your father?”

Juice replies, “Castrated a long time ago, if I were your mum I would have cut you off at birth.”

Chen Yisen was really disgusted, didn’t even retort a word, and directly exited the scarf, announcing that he would never return to the scarf.

The female boxers popped their crowns and shouted in victory.

The male fans of the scarf, who had not been doing much, finally couldn’t stand to watch, because, the female fighters had changed from attacking Li Tiezhu to attacking all men. Straight men had gone online to curse with the female fighters, giving them a lesson on what equality, respect, and Ziguangge were.

The female fighters finally found out that Ziguangge is not a restaurant, and it’s a big deal, and then …… they got even happier, see? Ziguangge have been deleted, who else?

In the afternoon, the official Youth League scarf sent out a message to advise female boxers to note that

Intentionally words and deeds do not rumour and vilification, especially can not be wrapped up and fan those ordinary girls, the network is free, but the network is not a place outside the law.

Then, the youth group scarf also fell.

That’s how domineering it is.

This time, the female fighters finally unified the bib, Xiao Zhen, Tony, Chen Yi Sen and other stars lost, even Zi Guang Ge and the youth group were reduced to scorched earth, and the other scattered men were naturally even more unbearable.

The great battle seemed to have been won and lost, and the bib became a sea of celebration.

However, this group of people have not yet fainted, always keeping in mind the mission they are shouldering, and hung Li Tiezhu out again.

The people behind the curtain were quite clear in their thinking, and at the very beginning, they grabbed Li Tiezhu’s one sentence to force a punch, which actually had a very small impact. However, this can blow up more straight men, and then open a group war, so that it is justified. Defeating the big star will inspire a strong sense of pride in the female cannon fodder, and then hanging out Li Tiezhu at this time, the firepower can be maximised.

Although at this point, the initiator of the group battle couldn’t control the strength and breadth of the firepower, it was fine if Li Tiezhu died.

The safety of the female fighters?

Most of them were cannon fodder, and it was fine if the professional fighters didn’t die.

So, the three masters of the scarf female boxing, bean juice, juice, brain juice forced to play a combination of punches, they jointly issued an article “Grasshopper encoded strong female offenders Li Tiezhu and his accomplices dynamic summary”.

The article recorded in detail and Li Tiezhu and Li Tiezhu have friendship with the artists, and one by one tracking comments, roughly as follows:

Chen Yisen: has been sprayed to death, scum inferior one. Boycott in the end.

Song Zhu’er: brainless slave girl a, shamelessly top wind with Li Tiezhu photo, openly with all women as the enemy. Boycott all works! And, she pinched a frog in the programme, seriously persecuting protected animals.

Lengba: She is the one who brought scum like Li Tiezhu into the entertainment industry. Although she hasn’t spoken out so far, she definitely supports Li Tiezhu in her heart, shame on women! Boycott!

Han Hong: Li Tiezhu’s benefactor, but in view of the fact that she is a lesbian, let her go once, I hope she can recognise the face of Li Tiezhu this kind of person, turn back to the shore.

Zhao Liya: voiced once and disappeared, but also the shame of women, boycott.

Xiao Zhen: Li Tiezhu’s hardcore brothers, themselves are also evil men who trample on women. I have been sprayed to death, see once sprayed once, boycott to the end!

Yue Yupeng: Although not

There is public support for Li Tiezhu, but also silent accomplices! Has sent people to follow up on his words and actions.

Qin Tao: Li Tiezhu friend, a low-quality hyena, hatred of women, at present no voice, has sent people to track attention to his words and deeds. In addition, he does not have a scarf, jitterbug and bad scolding.

Tony: jumped most cheerfully died the most miserable one, just entered the line of clowns. Can just boycott to block his acting career.

Huang San Shi: currently no voice, has sent people to follow and pay attention to his words and deeds. In addition, he also has a daughter, is the object that can be fought for, I hope he can recognise the general situation.

He Ling: Currently no voice, has sent people to follow up on his words and behaviour.

Fang Bo: currently no voice, but these two days openly invited Li Tiezhu to the theatre group to act, in fact, is to help the tiger, openly with us as the enemy! Boycott!

Xu Shanqian: Ditto.

Ning Shi: ditto.

After seeing this list of names and notes, Wang Feng’s entire body was dumbfounded… I’ll be damned, are these people all full of shit in their heads?

On the opposite side, Yehenara seriously said, “Wang Feng, let’s send a scarf together at night to support women’s rights.”

Wang Feng slapped the table, “I Qu Nima! I didn’t go on the number to scold these brainwashed people already enough to be patient, but still let me support them? I fucking …… forget it, you guys get it! I’ll withdraw my shares, not to play. Anyway, my little fortune, for a big company like Monolith is just a drop in the bucket.”

Hearing Wang Feng threaten to withdraw his shares, several major shareholders didn’t have too obvious mood swings. Retirement was fine, originally they weren’t bad with this amount of money, they just symbolically gave some shares to the company’s top star favourably.

Yehnela looked at Wang Feng with a cold smile, “You can think about it.”

Wang Feng cut out, “Intuition tells me that you guys are killing yourselves, just return my shares tonight, thanks!”

Yehnela: “Death? The one who died was Li Tiezhu! Do you think the initiator is Luo Fei Yan? She’s just the one standing in the open, and, this time, it’s not just the showbiz bit …… This is the power of capital, even if it’s this country of ours, if we want to get rich, we have to give up enough private territory to capital.”

Wang Feng didn’t want to talk to the idiot, and spat, grabbed his bag and left.

This is the last bottom line of Chinese men, Laozi is not an inferior species. And those shareholders in the room, don’t look at the black eyes, black hair, yellow skin full of Beijing accent or Cantonese, but all of them are fucking foreigners.