The Rockstar Chapter 158

At noon, the bibs of Deer Hani, Chen Chi-Chi, Lin Mou, and Wang Da Shao were exploded, and even the official website of Dream – Three Kingdoms, which had just been made, was rushed to the point that the server exploded.

It turned out that the photos of Li Tiezhu making music for Dream – Three Kingdoms and playing games with Wang Da Shao and others were exploded.

On that list, new people were added.

Wang Da Shao: studly rich second-generation, old rival, see once spray once.

Lin Mou: rich second-generation lapdog, boycott to the end.

Chen Chi Chi: long ago broke out cheating scandal, boycott in the end.

Deer Ha Ni: it is possible to be cheated by Chen Chi Chi, at present there is no bad deeds, I hope he can hang on to the cliff, do not and those rubbish to come and go, which, also for his own good, look forward to his good self.

The fans of these stars did not move, the water army naturally more did not invite, silently beaten.

Wang Da Shao gave them a group voice.

“A certain new, bear with it for now this time, none of us are protagonists.”

“Chi Chi, don’t hire a water army this time, right! Mix your jittery voice well, what’s so rare about a broken scarf?”

“Deer Hani, how are your fans feeling? They’ve all been pacified, right? That’s good.”

“Brother, why are you such a wimp this time?”

“When have I not been a wimp? Have I not been scolded enough? However, this time is different, they haven’t even revealed their true purpose yet, so what’s our hurry? Let’s wait! We’ll talk about it when the time comes.”

In the evening, Zhao Tianhua, a veteran spammer in the music industry, rounded up his voice:

“Once an individual becomes a member of a group, he will no longer be held accountable for what he does, and that’s when everyone reveals his unchecked side. What the group pursues and believes in is never any truth or reason, but blind obedience, cruelty, paranoia and fanaticism, knowing only simple and extreme feelings. –From “The Ravens””

Then his bib …… buzzed with activity!

A group of pinkish looking female fighters who had only joined today had been tripling, liking, commenting, and retweeting, thanking Chen Tianhua for supporting them. Yes, they didn’t even see that Zhao Tianhua was scolding them.

The comments were a lot of fancy:

“Finally a sensible one! Putting into perspective the violence and suppression of women by the male community.”

“May I ask what site The Ravens are from? Would like to go and worship it.”

“Well said, we need to hold the woman-hating groups accountable and pay the price.”

“They only know simple and extreme feelings, awesome summary!”

“There is never any truth or rationality that groups seek and believe in, and it’s very true that men across the country don’t want equality for women, that’s the rationality and truth they reject.”

“Is Chen Tianhua a newcomer just starting out? Three views are very positive, powdered.”

“Who has his support group? Want to join.”

Zhao Tianhua touched the wrinkles on his face and looked up at the sky with an incredulous expression, Am I praising you guys? How come I don’t know? I just couldn’t stand the bitter pleas of my precious granddaughter and came up to spray you guys ah!

Zhao Tianhua sent voice: “Ya Ya, do you see this scarf …… count?”

Zhao Liya replied, “Count it! Hey …… it’s me who overestimated them. This is just like this, no matter, wait for them to figure it out, it’s still in the padding stage.”


A group of stars either don’t carry the fight or simply don’t dare to respond to the fight, the female fighters with the momentum of the great victory, concentrated all the firepower to surround the last recalcitrant hill of the enemy, the Iron Headed Dolls – Song Zhu’er.

This morning, noon and afternoon, Song Zhu’er sent a total of three bibs, sitting on the name of Iron Head.

The first one with the picture is the fried egg noodles that Li Tiezhu cooked for her, and she ate it with a happy face. The accompanying text: “It’s super delicious underneath Li Tiezhu! Praise!”

Li Tiezhu reminded her, “Your sentence has ambiguity.”

Song Zhu’er: “I know! How else can we compete for the number one hot search today? Everyone is an adult, oh, you’re not.”

The second accompanying picture was a group photo of several actors, including Li Tiezhu, when her scene was finalised. The caption reads, “The first time I shot a fruit scene, I was super nervous, luckily I had you with me. Although you don’t have a scarf, I still have to @ Li Tiezhu”

Li Tiezhu wondered, “Do you have to? Why did you deliberately provoke those people? Where did you get the fruit drama? Aren’t you wearing a pair of trousers? What’s so great about being called out on a hot search?”

Song Zhu’er: “Do you think I’m really doing it for the sake of the hotspots? I’m sick of them! I just don’t read the comments anyway.”

The third one was a photo of her waiting for a flight at the airport with Li Tiezhu in the afternoon.

With the caption, “It’s time to part again after a short time together, these days you’ve been treating me to dinner, acting with me, and personally cooking me delicious food. It’s made people a little heartbroken! @LiTieZhu.”

Li Tiezhu: “Crap! You deleted this article for me! I’m a little excited for you!”

What if the cat sees it?

“What’s so mean about it? ……”

Song Zhu’er then re-edited it and changed the last line to “Thank you my good teammate! With a team song @Li Tiezhu @Nervous Disease Combo”

Song Zhu’er attached the recorded Neuropathy Song.

It was useless to change it, a boxer had already taken a screenshot and saved it, forwarding it around saying that Song Zhu’er had fallen in love with the insulting scum.

Song Zhu’er went back to Kyoto, Li Tiezhu went to Hengdian, and the cat said that there was something important.


Towards the end of the night, Yehenara scarfed out a post:

“I’m glad that everyone finally recognises Li Tiezhu’s true colours! When Wang Feng and I eliminated him, some people may have suspected that we were operating in the dark to ostracise Li Tiezhu. But the truth is, I could tell long ago that he was of low quality and despicable character, so when I said at the time that his music was in poor taste, I was actually alluding to the fact that he was a man of poor character. He later even sang rubbish songs live on Shake Shack as if he wanted to humiliate me. No matter what, I am also the mentor of this programme, a senior in this industry, so even if you don’t respect it, you even mocked and humiliated it? What kind of character is that? Here, I declare: I respect the rules of the Good Voice programme group, but on a personal level, I suggest blocking Li Tiezhu, we can’t let a rat turd ruin the entire music circle!”

Figure poor, dagger.

Immediately following, the internet began to circulate a picture of Luo Feiyan and Li Tiezhu, which the paparazzi had secretly photographed from outside the window of the private room. In the picture, Luo Feiyan’s shirt collar was unbuttoned three times, her head lowered. Li Tiezhu stretched out his hand, half back to the camera to see the expression.

In fact at that time Li Tiezhu reached out and said I refuse, and the photo can not see the place, Luo Feiyan’s legs are doing things, but the photo can not be sound.

Various interpretations about this photo suddenly spurted.

Luo Feiyan also forwarded this photo, adding another fire, she sent a scarf and said:

“On Sunday, Li Tiezhu invited me to Pinghe Hotel for coffee and said he would help me write a song, I was quite happy. Not long after he asked me if I was hot and asked me to unbutton my buttons, I unbuttoned two of them and he said he wanted to see what colour I was wearing inside, and he also moved his hands and feet, so I realised that his motives were not pure. I was scared to death, but he is so popular, I have been holding back and dare not say. So scared, don’t want to see him in the final, I want to drop out.”

The comment section is full of voices telling The Voice to block Li Tiezhu.

Apart from people in the circle, there were very few who knew her true identity and completely took over Meteor Group.

The battle has been perfectly won, the Iron Head Doll is ignored, and it’s time to enjoy the sacrificial animals of the farts.