The Rockstar Chapter 159

Those with brains are either outraged or contemptuous, those who are self-absorbed are self-absorbed, those who have retired their bibs have retired their bibs, and in one fell swoop, the bibs have been taken over by boxers.

But Tie Tou Wa remains persistent because she has a simple brain:

You guys are disgusted with Li Tiezhu, I’m disgusted with you. It doesn’t matter if I win or not!

Song Zhu’er was eating a late night snack by the side of the road in Kyoto while commenting under Luo Fei Yan’s scarf: “Have some face, your nose is plastic, double eyelids are pulled, breasts are fake, and there is also fox stench, it’s only strange that Li Tiezhu would look at you! If you want to look at me, you should also look at me! I’m better looking than you! I’m better looking than you, and I’m purely natural!”

Then, she went to the bottom of the Yehenara scarf, anyway, the last time on the offence, comment: “you do not go, I do not go, betting on the curse, pulled the hook, you do not go, I do not go, the sky as a quilt, the ground as a shop.”

Then she …… was banned, officially banned for: fanning antagonism and involving personal attacks.

Oh exempt?

That’s the end of it?

There’s no such thing as a trumpet. I’ve been working on a team of hundreds of trumpets to get on the hot seat!

I have no other choice but to use my head and ears!

Seal one for another, change the name on, the name is more than enough:

Neurotic Crew, Frogs See Worries, Iron Headed Waifs, You Don’t Go, I’m a Boxer Let Me Speak, A Handful of Dogs in Winter, Spinning Mushroom Puppets, Sand Sculpture Choir, Little Frogs Are Super Tasty, Pine Troupe Leader, Spicy Claws, Spicy Za, Nezha, Na Zha, Nezha, Spicy Zha ……

These trumpet comments unified format: I’m still Song Zhu’er, the following is my comment …… iron head wa stay.

Iron head wa that is really iron ah, a poem praised:

Iron body iron head.

The boxer shakes three times when he sees it.

What’s the name of the self-hating monster?

The three-headed, six-armed frog is sad!

The fighters were truly disgusted, but even more disgusting was yet to come.

Song Zhu’er was too busy to change her number frequently by herself, so she called a few team members to work overtime to impersonate Tie Tou Wa, which was so efficient that there were Tie Tou Wa doppelgangers everywhere.

Then, the netizens were inspired, more inexplicable accounts joined in, no matter who it is, back to the spraying female fists of the comments are: I’m still Song Zhu’er, the following is my comment …… Iron Head Wa stay.

Those who are too repressed to raise their heads have finally found the right way to open the scarf.

One iron head wa is blocked, thousands of iron head wa stand up.

Tonight, we are all Songzhu’er!

Even Xiao Zhen, who is in self-imposed isolation, has opened a large number and gone around to leave a comment: I am still Songzhu’er, and here are my comments. I’m really not Xiao Zhen, not Xiao Zhen, not Xiao Zhen. I came to see the fight, good fight! Iron head wa stay.

Sensei Tony: I’m still Song Zhu’er, here are my comments. Don’t block me, not in person. Ironhead wa stay.

Under the leadership of Iron Head Wa, surprisingly …… vaguely a bit of a counterattack, although very weak.

More importantly, iron head wa numerous and true and false difficult to distinguish, the neck has been sealed over.

On the other hand, a song was suddenly skewered on the jitterbug – “Song of Neuropathy”, this side of the boxing is less, sand sculpture is more, this song is naturally on fire.

The comments are all in this format:

I’m still Songzhu’er, here are my comments, I sing it really well myself! Ironhead wa stay.

I am still Song Zhu’er, here is my comment, Zhu’er and Tie Zhu match each other, together together! Tie Tou Wa stays.


Hendian, a hotel suite.

Li Tiezhu and Leng Ba were sitting opposite each other in the living room, and Leng Ba had already spoken for a little more than half an hour: ”Have you all remembered? Counterattacking is secondary, the main thing is to never, ever let them get the real handle! At present, those so-called ‘evidence’, the hype and fire can’t move you down, as long as you don’t make a mistake yourself.”

Li Tiezhu nodded: “I know.”

“My identity is too …… strange, I can’t help you speak this time, I can only privately use my relationship to help you. However, Zhao Liya what’s going on? Don’t even see her spraying those female fists, and still say it’s your friend? Or iron head wa cute. I’m telling you, this is called suffering to see true love!”

“Zhao Liya is too young, it’s better if she doesn’t get involved, and besides, she was the one who first told me it was Luo Feiyan.”


“The important thing you said is for me not to be impulsive?”

“Right! Because you have a previous record! In case you do what you did last time against Xiao Zhen, won’t that give people an advantage? Like dealing with the Yehnela kind won’t work either, you showing your face will only make them more rampant, right now you can only keep a low profile!”

“Thank you, Leng Ba.”

“Why are you calling me names again?”

Leng Ba’s eyes were a bit evasive, because, this time, she really saw a murderous aura, apple-flavoured murderous aura from Li Tiezhu’s eyes.

Li Tiezhu thought for a while and said, “I still don’t understand how they can make me not get the first place and discredit me? I think it will only make more people who are against female boxers to support me in the final.”

Leng Ba said, “It might be trying to push Good Voice to ban you, but it needs a solid handle, and that’s what you have to watch out for.”

Li Tiezhu didn’t think too much about it so he didn’t think about it, and today Zhang Xiaomeng sent a message:

This storm is not just for him Li Tiezhu alone, but Meteor and Monolith are ready to join forces to do away with the rising Penguin Culture, and in the end, it is a battle of capital interests.

The company’s attitude is even clearer: it must withstand this wave.

“Does she really like you?”

Suddenly, Leng Ba swiped his scarf to watch the iron head waifs fly around and asked in a pretence of carelessness.

“Huh?” Li Tiezhu froze before reacting, “You mean Hot Paw? She’s just deliberately disgusting those boxers, we’re buddies. You eat ……”

Leng Ba: “The cat didn’t!”

Li Tiezhu is a hehehe smile, and then once again received a “red star rabbit” WeChat: “The information has been collected, please ask Tiehouwa reliable?”


“That’s Song Zhu’er, is she reliable? She is really with you iron to help you out, or …… and damn want to be on the hot search?”

“Oh, Iron.”

“Then on the line, was ready to give you the information, but thought carefully, you are too weak to fight online, and it is not convenient to personally head out. We’re off to find Iron Headwa, just wait for the show.”

Li Tiezhu wondered, didn’t he say that he collected it and showed it to me? How come you went to find Song Zhu’er again? In the end what information ah? Mysterious ……

“Huh? Erha scarf unblocked! Has the bib got a conscience?”

Leng Ba suddenly burst with surprise.

Li Tiezhu was finally a little bit clear, obviously this is not the scarf conscience, but the “red star rabbit” down.

In fact, Li Tiezhu still guessed conservatively, not only is the red star rabbit down, even part of the penguin technical team have entered. Zhang Xiaomeng lead the line, otherwise the fighting force is not enough ah, after all, the boxing holy land of the neck has always been crooked ass.

Sand sculpture chorus leader-Song Zhu’er, the big scarf is updated again:

“This time I am really Song Zhu’er! Here’s my preview: starting in five minutes, to bring you boxers the real face of the three major boxers of the scarf, every ten minutes to update a post! The order of precedence is: bean juice, fruit juice, brain juice, the ranking should be in order. Please wait and see!”

There was no doubt that she had been rounded up again by the fighters, anyway, calling Song Zhu’er out on her sophistry, false accusations, rumours, etc., plus personal attacks.

Five minutes passed quickly, and at twelve o’clock sharp, Song Zhu’er’s new post was delivered on time:

Li Tiezhu you compose at ease, and do a good job on the last song prepared for the final. All things have me! I’ll take care of you!

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Attached are nine amazingly trippy screenshots with text detailing the pictures.

A long drought!

Fighting and handing bricks!

The thousands of Iron Headed Wa Sub-Wavers on Weibo who have suffered from the old punch, led by the Iron Headed Waver Chief Waver, blew the horn of counterattack!