The Rockstar Chapter 16

Li Tiezhu hailed at the octave box, then lifted the hem of his T-shirt and carefully wiped it until he confirmed that it was clean before putting it back down on the wooden table.

Then, Li Tiezhu glanced at the leader, then picked up the octave box again and quietly hid it under the pillow on the bed.

The leader was incredibly embarrassed for a moment, I’m not robbing your rags.

His rags, my treasure!

The leader was a man who had seen the world and had an extraordinary temperament.

Li Tiezhu has not seen the big world now, and he is slightly inferior.

The leader let out a sigh and was ready to start getting to the point.

“Hmph! Hullo …… oh hehe-”

Li Tiezhu’s old man, on the bed, issued a loud and not unattractive snoring, after all, every day to stay up all night to talk to Aunt Liu about work, is also very consuming …… energy …… thing.

The leader was startled: “So what, we won’t disturb this ‘worker’ to sleep, let’s go find a cafe to sign the contract!”

He is really do not know sleeping is Li Tiezhu his father, otherwise maybe have to wake up to talk.

Ten minutes later.

Li Tiezhu end of the so-called American-style iced coffee, very doubtful and inside and is cow shit, really hard to drink, the so-called Starbucks?

It’s not as good as Banhua’s milk tea!

In addition, through the introduction, Li Tiezhu learned the name of this hairy-faced man:

Zhang Xiaomeng.

The leader’s name was strangely cute.

“We, Penguin Music, are a sponsorship partnership with the Super Voice crew, so theoretically we have the right to release and sell the contestants’ songs on the platform. It’s just that you are different, your songs are all original, so you need to sign an additional copyright licence contract.”

Zhang Xiaomeng patiently explained.

Li Tiezhu listened in a cloud, completely unable to get the essence of the contract.

He had thought about the “agent” Qin Tao called over the “town”, but thought that the guy’s IQ is not much higher than his own, should still be in the stage of learning to be an agent, then gave up.

Zhang Xiaomeng concluded: “As of now, ‘People Like Me’ and ‘You Smile So Good’ have been purchased more than two million times, and after you sign up, you’ll receive our platform’s copyright share fee. In the future, as long as someone downloads and purchases to listen to your songs, you will receive new income.”


Got it got it got it ……

This guy is here to give away money!


“You guys aren’t worried about the recent internet debate about me copying Wine Pen’s work?”

“Not worried!”


“Because our technical …… amount, our business department, fully trusts Tie Zhu player your character, and is also clear about your growing environment! You’re an uncompromising genius, how could you possibly plagiarise a no-good songwriter?”

“Are you guys sure?”


“Good! Sign!”

Li Tiezhu picked up a pen and signed.

Not only sign these two songs, in the future the original song, all put penguin platform, this is also the strong desire of the platform leadership, Li Tiezhu did not have any excuses, is so straight.

There is nothing better than the affirmation of the penguin platform.

Nanshan Pizza Hut!

So, after getting Penguin’s “affirmation”, Li Tiezhu immediately chose to tie up with Penguin.

According to the contract, Li Tiezhu needs to go to the recording studio to re-record these two songs, after all, “People Like Me” is the live recording of the audition, and “You Smile So Beautiful” is also the live recording of the competition, which is not perfect.

Li Tiezhu said that he would cooperate, and after Zhang Xiaomeng learnt that Li Tiezhu was a real outsider, she said that the recording teacher and the platforms of arranging and scoring the songs would help to take care of it, and all he needed to do was to go and sing.

After leaving Starbucks and bidding farewell to Zhang Xiaomeng with a full beard, Li Tiezhu’s mobile phone received a bank text message:

The bank card arrived at 229,000 yuan.

Li Tiezhu’s hand trembled and he almost didn’t drop his mobile phone, Lenggildo?


At 5:45pm on the same day, Penguin Music posted the news of signing a long-term copyright contract with Li Tiezhu in a less visible corner.

Donghai, inside an office building.

Zhang Jianjun, a programmer, took out his mobile phone and prepared to order takeaway. It’s time to get off work, the pleasant life of overtime is about to start again, cheers, batters!

“Overtime again na?”

“Why are you so tired?”

“Aren’t you bald enough?”

Colleagues from work teased him as usual, with coaxing laughter.


Zhang Jianjun perfunctorily ordered takeout, put on his headphones, and then turned on Penguin Music, continuing the single song cycle of People Like Me.

As one of the earliest batch of the top-thedown nineties, Zhang Jianjun’s career had been a miserable one, and his emotional life had never been the same, so this song was practically tailor-made for him.

The first time Zhang Jianjun heard this song was the simple guitar-playing version by Li Tiezhu during that audition.

It was late at night on a late night after an extra shift, and the sea breeze was slightly salty.

Zhang Jianjun cried like a child by the window of the penultimate row of the bus, so frightened that the driver comforted him for half an hour.

Through this song, Zhang Jianjun, who has never been a star chaser, got to know Li Tiezhu, who finally has his own love bean. The name made Zhang Jianjun feel like he was in tune with his own character, and when he looked at Li Tiezhu’s status as a migrant worker, Zhang Jianjun, who also came from the countryside, felt even more close to him.

So much so that, when the Internet began to speculate on the plagiarism of Li Tiezhu, Zhang Jianjun also personally took to the battlefield with Xiao Zhen’s water army to tear the force.

Being an old spitter with a pretty fierce fighting force, Zhang Jianjun scolded those water armies, and was then taken in by an unorthodox gang called the Proper Gang.

As Zhang Jianjun himself is an old programmer and has had experience as a redditor, he was designated as the chief network security officer within the organisation, and was responsible for the construction and security management of Li Tiezhu’s support website.

As a result, Zhang Jianjun Benjun, who never watched variety shows, felt that overtime was meaningful for the first time.

In order to be able to watch “Li Tiezhu Explosive Red History” (Mistake: Super Voice) on time on Saturday, he worked overtime until late every day from Monday to Friday, in order to not have to go to the company on Saturday, so he could organise the gang in advance, and watch live broadcasts spraying the blacks in the evening in an organised and disciplined manner to protect his love for beans.

Today is Wednesday, of course, to work overtime properly!

In order to love beans!

Ollie gives!

With the music coming from his headphones, Zhang Jianjun, who had been working all day, felt empowered again, and he was ready to put down his mobile phone and continue his liver.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar name in the announcement below the Penguin Music page.

Li Tiezhu signed with Penguin Music?

Wasn’t the internet still copying Li Tiezhu for plagiarism? Has the copyright issue been cleared up?

Penguin Music is the undisputed leader of music in China, and even in East Asia.

There’s absolutely no way he’ll suffer a copyright loss.

So why did they resolutely choose to sign a copyright contract with Li Tiezhu at a time when Wine Pen was accusing Li Tiezhu of plagiarism?

Was it a mistake?

It couldn’t be.

Penguin is not known as the South Hill Pizza Hut for nothing.

The Frog with a Heart of Gold keeps rubbing your tummy!!!!

There is only one truth!

With a prancing motion, Zhang Jianjun bounced up from his workstation, grabbed his mobile phone and ran. What’s the point of working an extra shift! There were big things waiting for him to do!