The Rockstar Chapter 160 – 161

After these three big head hammer, the iron head doll chief wa also did not idle, the “red star rabbit” passed on the scattered information is also a and sent.

Her head is not good, but not stupid, she understands very well, now she is the only heat and hardness of the anti-boxer position, if she does not send, other people send it is difficult to have a good effect.

Who made her the iron-headed doll who could just stiffen the entire female fighter camp all by herself?

Talented and skeletal!

In fact, the boxers are not powerful and not scary, they are simply …… disgusting, disgusting to the extreme is also a kind of powerful.

It so happens that Song Zhu’er is the most unafraid of nausea, and then nausea you can have sister nausea?

Guan Gong plays a big sword in front of him!

Pine Bamboo believes in one truth – there is nothing difficult in the world but fear of shamelessness.

She, did it! Really did it!

As her graphic message after graphic message was posted online, the fighters’ anger gradually dissipated. Under the close watch of millions of Iron Headed Waifu Sub Waifu, those core professional fighters didn’t dare to venture out, and the female fighters became headless.

After all, people are selfish, hell knows how much real evidence Iron Headed Dolls have in their hands!

At three in the morning, the professional boxers pretended to be asleep and were silent. The rest of the group of cannon fodder boxers chattered and made a lot of noise, and no one cared.

Iron Headed Doll doesn’t play by the rules, we suspend business.

With a wave of her hand, Song Zhu’er let a few team members who had stayed up with dark circles under their eyes go back to rest, and that they would not work tomorrow. Then, she herself can not carry a little, stay up all night is not afraid, but afraid of tired ah, this night can be tired enough.

Looking in the mirror, Iron Head’s eye circles are also dark.


It was all worth it!

Who told you to bully my husband? Get lost!

Although I’m not sure if I’m going to pursue this piece of shit hanyou, …… is at least my prospective hanyou! And he wrote me a song, it’s super catchy!

Mamma mia, so tired!

Nezha fell back to sleep with a clunk, without taking off his clothes.

Scarf, jitterbugs, forced to, Tianya and other sites, all the iron head of the baby’s ding dong, tonight, a battle, can be described as a Jedi counterattack against a thousand years of history.

Although we all know that this is not Song Zhu’er’s credit alone, but can hold on to this part of the star who still has the strength to fight back, just her ah!

Head iron is different!

The first iron head child in heaven and earth across the ages was born! This is a miracle on the Internet!


The following day, Friday morning.

Before Li Tiezhu boarded the plane to go back to East China Sea, he called Song Zhu’er, “Hot Paw! You’re awesome, thank you! Hot Paw? Nezha? Bamboo Er? Iron head doll, doll ……”

Half a minute later, Song Zhu’er returned, “Hmph, it’s your fan red star rabbit awesome la …… Sister is still sleeping, you don’t push it I hood is not off it, annoyed to death, at night for me to do the Dongpo elbow and pink steamed pork ribs, hmmm … . yawn! At night I come to …… Donghai and sleep in your house.”

Li Tiezhu just wanted to refuse, and then figured out that the school is not in session on the weekend, so he flew to Donghai to see me participate in the finals tomorrow. However, it is not just that she does not want to study, she is still very righteous!

Li Tiezhu said, “Okay, add another papaya pig’s foot soup, you continue to sleep.”

“Put more papaya, I happen to want to increase my cup size, humph hollister ……”

“Hello? Pig! Bye!”

Li Tiezhu hung up the phone and started hugging the tablet to watch the news.

Last night, Iron Head Wa defeated the core main force of female boxers in one battle, and even more so, the other boxers were scared of everyone, and now only some unorganised wild fools were left barking.

However, many professionals said that this matter should still not be taken seriously.

Because, in addition to the core boxers, there are many hidden boxers in all walks of life, their boxing skills but usually do not show the mountains and not show, the key moment to a shuttle, the general public really can not carry.

Back to the East China Sea, Li Tiezhu first went to the recording studio, the soundtrack of several songs were recorded, he briefly listened to it, the quality is good.

Zhang Xiaomeng asked, “No problem, right?”

What he asked was certainly not the soundtrack.

Li Tiezhu knew what he was referring to, “Didn’t you keep an all-nighter last night? Is there a problem you don’t know?”

Zhang Xiaomeng stroked his beard, “So what I fell asleep in the middle of the night, mainly because the female fighters shrunk, but I’m afraid they’ll make a comeback.”

Li Tiezhu skimmed his lips, “I don’t care, anyway, there is a hot paw to help me on top, she has an iron head.”

Zhang Xiaomeng looked embarrassed, “Yeah! Never seen someone with such an iron head! Being scolded by the female fist for four whole days, but still managed to fight back with a jedi, tsk tsk …… thick skin!”

Li Tiezhu exclaimed, “She …… is self-taught. But this time thanks to her!”

“Is the crisis solved? I don’t think so, right?”

“You’re asking me? Who the hell is the agent? Penguin, I want a new agent!”

“Keep your voice down! I mean, you need to be careful, don’t go out, go straight to the game tomorrow, don’t make a mess. The trend of scarfing has been pretty much extinguished by Ironhead Wa.”

“So it boils down to my brother, what do you think your big penguin is good for?”

“Does providing sixty-eight programme apes last night count?”

“It counts ……”

After Li Tiezhu Dao Donghai Apartment, he persuaded the assistant who took care of Xiaojiu to go back on leave, and then began to hold Xiaojiu to practice the song, tomorrow’s battle will decide the ownership of the 30 points of intelligence value, which is still quite critical.

Although the scattered fighters are still barking on microblogging today, but it is no longer a climate, and Li Tiezhu does not want to pay attention to it.

Only, the boxers, although the three main forces by the iron head wa total wa and sub-warriors teamed up to burst, but in the end is still unconvinced, today also in the microblogging all kinds of attacks and denigration of Li Tiezhu and Songzhu’er.

The most central one is, Song Zhu’er chasing Li Tiezhu this scum.

While simmering pig’s foot soup while warming the song, Li Tiezhu’s little life is also quite free.


At five o’clock, the doorbell rang.

Outside the door, Tetsuwa pushed two immense, immense boxes.

“Coming. Huh …… you just come, why do you bring so many gifts?”

Li Tiezhu was flattered.

Song Zhu’er immediately hit her face, “Are you brain-dead? This box of gifts is for the contestants and the stars who are there to cheer you on, you didn’t give them last time! Even the reporters who interviewed you have to give gifts, otherwise what if they hack you? It’s the usual routine. Didn’t Miss Leng Ba tell you? She’s not one of us after all! Not reliable!”

Li Tiezhu lifted it away and went to carry another box, “So many gifts?”

Song Zhu’er: “This box is for the tutors and the programme team, I know you’re not happy with some of the tutors, and you’re not smooth with the programme team. But you have to make an appearance, right? I’ve told you that showbiz is not just about singing and dancing, there are also human relationships!”

Li Tiezhu inexplicably touched: “How …… much money? A total?”

Song Zhu’er: “You talk to me about money? Look down on who? I, Pine Bamboo Er Ben Bamboo, Iron Head dolls total wa, subwa thousands and thousands of them, minutes to let you die without a burial place! Talk to me about money, you deserve it?”