The Rockstar Chapter 162

Song Zhu’er gave Li Tiezhu a detailed description of how the gifts were distributed before sitting in the sofa.

Li Tiezhu handed her a cup of hot milk tea, knowing that she was coming, Li Tiezhu ordered a takeaway in advance: ”Thank you! So many things, how much did it cost? I’ll transfer it to you.”

Song Zhu’er hugged the milk tea and swiped her mobile phone, “My fans gave it to me, didn’t spend any money. Wow! This black my more creative, said I two years ago when I studied abroad, with several foreign men have been in love, with foreign men rooming that and knocking big – hemp. The photo P can be well, actually also beauty face!”

Li Tiezhu sat next to her to see: “Beauty? No, right? You look better in reality than in the photo.”

Song Zhu’er nodded her head repeatedly, “Or you have an eye!”

Li Tiezhu: “I’m stupid, not blind. Do you really play so crazy abroad?”

“Yeah! Schools abroad are not very serious classes, we also often go to underground bars to play crazy. However, I haven’t been in love is all, and, I’m still a virgin now.”

“Erm …… change the subject.”

“You don’t believe me? I ……”

“I believe! So what …… they hack you so much, you don’t fight back?”

“Of course I will, I’m just free here, right?”

Tie Tou Wa started to get serious, looking at those bibs that hacked her while constructing a counterattack in her head.

Li Tiezhu didn’t bother her, concentrating on making the steamed meat to go.


A high-end coffee house, in a private room.

Luo Feiyan was drinking Blue Mountain, and opposite Yehenara was carrying a cup of cat shit.

Putting down the cup, Luo Fei Yan smiled: ”Ha! If it goes well, I’ll go and sue Li Tiezhu today for attempted female rape plus molestation, although it won’t be successful, it will definitely be filed. As long as he’s involved in this kind of case, the programme team will be able to block him in name only. I didn’t expect Tiehouwa to be so hard! Tsk tsk ……”

Yehenara had a dark face, “I fucking posted the scarf in support of them last night on the front foot, and she fucked all three of those fighters to death on the back foot, quite literally! Even I had bad luck!”

Luo Feiyan said, “Calm down, it’s just a few female fighters? Who doesn’t get eaten in a game of chess?”

Yehenala took a sip of cat shit coffee, “You continue to sue Li Tiezhu, is it still okay?”

Luo Feiyan shook her head, “No! If Female Fist had won, it would have been a windfall and he would have been nailed to death. Now that Female Fist has lost, there’s no point in me suing again, what if he backhandedly sues me for defamation?”

“Then what now?”

“There’s still a back-up plan. In short, try to stop him from participating in the finals. When you’ve reached this point in the fight, you can lose, but you must not retreat.”

“How sure is the new plan?”

“Thirty percent? Fifty percent? Anyway, the chances won’t be too great, depending on whether Li Tiezhu is a really good person or a hypocrite.”

“What if this doesn’t work out for you?”

“What are you afraid of? If I lose, I’ll let him win the championship, and I’ll mess things up again. It’s not like I really want to kill him anyway, I just want to snatch him to Meteor, and it’s okay for him to win the title. Besides, why are you being so aggressive? It’s not like you’re the Boulder Boss. You really want to screw Li Tie Zhu, right? Go for it! While he’s still not my dog.”

“I ……”

Yehenara was suddenly speechless, I fucking messed up so much with you and you fucking ended up wanting him instead of destroying him?

Luo Fei Yan didn’t care about Yehenara’s thoughts at all, she picked up her mobile phone and dialled, “I’ll ask him if he’s willing to come to Meteor. If he doesn’t come, let the boxer beat him every day.”

Yehenara froze, you just called someone after hacking them?

The phone connected, it was a female voice:

“Luo Fei Yan grass mud horse! What are you calling for?”

“Are you fucking …… Song Zhu’er? Where’s Li Tiezhu? I want to talk to him.”

“He’s cooking and doesn’t want to talk to you. Grass mud horse!”

“You’re nuts, aren’t you?”

“Fuck you!”


Luo Fei Yan was so angry that her nostrils flared wide, this Nima Tiehou Wa has a pit in his brain, right? I called Li Tiezhu and you answered it! And also scolded me!

Soon, the mobile phone rang, an unfamiliar number called.

Could it be her?

Luo Feiyan hesitated, but still answered it.

“Luo Fei Yan! Cursed horse! This is my number, save it so I can scold you later. Grass mud horse!”


Sure enough, hesitation will defeat ……

Luo Feiyan hated her own cheap hands and decisively blacklisted this number, then seeing Yehenara stifling her laughter on the opposite side, she became even more angry!

Song Zhu’er, right? Lao miang remember you!

She gritted her teeth and opened the scarf to see how the progress of hacking Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er was going, and found that she was @, it was Song Zhu’er. Still looking for me on the scarf? On a public platform, there’s always no cursing, right?

Luo Feiyan clicked in.

Song Zhu’er’s scarf: I knew you were going to click in to see it! Grass mud horse! @LuoFeiYan

Luo Fei Yan was so angry that she dropped her mobile phone, scaring Yehnela.


On the scarf, the three major boxers didn’t speak out anymore, and the other professional boxers also chose Gou, and the cannon fodder boxers are still active but not very useful. However, today came a set of newcomers to hack Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er.

Black Li Tiezhu is very funny, mainly those things in the past, the new point of view is only one, sounds terrible – Li Tiezhu insulted the hero.

As a result, what they said was that Li Tiezhu was insulting the heroes by using the image of a rabbit as a substitute for the support army. Anyone who held this view was whacked by Li Tiezhu’s fans.

Black Songzhu’er’s to her private life rotten as well as rotten that cross mainly, basically are P’s picture and some paragraph writers write the text. This is not too good to refute, after all, who in reality do not know Song Zhuer.

But Song Zhu Er is very just, direct neck claimed these “crimes”, and then said to them: you are right, so quickly kneel down and shout dad.

The scarf is like this:

That’s right! I Song Zhu’er has had ten foreign boyfriends abroad, slept with more than thirty, and drank a lot of wine and got high on that! I’m the one you all worship! I’ve slept with more foreign men than you’ve ever seen, so I’m the King of Boxers! Why don’t you kneel down and call your father? Why are you still attacking me? Why don’t you lick me?

So if I had done those things, you wouldn’t be spraying me like this. Thank you all for proving my innocence! I’m such a logic geek!

The comment section was even more laugh-out-loud funny, mocking the female boxer in every way.

Thank you, Female Fighter, for proving Song Zhu’er’s innocence!

A lot of those who didn’t know Song Zhu’er still almost believed certain black materials, as a result, Song Zhu’er easily cleared her name, or a group of female fists helped her to clear her name.

The black Song Zhu’er failed, they began to black Song Zhu’er public scolding, no quality. In response to Song Zhu’er cursing Luo Fei Yan that one neck. Song Zhu’er is more just, backhand is another neck, pure three words:

The grass mud horse! @Luo Fei Yan

Strangely enough, more and more people liked and followed Song Zhu’er, and even when she publicly cursed, there was a crowd of supportive voices below.

This time, the female fist fiasco was completely over, ending with Iron Head Wa’s complete victory.

With this wave, Song Zhu’er gained the goodwill of many male fans, and her popularity, which was often hacked, began to skyrocket!