The Rockstar Chapter 163

“All my Shakeology followers have gone up so much! It’s all guys! I’m finally …… liked by the hunks!”

Song Zhu’er spent the night hugging her phone to see the number of followers grow.

Not long ago, her scarf was blocked.

Having lost the help of Red Star Rabbit and Penguin’s technical team, the scarf went straight down and was permanently blocked. Song Zhu’er wasn’t afraid and turned to Jitterbug.

The TV is playing Super Training Camp, Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er don’t really watch it.

Li Tiezhu is also idle, accompanying her to lie on the sofa to brush the mobile phone, he has changed a 20G package, a little traffic. Li Tiezhu brushes on his mobile phone – homework help.

Li Tiezhu: “But, this time you also dropped a lot of female fans.”

Song Zhu’er said, “You don’t understand! I’m an actress, of course it’s more important to suck in male fans! What does it matter if women like me? It’s only when men love to watch that my pay and curiosity can go up.”

“Okay, this Past Passive Grammar is so hard, can you explain it to me?”

“No time! I’m going to post another jitterbug, almost five million followers. One day I’ll surpass you!”

“How easy it is to increase your fans! You and I will make a collabo that will instantly catch fire, and I’ll tell you, I’m super hot in Jitterbites.”

“Hey yeah! Come come come ……”

A few minutes later, Song Zhu’er jitterbug update, video content:

Song Zhu’er was at Li Tiezhu’s house in the middle of the night – giving Li Tiezhu a tutorial on English grammar, and Li Tiezhu listened to it with his eyes starring and confused.

This video quickly caught fire.

Because it must fire so many elements.

Song Zhu’er herself was on fire, plus a Li Tiezhu, and the two of them were still alone in a room together, and as a result, they were actually tutoring their homework? Song Zhu’er study so good? The two of them are still alone in the same room, but the result is that they are actually tutoring. Song Zhu’er lives in Li Tiezhu’s place? Tomorrow is going to be the sand sculpture choir leader again?

And the most crucial thing is …… you guys together right!

Eight out of ten in the comments section:

“Match! Together!”

Matsutakeer replied, “We are together! Studying together yet! Go for your senior year! Punch the duck!”

Qin Tao wanted to learn from Li Tiezhu and forcefully rubbed his face in the powder.

Yundeshe Xiaotaozi: So love fades right? @LiTieZhu.

Li Tiezhu: It will.

Of course, this is Song Zhu’er take Li Tiezhu’s mobile phone back, let a crowd of sand sculpture netizens heartache Qin Tao many seconds.

Li Tiezhu has given up on grammar and hugged his English book to memorise the words.

Song Zhu’er was excited: ”Ooohhh! It’s over five million! Make a phone call to celebrate!”

Li Tiezhu: “Celebrate with whom?”

The phone didn’t go through.

Song Zhu’er: “Huh! It’s been blacked out.”

Li Tiezhu: “Oh, she ah.”

Song Zhu’er changed a mobile phone to call, not long after the connection: “Grass mud horse! I have two mobile phones! The grass mud horse! You didn’t hang up, because you thought I would hang up first, right? Fuck you!”

Then, Song Zhu’er hung up quickly, not giving the other party a chance to speak.

“Hahahahahaha! What a blast!”

Song Zhu’er crossed her arms and laughed.

Li Tiezhu couldn’t understand what was so cool about her and continued to memorise the words.

“Give me the mobile phone.”


Matsutakele dialled again, putting it on speakerphone.

“Li Tiezhu …….”

“Grass mud horse! It’s still Laozi! Didn’t expect it, did you? Cursed mud horse!”



New phone, forget about dropping it!

Luo Feiyan endured a hand, after all, changing mobile phones is quite troublesome, mainly to copy photos and videos. There are so many photos of little puppies and wolf dogs stored inside her mobile phone, as well as videos of dog walking and what not.

Her Lamborghini is parked on a remote road tooth, sitting next to a quiet, dry and thin girl, not too old twenty or so.

“Fuckin’ Song Zhu’er! I’ll get you sooner or later!”

Luo Fei Yan cursed and put down his mobile phone, with a hideous face looked at the girl next to him, “Nima pussy tomorrow if you can’t do it right, I’ll even get you a piece!”

The girl rested her glasses and said, “Don’t worry, Miss, I will do a good job! As long as there is money, I am not afraid of pain! Moreover, from the information I’ve learnt, he’s really an honest person, especially focusing on filial piety. So, in fact, the probability of this plan succeeding is extremely high, almost 100%!”

She was a reporter of a portal website, responsible for the entertainment section, and she knew Li Tiezhu very well now.

Luo Feiyan nodded with satisfaction, took out a bank card and handed it to the female reporter: “Two hundred thousand, the other eight hundred thousand will be credited to the card after success.”

The female reporter took the bank card, got off and left.

Luo Feiyan’s phone rang again, another unfamiliar number, she didn’t dare to pick it up and hung up directly.

Then the other party sent a message:

“Miss Luo, I’m Lucas, the new liaison sent by the Petri dish fund, this is my number in China.”

Only then did Luo Feiyan dial a number:

“Mr Lu, sorry for just being busy. What is it that you’re looking for me for? Over in Xiangjiang? Oh, understood. The newspapers and magazines in my hand will keep up with the overseas media reports in the first place, don’t worry. We’re all MiBs, no need to be polite!”

Hanging up the phone, she found that someone was shaking @ her, or Song Zhu’er, she didn’t want to go see it, but it always felt wrong, so she clicked in.

Song Zhu’er jitterbug directly hang pictures composed of video:

Hang the perfect life of Miss Luo Fei Yan.

Here are a few pictures, Luo Feiyan comes from a wealthy family, into the rice nationality, and has taken over the meteor group evidence. When Luo Feiyan was studying in college abroad, she had photos of as many as a dozen foreign little milk dogs.

The last thing is mockery: just such a person, and still say that Li Tiezhu will make a move on her? It’s you who has an exhibitionist fetish, right? @LuoFeiYang.

The picture of raising a small puppy is certainly not hard evidence, there is room for manipulation and whitewashing.

But what Luo Fei Yan was upset about was that her life had been exposed, and her own participation in a programme she had invested in and getting good grades would also be said to be an inside job. Damn Song Zhu’er!

But she couldn’t care about that right now, after all, managing a huge company, she was actually quite busy.

At 2.30am, just after falling asleep the phone rang again.


“Fuck you! How come you didn’t pull the plug on me? Fuck you! I’ll just get up and shush. Fuck you!”



Luo Fei Yan Teng climbed up and pulled this number black, she was busy before and forgot about it. After pulling black Song Zhu’er again, she lost sleep ……


At ten o’clock the next day, Li Tiezhu dragged Song Zhu’er out of bed to drink congee.

“Why are you calling me so early?”

Song Zhu’er, wearing Kumamoto Bear pyjamas and a cocktail head, started to dial the phone, which didn’t get through, and was indeed blacked out.

She had to put down the phone and start drinking congee.

Li Tiezhu: “It’s still early? I’ve been memorising words for hours! Wasn’t it you who said you’d go to the competition with me? The final is to meet at the TV station at eleven, and there’s some kind of event in the afternoon.”

“Oh, right ho! It’s your last competition, how can I not go?”

Song Zhu’er remembered this, finished the porridge in three or two mouthfuls, went to wash her hair, and after washing came out to let Li Tiezhu blow her hair. She also does not wear make-up, plain face, tied a pill head and changed clothes to go out.

Zhang Xiaomeng personally drove them to the TV station, with two large boxes of gifts in the boot.

For Song Zhu’er to follow and mix in, the programme director didn’t say anything, she followed Li Tiezhu to the backstage rest area and greeted the other four contestants.

“Hello Yi Xiaomao, you dance really spooky! Fun.”

“Sister Liya! Give me a hug, have you insisted on rubbing your breasts recently? How come it doesn’t feel bigger?”

“Hello Justin, your Chinese is so funny.”

“Luo Fei Yan, grass mud horse!”

The black-eyed Luo Fei Yan was furious, last night he caused me to lose sleep, and today he insulted me in public? The programme team and the contestants are all there! If it wasn’t for being stopped by her assistant, she would have rushed up and ripped Song Zhu’er’s mouth off.

However, let you be arrogant for a while! When Li Tiezhu is blocked, I’ll see how you can be smug!