The Rockstar Chapter 164

Hong Bo came in with a folder and was about to give the contestants the flow of today’s match when he heard Song Zhu’er’s national curse, and while his heart was secretly happy, he was also sweating for her.

Luo Fei Yan is technically considered one of his investors, this woman is not a mere star, her background and resources are not comparable to Song Zhu’er. Hong Bo hated relationship contestants the most, but Luo Fei Yan was even more disgusting, she participated in her own invested programme by herself.

The other contestants even never expected Song Zhu’er to be so rigid, Iron Head Doll is different.

Yi Xiaomao snorted, really can not help it, fat face scarlet.

Justin’s mouth is so open that it can be stuffed with an ostrich egg, and he directly dislikes the face and curses it.

Zhao Liya laughed out loud and even high fived Song Zhu’er, there was no way she was afraid of Luo Fei Yan. The two of them were quite tacit understanding, and said together after the high five:

“Grass mud horse! Hahaha!”

Luo Fei Yan rushed two steps and was pulled back by her assistant, staring viciously at Song Zhu’er and Zhao Liya.

Zhao Liya had a look of contempt.

Song Zhu’er rolled up her sleeves and seemed to be about to deliver a physical punishment strike.

“Alright, go over there and eat the fruit, good boy.”

Li Tiezhu yanked back Song Zhu’er and reached out to rub her pill head.

Only then did Song Zhu’er walk away with her chin raised, muttering under her breath, “She is absolutely unable to beat me! I have studied this aspect of fighting. Hmph! Grass mud horse!”

Li Tiezhu said to Zhao Liya again, “Why are you also following suit? How’s the song coming along?”

Zhao Liya smiled and said, “Wait and listen!”

Hong Bo smiled bitterly and said to Song Zhu’er who walked by, “Zhu’er, don’t curse in my show.”

Song Zhu’er smiled cheekily, “It won’t be filmed, don’t worry Old Hong! I’m an old cunt.”

Hong Bo: “……”

Next, Hong Bo briefly introduced the flow of the competition, as well as a media conference at 2pm, which all of the top five had to attend.

The conference was not only to warm up for tonight’s finals, but also to advertise for The Voice National Tour afterwards, with online ticket sales already underway.

The tour was divided into six stops, which were the cities where the six regions were held, Donghai, Kyoto, Yuezhou, Jiangxia, Shudu and Lijia Po. The four mentors and the top ten contestants will all participate, and some special guests will also be invited.

Li Tiezhu wanted to go back to school earlier, but it was not realistic, after all, participating in The Voice was a signed contract. Besides, there is money to be gained from participating in the concert.

Six concerts for a total of twelve days, fortunately, the last stop is Shudu. Li Tiezhu after singing can still rush back to school in eleven to prepare for the cultural performance, to give the little prince of the contrary wind a long face.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the launch site is particularly lively.

Has been open for a full hour, the first half hour is Hong Bo speech, the second half hour is an interview.

Almost every reporter had to ask questions about Li Tiezhu, after all, although he hadn’t appeared in Super Training Camp for a week, the internet was full of legends about him.

The key is, he also made the female fighters, who are God stopping God stopping Buddha, lose a rare defeat, which really makes people curious.

Li Tiezhu had also long been prepared.

“The contract of the A Diao Fund, there is on the official website of the fund, you are welcome to check it out, but anyone with a normal brain will not believe those rumours.”

“Female boxing, they are like the killers of the previous years, I have a few classmates who used to be killers, and then regretted it, and naturally woke up when they were older. The hateful ones are not the ordinary boxers, but those professional boxers.”

“Molesting Luo Fei Yan? No, no, no, actually she could have sued me, why didn’t she sue me or withdraw from the match? You guys should ask her, not me.”

“Iron Head Doll Song Zhu’er? That’s right! She and I haven’t known each other long, but she’s a very righteous girl.”

“Bamboo-er after me? Not yet, we’re still in school, early love is not good.”

“Yes, I’ll be taking the art exams, my initial goal is Peking and Chinese theatre, I’ll be attending classes and stuff, right? Hot paw, Bamboo has given me a lot of advice, she’s been helping me.”

“Birthday? Right! Today is my birthday, my eighteenth birthday, a bar mitzvah! I want to celebrate my birthday with a championship.”

“Are the female fighters miserable? Is Beanjuice’s green husband and sacrificed father upset with her? Should they applaud Beanjuice’s words and actions? That’s a bit of a crooked arse question you’ve got there!”

“Yes, Juice and Brain Juice got a court summons, and I sued along with Matsutakeer! Juice organised the sale of Y and Brain Juice insulted the heroes, does the law forgive them?”

“Admiral Zhao Tianhua? Lia’s grandfather? He pushed the authorities to investigate the female fists’ collusion with outside forces? I applaud, what else do you think? Do you see it differently?”

“Song Zhu’er cursed? That’s right! But I think that she’s cute even when she curses!”

On the other hand, acting sensation Luo Fei Yan was crying when she was interviewed.

“Song Zhu’er scolded me? Yeah, she even called to scold me, I don’t even know why …… calling~ I didn’t falsely accuse Li Tiezhu, it’s just that his plot wasn’t too bad, so I held my tongue.”

“Messy private life abroad? No, it’s all to whitewash someone, the water armies make rumours.”

“I’m the daughter of the old boss of Meteor, but I didn’t take over the Meteor Group, I’m only twenty-two years old, ah, how can I afford to hold up a group? And in the company, I’m just an ordinary artiste without any privileges.”

“There’s no such thing as plastic surgery! Breast augmentation is even more impossible, I can’t even stand the air in the countryside, how could I possibly tolerate silicone?”

“Li Tiezhu? I’d better not say anything, he’s so popular, I dare not say anything ……”

The interview ended, the contestants left the field, but the reporters still did not stop, chasing the contestants for interviews, chasing and chasing a lot of reporters naturally fell off the bandwagon.

Li Tiezhu followed by the most reporters around, he also answered a sentence and a half from time to time, has reached the backstage, Li Tiezhu’s side only a few reporters.

“May I ask, do you think women should have equal rights with men?”


“Then why are you still fighting female fighters with Matsujul? Is it okay to be so hypocritical?”


“Does your mum know you discriminate against women?”


Li Tiezhu glanced at a female reporter who seemed to be civilised.

The female reporter held her glasses and asked again, “Is your mother’s grave in a ravine? Is there a stream next to it?”

Li Tiezhu stopped and fixed his eyes on the female reporter.

There was also only one female reporter and two photographers left in the surroundings, the others had already been stopped by the staff, but these three had slipped in.

The female reporter’s glasses reflected, and her expression was inexplicably hideous: “Hey! A netizen said he found your mum’s grave and asked me if I wanted to rent an excavator! Heh heh heh, I’ve hit it with all the money. Don’t you miss her? Dig it up and show it to you.”

Grass mud horse!!!

Li Tiezhu’s eyes instantly filled with blood, crimson!

With one step, he reached over and pinched the female reporter’s neck. At this moment, he had no sense to speak of, only the purest and most primitive thoughts – to crush the neck of this bitch!

The female reporter laughed.

She knew that Li Tiezhu hit a woman and could definitely be blocked!