The Rockstar Chapter 165

Time went back to half a minute ago, and the top five contestants returned to the backstage lounge escorted by the staff. The reporters around Luo Feiyan and the other contestants were all stopped, leaving only Li Tiezhu walking at the end with one still following him, while the staff were far away from him, obviously having been arranged.

“Then why are you still striking female fighters with Song Zhu’er? Is it good to be so hypocritical?”

“Does your mum know you discriminate against women?”

“Is your mum’s grave in a ravine? Is there a stream next to it?”

Several of the contestants were confused when they heard that last female reporter’s words and stopped to look.

The corner of Luo Fei Yan’s mouth hooked up into a smile, then a figure came up to her and even took a mobile phone to film her.

“Grass mud horse! Barfing ……”

Song Zhu’er floated over and nibbled on an apple to shoot Li Tiezhu.

She was waiting at the door of the lounge, but when she heard the female reporter mention her name, she opened her mobile phone to film and walked over, ready to film it for Shivering Sound, and by the way, she scolded Luo Fei Yan one more time.

“Hey! Some netizens said they found your mum’s grave and asked me if I want to rent a digger! Heh heh, I’ve hit it with all the money. Don’t you miss her? Dig it up and show it to you.”

The female reporter uttered her last words.

Li Tiezhu instantly stormed out, taking a step out and reaching for the female reporter’s throat, mad dog-like.


A mobile phone flew and smashed into the female reporter’s head, and the female reporter fell down with a sound.

Li Tiezhu’s hand grabbed an empty hand, suddenly a coolness leaped up on his back, cold sweat in the summer. He stiffly twisted his head to look, not far away Luo Feiyan showed a disappointed expression.

“I grass mud horse!”

At the same time, Song Zhu’er flew past Li Tiezhu, a flying kick on the stomach of the female reporter who hadn’t climbed up yet, then very skilfully grabbed the female reporter’s hair and threw it towards the side.

Bang ……

Female reporter’s head hit the wall, Song Zhu’er mouth holding half an apple, the old fist fell out of the sharp moves, hit the female reporter wailed endlessly.

The cameraman is still filming, he is a little confused.

Before said Li Tiezhu hit her, he just shoot, shoot the more detailed the better, that Song Zhu’er hit her? Not rehearsed ah, forget it, shoot it first.

Soon, the female reporter crawled and ran, and the photographer followed.

Song Zhu’er didn’t chase, picked up the phone with the broken screen, turned her head to look at Luo Fei Yan, her eyes showed a fierce light, and then walked towards her.

Luo Feiyan turned and ran, not running waiting to be beaten?

Zhao Liya, who was leaning against the wall, stretched her leg.


Luo Feiyan was tossed and fell over, her hairstyle falling apart in a mess.

Song Zhu’er rushed over furiously, then, Li Tiezhu pulled her hand. Song Zhu’er looked at Li Tiezhu suspiciously, Li Tiezhu shook his head in silence, he was now clear-headed.

The old home is full of relatives and relatives, if they dare to move the grave, they will be killed by the villagers alive.

Therefore, this whore is Luo Feiyan sent to mess with his mind, as long as he does it, he will sit on the crime of beating women, and then the programme group blocked him is also justified, and the female boxing will be resurrected…….

In fact, they have already succeeded, fortunately, Song Zhu’er grabbed the first step, otherwise Li Tiezhu will really be doomed.

A woman beating a woman and a man beating a woman are two completely different things. Moreover, Song Zhu’er had already been fighting a lot, and everyone was already used to it.

Over there, Luo Feiyan rolled and crawled into the lounge.

Yi Xiaomao and Justin also left with the staff, Zhao Liya looked at the two holding hands, nodded towards Li Tiezhu, and also left.

Only Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er, who were holding hands, were left in the passageway.

Song Zhu’er moved her hand for a moment, switching to a ten-finger clasp, squeezing hard, and then continued to eat her apple.

Li Tiezhu smiled slightly, receiving her relief and encouragement.

“Don’t worry Hot Paw, I’m fine, thank you.”

“You compensate me for a mobile phone.”


“The show’s apples aren’t sweet, barf ……”

“There’s no point in punching Luo Fei Yan, it’s impossible to leave any evidence in this matter.”

“But it’s possible to have a good time!”

“Heh! I’m afraid that the staff will pull off a fight and hurt you. And if she gets hit, she’s bound to sell sympathy and you’ll still be targeted.”

“No fear, I have an iron head.”

Song Zhu’er threw the apple towards the distant rubbish bin without throwing it in.

The clasped ten fingers were tightly closed.

Frankly speaking, Li Tiezhu heart is beating very fast, touched and at the same time there is a strange emotion that has never been experienced.

The thick-skinned Song Zhu’er also reddened, her palms sweating slightly.


No one moved their eyes away for a second, two seconds, three seconds ……

There is a tacit understanding called heart-to-heart, and a kind of ensemble is a synchronised heartbeat.

Li Tiezhu pulled Song Zhu’er towards the lounge, “Next time let me help you throw, you are not allowed.”

Song Zhu’er: “I don’t like apples.”

“Then you still eat it?”



In the lounge, Hong Bo and the staff were like enemies, Luo Fei Yan’s assistants even surrounded her, fearing that Li Tiezhu would make a mistake, and even more fearful that Song Zhu’er would hit someone.

However, what they waited for were two people who were talking and laughing, or walking in hand in hand.

“How about stir-fried snail, cold eat rabbit, dry pot ribs?”

“You’re making me even hungrier, cheers for the competition.”

“Don’t worry, the champion didn’t run away.”

Saying that, Li Tiezhu loosened Song Zhu’er’s hand, pushed her towards the assistant rest area, and touched her pill head.

Song Zhu’er was extraordinarily well-behaved this time, “Oh! Then I’m going to eat.”

Li Tiezhu laughed before turning his head to look at Hong Bo and the contestants, walking slowly over, and eventually coming to stand in front of Luo Feiyan.

Hong Bo nervously ran over to stop Li Tiezhu: “Tiezhu! Don’t be impulsive.”

Li Tiezhu ignored him and stared at Luo Fei Yan: “I don’t have any evidence in this matter, and I don’t need evidence.”

Saying this, he walked back to his seat and sat down.

Hong Bo wiped his sweat and went back to the front, using his fastest speed to talk about the flow and rules of tonight’s competition again, then sent the five contestants back to their respective dressing rooms.

Li Tiezhu took Song Zhu’er and Zhang Xiaomeng to his own dressing room.

Song Zhu’er ate snacks all the way, like a little squirrel.

Zhang Xiaomeng nagged to give Li Tiezhu a few more assistants, and when he encountered this kind of thing again in the future, the assistants solved it directly, otherwise Li Tiezhu in case of the head, and there is no Song Zhu’er by the side of the words ……

Li Tiezhu was silent, he finally saw today how dirty the entertainment industry can be, how no lower limit.

He did not pay attention to the rambling Zhang Xiaomeng, but entered into the system to warm up the song, tonight must take the championship, it has nothing to do with the system tasks.

Current intelligence value: 99 points.

Remaining Intelligence Value: 8 points. (20 points spent on purchasing five new songs)

Musical Achievements: 259 points. (Songs for the Nervous up some achievements)

Variety Achievement: 262 points.

Film and TV Achievements: 55 points. (Guest starring in Brother My Nima, up 50 points)

Shake fans: 27.41 million.

Cat Domestication: 25%.

Tonight, ending off the cat breeding project and dropping 10 IQ points is perfectly fine!