The Rockstar Chapter 166

On the evening of 17 September 2016, at 7:45pm, the Grand Final of The Super Voice began.

After thanking the titleholders and after the curtain call, host Shao Hua talked about the rules of the competition:

“…… The finals will not eliminate contestants, there will be three rounds of competition, the first round is a qualifying round, voted by the audience at the venue, with the number of votes determining the order of appearance in the next round. After the second round, a fifteen-minute national audience vote begins to determine the top three. The fourth and fifth places are decided directly based on the number of votes. The third round of singing, with the final vote determining the first runner-up and second runner-up ……”

The final round of the competition, that is, the most tense and exciting battle for the title, is also the curtain call competition with the nature of a performance.


As usual, Chuanle organised a prestigious live broadcast from the large venue, where thousands of students turned up to watch, with not enough seats and many bringing their own ponies.

This is an old tradition of the school, because there are many Chuanle students in the previous five finals, the most awesome is the previous year to cover the top three. This year is more tragic, there is not a Chuan music student in the top five, but it is not without origin.

Sixteen and a half year old Zhao Liya, whose parents are both professors of Chuan Le, she is very likely to rely on Chuan Le in the future, so it is also a kind of elder sister to cheer on the future sister.

Let a person regret is …… creative ghost talent Li Tiezhu surprisingly do not want to test music colleges and universities, I heard that to go to the examination of the Nortel Chinese theatre, it is simply a betrayal of the fate of the grid!

But see in his is Xichuan wa son’s sake, or support it.

The opening of The Voice was playing in the big venue, but Shaohua’s voice was suddenly turned down, and a figure of forty or so years old and graceful walked onto the stage and took the microphone and began to speak:

“Hello students, I’m only a professor of the piano department, Liu Wan Yun, tonight I’ll be the one to show you this competition ……”

This is also a feature of Chuanle’s good sound live broadcast, each time a professor with strong professional ability to live guidance, teaching and fun. In between the competitions, the professor would analyse a lot of professional knowledge for the students, and there would also be some simple interactive discussion sessions.

For Liu Wan Yun, the students gave a warm applause, she was one of the best piano playing professors in the whole school, and Zhao Liya had almost completely inherited her talent.

After a brief introduction last night, Liu Wan Yun laughed, “Don’t be psychologically burdened, I won’t let you vote for Zhao Liya, she doesn’t deserve it.”

The students laughed, thinking that this Professor Liu was quite humorous, hacking up her own daughter so adorably.

In the front row, some school leaders and professors who came voluntarily also laughed heartily, Zhao Liya was Admiral Zhao Tianhua’s jewel in the palm of his hand, only Liu Wan Yun dared to talk about her like this, even her father Zhao Muye didn’t dare. Thus, everyone unconsciously looked at Zhao Muo Ye who was also seated.

Zhao Muo Ye was smiling and sighed in his heart, she really wasn’t self-black, she was really black!

Definitely setting off that what’s-his-name Tie Zhu again!

Sure enough, Liu Wanyun said: “Zhao Liya is not hardworking, in addition to playing the piano is not bad, do what what can not. Her singing skills are mediocre, and her songwriting is even at the level of a primary school student. She can go to the final, all rely on her popularity than other contestants, took advantage. Compared to my family …… Compared to my family Zhao Liya, contestant Li Tiezhu is the real powerhouse.”

The students heckled, Professor Liu is so modest! Zhao Liya was so good, she wasn’t proud either.

Zhao Muye ground his teeth, “Drink! TUI~”


Abroad, Oil Can broadcasted the match, attracting tens of millions of Aien Peila Lee’s fans to watch.

It was a regular broadcast, signed a contract and paid money, and even, they had a host who was fluent in Chinese and English, translating the whole thing.

The reason is very simple, not so much that The Voice is hot abroad, but Ayn Pella is hot abroad. Li Tiezhu’s popularity is highest in western countries such as rice, followed by Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Initially because of the “Chasing Dreams Red Heart” and the rabbit animation, and then the image of his ghostly eyes during the audition spread extremely high, and finally, with his “East Wind Break”, “Junior”, “Big Fish”, “A Diao”, “Haikuo Tiankong” and other original songs, then most of those false fans who entered the pit at the very beginning for the “face value” have transformed into True fans.

The most popular song abroad is “East Wind Break” because it is very Chinese.


At the competition site, after Shaohua finished talking about the rules, he started to introduce the top five to come out.

The applause and cheers were most enthusiastic when it was Li Tiezhu’s turn, his current heat and popularity could be said to have crushed the other four.

In the chaos of applause and cheers, a voice went from weak to strong, and finally the whole audience shouted in unison:

“Li Tiezhu, happy eighteenth birthday!”

The live broadcast screen was also uniformly swiped:

“Li Tiezhu, happy 18th birthday!”

In the audience, a huge banner unfolded: Happy eighteenth birthday to Li Tie Zhu! You are the champion!

In the front row, Song Zhu’er shouted the loudest, on the contrary, Leng Ba next to her was silent.

The only two people who came to support Li Tie Zhu today were these two, after all, last time the battle was a bit too big, and Yao, who originally said he would come, couldn’t come because he was pulled away to shoot the first promotional video for Dream-Three Kingdoms.

Waiting until the noise in the venue slowly calmed down, Song Zhu’er only sat down, curious to ask:

“Sis, have you prepared the birthday gift for Tie Zhu?”

Leng Ba gave a jolt, “Ah! So what, it’s almost ready ……”

“What is it?”

“A wallet.”

“Huh …… Sis you’re so unoriginal, what’s it for?”

“To hold money.”

“Load beep almost, who carries cash these days? Not me, I’ve got a surprise for him, heh heh heh ……”

Matsutakeer showed off.

Leng Ba covertly rolled her eyes, what the hell do you know about surprises, the wallet was just the appearance, the cat was the surprise, even though it was a birthday present that the cat keeper had actively ordered.

The record in the WeChat chat has not yet been deleted, Li Tiezhu’s domineering statement: cat, bring that collar from last time, come to my house at night.

Song Zhu’er pretending to be unsuccessful does not stop: “Don’t you ask me what to send?”

Leng Ba: “What are you sending?”

Song Zhu’er: “I won’t tell you! I said it’s a surprise.”

Leng Ba: “……” suddenly wanted to curse.

On stage, Shaohua failed several times trying to calm down the live audience, and in the end, it was only after Li Tiezhu said a few thank you’s that the sound waves of the scene lowered.

After hosting several sessions of The Voice, Shao Hua had never encountered a contestant with such high popularity. There was no way, Li Tiezhu’s current popularity was almost unbelievable, strength was one aspect, and the coincidence factor was also very high.

From the very beginning of the A Diao Foundation to Chasing Dreams Red Heart, and then a wave of support from CCTV. Finally, it was this week’s Female Fist incident, and as the Female Fist went on a rampage, it also accumulated more popularity for Li Tiezhu. And although the defeat of the female fists was attributed to Song Zhu’er, it also pushed Li Tiezhu even higher.

These two weeks stacked up, Li Tie Zhu’s popularity was already quite terrifying.