The Rockstar Chapter 167

Shaohua asked, “Tie Zhu, today is your eighteenth birthday, is there anything you would like to say to the viewers both live and in front of the screen?”

Li Tiezhu nodded, “Thank you all for your support, it’s very much appreciated! Today is my eighteenth birthday, and it’s also my mother’s crucifixion day. However, it is on such a day that a female reporter even said that she would rent an excavator to move my mother’s grave.”

Li Tiezhu spoke calmly, but the scene and the audience watching the live broadcast exploded.

This Nima?

Is it really a fake ah?

Shaohua is dumb, why the hell are you saying this? Didn’t you calm down backstage before?

The audience drummed up, after all, this kind of thing is too much too disgusting, really beyond the bottom line of people, naturally will cause public anger.

Tutor Chen Yisen had an angry expression and looked at the two beside him, Wang Feng looked relaxed, Yehnela was a bit nervous, but this matter actually had nothing to do with either of them.

Han Hong just silently shook his head, these people were too bottomless.

Luo Feiyan sneaked a glance at Li Tiezhu, she wasn’t scared either, but disappointed. It looks like recruiting him is impossible, and today, I reckon that I am even hanging on to second, so I can only think of ways to upvote myself more.

One careless move is a total loss ah!

In fact, that female reporter has already succeeded, it’s all because of Song Zhu’er’s bad cousin!

The live streaming pop-ups were also crowded with excitement:

“What’s going on?”

“It’s the female fighters again!”

“These boxing guys are disgusting, they’re animals.”

“If I’m Li Tiezhu, I absolutely can’t stand it.”

“Upstairs is so childish, do you really think it’s a female boxing attacking Li Tiezhu for no reason?”

“Another one who wants to whitewash Female Fist.”

“You’re wrong, I don’t whitewash Female Fist, I just say one thing: Luo Fei Yan, grass mud horse!”

“Got it!”


“What do you mean?”

“Just look at Matsutakeer’s scarf yesterday! Ironhead Doll knows the inside story.”

Seeing the situation, Shaohua hurriedly pulled Li Tiezhu, “Tiezhu, let’s not mention the unhappy things, let’s talk about the competition today.”

Li Tiezhu said, “Thanks to Song Zhu’er, who beat up that female reporter before I did. Otherwise, I would have definitely been ‘blocked’ because of this and wouldn’t have been able to participate in the finals. We made an appointment, I said it on stage and she put the video on Shivering. This matter, we are not prepared to compromise! It’s about my mother, and I’m never going to back down by half a step!”

Shaohua was shocked and looked at the stage.

At the same time, the guide cut the camera to the audience.

Song Zhu’er raised her mobile phone with a shattered screen, indicating that it had already been sent out.

Shao Hua no longer knew what to say.

Only then did Li Tiezhu say, “I’m sorry host, but I had to voice out. Next, let’s continue the match.”

The audience erupted into thunderous applause, for Tiehouwa Songzhu’er.

The pop-up area was also very active:

“Hats off to Tie Tou Wa Chief Wa!”

“Well played!”

“I used to be quite annoyed with Song Zhu’er, but I’ve turned a fan in the past few days.”

“I’ll go to Shake and watch the video first.”

“I’m watching it right now, it looks like I threw my phone over, I can’t see it too well, but that reporter screamed quite badly.”

“Luo Fei Yan is really vicious!”

“Without evidence, we can’t just say that Luo Fei Yan did it, right?”

“This matter doesn’t need evidence!”

“No evidence is needed.”

“Think about the fact that she falsely accused Li Tiezhu of molesting her two days ago, this matter still needs evidence?”

“Luo Feiyan is the head of Meteor, not a contestant at all!”

“If it wasn’t for Song Zhu’er’s words, Li Tiezhu wouldn’t have been able to participate in the finals.”

“Fine thoughts!”

Shao Hua barely maintained the atmosphere of the scene and started interviewing several other contestants.

Shao Hua: “Justin, what are your expectations for tonight’s final? What kind of results do you hope to get?”

Justin: “I support Li Tiezhu, this matter will never be compromised!”

Shaohua: “Do you think you can make it to the top three?”

Justin: “Li Tiezhu, happy birthday!”

Shaohua: “……”

Counting Requests, Changing One: “Zhao Liya, will you be singing your own original song tonight?”

Zhao Liya said, “One original song and one song written by Li Tiezhu. Support Li Tiezhu, there is no backing down on this matter!”

Shaohua changed another one, “Yi Xiaomao, will you still have all original songs tonight?”

Yi Xiaomao: “Support Brother Tiezhu! Competitions and championships rely on strength, not any other crooked ways.”

Shao Hua had to interview Luo Fei Yan, purposely saving her for last because Shao Hua also felt that she was the one who started it all, Shao Hua asked, “Contestant Luo Fei Yan, may I ask if you think you can make it to the top 3?”

Luo Fei Yan smiled wryly, “This depends on the audience’s votes, I also support Li Tie Zhu.”

It’s not possible not to support, isn’t it the same as admitting it in disguise if you don’t support it? Anyway, it was impossible to have evidence for this matter.

Shaohua smiled and said, “Next we have the notary. Tonight’s voting notaries are Director Zhang and Director Liu of the Donghai Notary Office.”

Luo Feiyan’s heart thumped.

Not right!

Wasn’t the notary previously scheduled a man and a woman, two young men? The company also specially sent people to privately entertained …… why suddenly changed people? And changed two so high level?

Luo Feiyan looked towards the stage, and her assistant shook her head towards her.

Obviously, the programme team also only knew about it when the other person came, so the replacement was the notary himself?

And why was this?

The five contestants, under the auspices of Shao Hua, briefly drew the order of appearance for the first round, and then returned backstage, leaving behind the first contestant to compete, Yi Xiaomao.

Xiao Mao sang or his own original song.


Backstage, Zhao Liya came to Li Tiezhu’s dressing room.

“My grandpa just sent me a message saying that the CCTV website posted a message, very, very briefly, saying that someone had reported Monolith Culture and Meteor Culture for tax evasion.”

Li Tiezhu looked puzzled: “Your grandfather reported it?!”

Zhao Liya rolled her eyes, “My grandpa doesn’t have that kind of free time, it’s the female fighters rounding up Li Tiezhu during this period of time that drew CCTV’s retaliation. After all, CCTV just plated your Li Tiezhu with a gold body, Luo Feiyan colluded with female fists to fix you, it did hit the face of the central mum. I heard that this side of the East China Sea is also paying special attention, and hurriedly changed the highest level notary to come, tonight they are not going to sneak on the ticket.”

Li Tiezhu nodded, understanding.

Zhao Liya said, “Telling you this is to let you relax, tonight’s match is absolutely fair and just.”

Li Tiezhu: “Thank you!”

Zhao Liya waved her hand and walked away, “Cheer up! Silly column!”

Li Tiezhu cocked his head, why are you calling me Silly Pillar? It’s been a long time since anyone called me that.

In the other dressing room, Luo Fei Yan was no longer interested in the competition, she also got the news and was now in a panic, and had been on the phone operating the public relations.

And Yehenara, who was listening to Yi Xiaomao sing, was already on pins and needles.

On the contrary, the side of Wang Feng seem to laugh, Laozi said you are a death wish still do not believe? Now you believe it, don’t you?