The Rockstar Chapter 168

Li Tiezhu sang an original “Snail”.

Luo Feiyan covered a Cantonese song, but the emotional panic was a big letdown.

Zhao Liya and Justin also sang covers, after all, the first round results weren’t too important, the performance nature was stronger.

At the end of the first round, the entire audience of 2,000 people voted live.

The rankings were as follows: Li Tiezhu, Zhao Liya, Yi Xiaomao, Justin, Luo Fei Yan.

For the second round, the ranked ones will go out first, and the top ones will go out later.

Luo Fei Yan was the first to appear and sang the wrong lyrics.

Everyone could see that her game was over.

At the entrance of the channel, Justin waited to take the stage, nervous and exuberant, last week Li Tiezhu said that he would help him to enter the top three, he still did not believe it, but the result ……

Li Tiezhu is really bull!

Although the central mother is just for their own face, but in the end this matter is due to Li Tiezhu.

He also learnt about the news of the two companies cheating on taxes from Zhang Xiaomeng, and understood that this was a good opportunity for him to enter the top three, as long as he took out Yi Xiaomao. After all, with Luo Fei Yan’s state and level, without hype and upvoting, the top five can’t even enter, no threat.

Shaohua used the shortest possible time to end the interview and critique session with Luo Feiyan, saying:

“Here comes the second contestant, Justin.”

Justin came on stage, took a deep breath and said, “The keyword for this session is ‘dream’. I bring you a new song written by Li Tiezhu – ‘My Future is Not a Dream’. At the same time, this song will also be included in my first solo album ‘Chinese Dream’, and many of the songs in the album were also arranged with Tie Zhu’s help ……”

Applause erupted, the audience blindly cooed, Li Tiezhu again and again and again wrote songs for you? This is the third song, right? He also helped you make the album?

The pop-ups are floating around:

“This is true love!”

“Hot claws retreat, Justin and Li Tiezhu are together!”

“Li Tiezhu this is the rhythm to take him flying!”

“I have a hunch that my hairy sister is being pitched by Tie Zhu.”

“My heart aches for Mao Mei ……”

Mao Mei stood at the entrance of the passageway, with an indifferent face, tons and tons, three mouthfuls of two pots of rice, listening to the song on the stage Justin started to sing after canvassing with Li Tiezhu, which was so good.

Yi Xiaomao again remembered three days ago, Li Tiezhu video with him, Tiezhu said in the video that he wanted to bring Penguin Gang into the top three ideas, not against him. Yi Xiaomao knew that Li Tiezhu wanted to just meteors and the boulder he was in, so he expressed his understanding, but he didn’t give up either.

Just did not expect Li Tiezhu to give Justin’s song, again, such a powerful original, his own original this period, a little general.

Doesn’t matter, Li Tiezhu said he would take him along to sing that rabbit’s song – Proud Teenager.

Moreover, on the first day of the rally, the humiliation Luo Feiyan gave him, he always remembered, so, Li Tiezhu did this, he was a bit happy instead.

Top three or not, for the current Yi Xiaomao, it wasn’t too important anymore, he had grown into a real star, no longer that small transparent that needed to perform a ground squirming type of street dance in front of Luo Feiyan again.

Moreover, …… the dance teacher’s stick to the ground writhing type of hot dance, also danced very hara less, I Yi Xiaomao also acted the pole, hum!

Very steel steel pipe!

Not long after, full of dance technology Yi Xiaomao took the stage and offered an original song.

Then, Zhao Liya takes the stage.

“Hello everyone! I’m also bringing an original ‘Dreaming of Flowers’ by Li Tiezhu!”

The only pure white flower in the dream

Blooms on the amber crescent moon

Even if I lose all the power of love

I’ll never be afraid


Backstage, just after returning to the dressing room, the dance teacher hugged Yi Xiaomao and comforted her, “This Li Tiezhu is really over the top, why did he write songs for those two? He is obviously targeting you!”

Yi Xiaomao arched his head, changed to an angle where he could breathe freely, and said, “Sister Xiuhong, I don’t want any top three, I just want to play cards with you.”

The dance teacher blushed, “Call me Lucy! Well …… don’t, there’s a camera ……”

Yi Xiaomao: “They won’t broadcast it.”

On the TV was Li Tiezhu on stage: “I’m singing a new song, Proud Teenager.”

“Sigh, hoo…… wait a minute, I’ll listen to the song first.”

Yi Xiaomao stopped halfway, wiped his mouth, and concentrated on watching the TV.

Xiuhong sister half lying in the sofa, a face of grass mud horse expression, said do not you have to, I just entered the state you fucking watch TV to go? See I will not kill you tonight! I’m going to give you a good beating!


On the stage, Li Tiezhu bowed towards Han Hong again, “This song is for you, thank you for making me a proud teenager!”

The prelude to the song rang out.

Li Tiezhu’s vocals had come a long way:

At the beginning of the

At the beginning I was still

A naive and crybaby

Ten years later

Finally realised

As long as you give it your all, you can’t lose.


Run for it.

Proud Junior

Young hearts are strong in faith

Let it burn

Proud blood

I’ll sing the victory song again


Han Hong’s face was filled with a pleased smile, this child had indeed not let her down.

After the second round of singing, the five contestants took the stage again, and the fifteen-minute national vote opened.

Strangely enough, the five contestants were not nervous at all, this was completely different from the previous editions of The Voice finals, which used to be warring and tense and exciting, this time everyone was very Buddhist.

Even Shaohua’s speech speed was much slower by Buddha.

The programme group, in order to show fairness and impartiality and openness, even inserted a small screen in the lower left corner of the live broadcast, the entire live broadcast of the impartial station. Obviously, the programme team knew about the central mother’s strike, and this was a way of proving their innocence, so as not to get caught in the crossfire.

The vote came out quickly:

1, Li Tiezhu (89 million votes)

2, Zhao Liya (63 million votes)

3, Justin (51 million votes)

4, Yi Xiaomao (49 million votes)

5, Luo Fei Yan (27 million votes)

The top three are out, Yi Xiao Mao and Luo Fei Yan are out, and they don’t need to sing again, they are directly ranked in this order, Yi Xiao Mao is fourth, Luo Fei Yan is fifth.

Shaohua: “Congratulations to Li Tiezhu, Zhao Liya and Justin for making it to the top three, here we go for the final round of the competition – the battle of champions!”

Although he tried very hard to build up the atmosphere to be tense, the audience didn’t buy it at all, the audience was going wild because, Li Tiezhu directly took the two contestants flying, and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for him to take the title.

After all, so many people voted for Justin because of Li Tiezhu’s face.

Yi Xiaomao competition killed, back to the dressing room to eat peach, well, really soft and sweet, the programme group this time to buy the fruit is not bad.

Luo Feiyan left the stage in a hurry as soon as he got off the stage, and had to fly back to Yuezhou overnight to sit in the town, and this time there was a big problem.


Blue Mountain Villa.

Xiao Zhen gave his godfather a massage while watching the live broadcast, seeing Li Tiezhu kill the top three with honour, worthy of being my brother!

I Xiao Zhen with the strength to serve the godfather popular, not ashamed, this is what Tiezhu said the skills are not oppressive.

I’ve served my godfather standing up! Unlike some people, but also lying down on their knees, spiral upside down or something.