The Rockstar Chapter 169

For the final round, Zhao Liya sang an original song, Justin covered a quick song, and Li Tie Zhu came up with another original.

“This song is written for myself, for my seventeen years old, and for the unusual two months that Super Voice has brought me, a new song to bring to you – ‘Seventeen Years Old’.”

Seventeen Someone Shameless

Took part in the challenge

Li Tiezhu only sang two lines, the audience laughed, it is obvious shameless someone has now learnt comedy.

The pop-up screen swiped the screen:

“Taozi, Li Tiezhu is here to hack you again.”

“Postpartum Brother said in the beginning that Li Tiezhu would eat Xiang if he didn’t win the championship.”

“No wonder Li Tiezhu writes songs so fiercely, so it’s for not being a food broadcast!”

“Want to watch!”

“Postpartum Brother brought Serious Brother to the competition, and as a result, Serious Brother won the championship, and Postpartum Brother went to learn comedy, it’s amazing!”

“Where did he win?”

“Definitely the champion, not to mention the popularity gap, Zhao Liya and Justin obviously didn’t exert themselves this round.”

“Both of them can’t compete with Li Tiezhu even if they don’t let them.”

“Moreover, both of them and Li Tiezhu are so iron ……”

“This is the least exciting Voice final I’ve ever seen, but the best!”


Celebrities have training classes too

Just one month is too new.

Even Yue and Fang Bo

Have already met.

Then it was too sudden to make it to the final three.


I like me.

Don’t cover your face.

Let the passers-by find out.

♪ Sing along ♪

I’ll dye my heart in this song of emotions

Singing love songs

Let’s do it again

Remember to applaud all the time.

Let’s sing a love song

♪ From the beginning all over again ♪

If the love is strong and the tears are hard to avoid

♪ The scales go up and down and the beat changes ♪

Every song

Is every face


Li Tiezhu sings and gives thanks:

“Thank you everyone, I want to say thank you to all the audience on the scene and in front of the screen, it is your votes that have brought me here. After all, as long as there is an all-network voting session, I’m number one, and I even break records often, which …… is all thanks to you guys. Thank you!”

Old Versailles now!

The third round of final voting was opened, and the chief director Hong Bo and all four mentors went on stage to witness the birth of this session’s first and second runners-up.

The result was no surprise:

Champion Li Tiezhu.

Runner-up Zhao Liya.

Third runner-up Justin.

After that came the awards, with Li Tiezhu winning the million dollar prize, followed in descending order. Then came the gold microphone, the silver microphone, and the bronze microphone, although they were all actually bronze.

Finally, there were the acceptance speeches, and this session drew a clear picture.

Surprisingly, there was no family member with a terminal illness, no family that was so poor that they couldn’t make ends meet, no one who was cheated in society, no one who had been practising hard for ten years just to come to this show, and even, there wasn’t even one who had fallen out of love.

The misery selling segment was completely off the mark and even a little bit funny.

The third runner-up Justin was so exuberant that he hugged Li Tiezhu and wanted to kiss him, and was pushed by Li Tiezhu to fall a fart pier, and then, excitedly said:

“Thank you Li Tiezhu! If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t even be able to enter the top five, let alone take the third place. And thank you, viewers, for voting for me on Li Tiezhu’s face! In the future, I’ll work very, very hard to …… continue to hug Li Tiezhu’s thigh! This is the golden thigh!”

The runner-up Zhao Liya is much calmer, she took the award to get soft all:

“Thank you Li Tiezhu, it was his ‘People Like Me’ that made me come to the competition, I think I can now proudly say that I am a singer. Thank you Li Tiezhu, my mum asked me to treat you to dinner! Don’t laugh guys, my mum just weighed in on me, she’s a big fan of Li Tiezhu. Also, I’m very happy to get the first runner-up, thanks to the programme team, thanks to the four mentors, and especially thanks to my mentor, Mr Han Hong ……”

Li Tiezhu is simpler:

“Zhao Liya, you would have owed me a meal. Also, this golden microphone doesn’t look like real gold, is the programme group being punked?”

Shaohua stifled a laugh and said, “Who told you that the gold microphone is real gold? It’s gold-plated.”

Li Tiezhu: “That should be called a ‘gold-plated microphone’, getting this ‘gold-plated microphone award’, I am also very happy, finally …… can go back to school to study , homework fell behind too much ……”

The scene laughed down a piece, you damn enough pursuit ah!


“Congratulations Li Tiezhu!”

“God damn gold-plated microphone award.”

“Decent people who read?”

“No, Li Tiezhu, you’re not going back to the construction site to move bricks?”

“Li Tiezhu in order to do pig farm work, accompanied the postpartum brother who did not want to raise pigs to compete, the result is that in the end, the postpartum brother does not raise pigs to say comedy to go, Li Tiezhu also do not do the contractor ……”

“Serious brother is really naive, no matter how red it is, it can’t change his sand sculpture temperament.”

“To be reasonable, Brother Zhengjing and Tiehouwa are really a perfect match!”

Li Tiezhu continued to dare to speak, no, to feel:

“Thank you to the programme team, well …… although I can’t say exactly what I should be thankful for, but thanks anyway. Thanks to mentor Ethan, he gave me a lot of help. Thank you Auntie Han Hong, this does not need to be explained. Routine thanks to tutor Wang Feng and tutor Yehenara. Thanks to Tutor Leng Ba for giving me the PASS card in the first place ……”

Pop-up: “You should thank her for helping you with the popsicles.”

Zhao Liya: “My own cat, what are you thanking her for? Well, suddenly I want to 挼猫……”

Leng Ba blushed: “Cats don’t need to be thanked.”

Song Zhu’er raised her hand: “Me, me, me, and me!”

Li Tiezhu: “Thank you teacher Chen Posong, if he didn’t have to force me to sing, I wouldn’t have been able to participate in this competition. Thanks to Yue for taking me on the show when I was at my lowest point. Thank you to Spicy Paw, who helped me to speak up for me online, and even more thank you to her for helping me fight before the competition. Thanks to my old man, thanks to Qin Tao, thanks to Class Flower, hey? No need to thank this one. Thank you to my homeroom teacher, Little Prince Against the Wind, Teacher Li Feng, for letting me take time off from work to compete. Let’s see who else to thank.”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, looked at the smiling Director Hong Bo, and nodded.

The director smiled in relief, it’s good that he didn’t forget about me.

Li Tiezhu said, “No more, thanks.”

Hong Bo: “……”

“Oh right!”

Li Tiezhu picked up the microphone again and said towards Hong Bo, “And, I almost forgot, can I still talk?”

Finally remembered me?

Hong Bo nodded, “Say it.”

Li Tiezhu said, “I will soon release my first solo album, no, it’s the second album after ‘Royal Engine’, ‘Seventeen Years Old’, which includes all the original songs I’ve sung from the audition until today. The album is premiering on Penguin Music! Thanks! Director, I’m done.”

With a constipated look on his face, Hong Bo announced, “Super Voice Season 6 finale!”

The sixth season of The Voice had thus all ended, with Li Tiezhu ascending to the champion’s throne and becoming the internet hotspot of the night.

At the same time, Li Tiezhu also reaped the rewards of the system.

Current intelligence value: 99 points.

Remaining intelligence value: 38 points. (Wrapping up the top three rewards 30 points of intelligence value)

Music Achievement: 291 points.

Variety Achievement: 280 points.

Film and Television Achievements: 55 points.

Shake fans: 31.41 million. (Up a lot of fans tonight.)

Cat Domestication: 25%.

Main quest loading progress: 99.9% ……100%

[Ding! Host, loading of the second stage main quest is complete ……]