The Rockstar Chapter 17

There is only one truth! Penguin has been 100% sure that Li Tiezhu didn’t plagiarise, and that the wine pen is slandering!

Then where did Penguin get the evidence?

The general public may not quite understand, but Zhang Jianjun’s job nature determines that he is extra sensitive to this matter, could it be that …… Penguin’s technical department has found something?

If they can find out, can’t I?

This is the reason why Zhang Jianjun can not wait to get off work, he wants to follow the vine to find the melon.

Rushing into the lift, Zhang Jianjun found himself shaking a little.

The colleagues next to him, who had just said goodbye to Zhang Jianjun, looked at him with strange gazes, and he was oblivious.

Soon, Zhang Jianjun put on a duck-tongued cap and drilled into an alleyway Internet cafe to do something he hadn’t done in many years but was still skilled at doing it:

Stealing numbers.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Letting that bastard, Wine Pen, be complacent for so long.

Sitting in the corner of the Zhang Jianjun, did not immediately start “work”, but first hacked into the Internet cafe system, set up a good programme to wash away today’s surveillance video, but also today’s login to all the identity information changed.

So that no one can find out that he has been here, safety first.

Then, Zhang Jianjun found the wine pen’s neck, jitterbug account, using special techniques, got his phone, penguin, WeChat number.

Soon he stole the penguin number, but it had obviously not been used for a long time, and there was no recent chat record.

Switching to micro signals, which was a lot harder than the penguin number, but for Zhang Jianjun, it only took a little more time. After a few minutes had passed, Zhang Jianjun used remote simulation to hack into Wine Pen’s micro signal.

The other party would not be aware of it, and the WeChat would not prompt the computer side to log in, but Zhang Jianjun was able to access the information inside.

One by one, he flipped through it.

The first one is not, the second one is not, and the third one is not ……

The fifth contact is Francis Ng.

Transfer 100,000 yuan.

Without any other chat records, the two added friends only ten days. Without any communication, suddenly transferred a large sum of money yesterday?

Continue to check down, Liu Ming.

Zhang Jianjun eyes suddenly lit up, found it.

Screenshots, with pictures!

“Follow this score and P it to be two years old, with a calendar and time display next to it.”

SEND PICTURE: Handwritten sheet music for “Uncommon” (People Like Me).

“The picture is P’d, take a look.”

Sending image: handwritten score on workbench, first draft + revisions, next to a lit-up mobile phone showing two years ago.

“P the handwriting font a little more realistically.”

“Okay, want to add a little bit of the manuscript paper torn at the edges?”


“Done, you can look at it again.”

“Very good, send me the original picture.”

Wine Pen transferred 3,000 yuan to Liu Ming, and the other party has received the money.


This picture is the picture that Wine Pen sent out in the beginning, he used this picture to attack Li Tiezhu for plagiarism, and now Zhang Jianjun has got the evidence that this picture was P two days after Li Tiezhu’s sea election.

Nanshan Pizza Hut is sincere.

Zhang Jianjun was so excited that he rubbed his hands and was ready to post it online, then he stopped, as if he had missed something.

Thought for a while, he searched the Internet “Wu Yongqiang”, searched out a lot of people, he also found through WeChat Wu Yongqiang certified mobile phone number, and then through the mobile phone number and name control, finally found out the identity of this person.

Zhang Jianjun shocked.

Fortunately, Laozi had the foresight to hack the Internet cafe system first, otherwise ……

Wu Yongqiang, male, 35 years old, an agent under Jiuzhou Art, is now taking a newcomer – Xiao Zhen.

Zhang Jianjun fell into a deep thought, so the one who really hacked Li Tiezhu was Xiao Zhen?

What do I do now?

Make this information directly public?

No, Wu Yongqiang only transfer records, no chat information, not counted as hard evidence. Moreover, the power behind that group of people is too strong, rashly tear, will only bring more difficulties to the unsupported Li Tiezhu.

To be on the safe side, it is better to get the wine pen first.

So, Zhang Jianjun registered a jitterbug number with false information, and then sent a screenshot of the wine pen’s WeChat to the jitterbug.

This is a good point of the jitterbug family, the newcomers also have three or five hundred fixed traffic, do not worry about no one to see. As long as someone sees it, someone will forward it, with the influence of Li Tiezhu plagiarism event, the proliferation speed of this picture, I think it will not be low ……

After completion, Zhang Jianjun erased the computer usage information and confirmed again that the Internet cafe system will erase all the monitoring and identity information for today ten minutes after he gets off the computer.

Switch off the computer and go out.

Zhang Jianjun walked out two streets before removing his duck-tongued cap.

And, that screenshot of his mobile phone did not save a copy, and even his mobile phone has been off. He knew that, with the ability of those guys, can search in the whole network of mobile phones, who’s mobile phone appeared the earliest this picture who is dead!

Half an hour later, Zhang Jianjun returned home downstairs to eat fried rice to brush the teasing sound, brushed to Xichuan Observation forwarded that photo, he did not finish watching the video, much less pointing to the likes, quickly crossed, and then, to the three old ladies in the video singing EGM ……

The whole person was so excited that he sifted.

The Decent Gang executive group blew up, the Decent Gang support website forum blew up, the jitterbugs blew up, the bibs blew up, and the comment area of Penguin Music’s Li Tiezhu’s two songs also blew up.

And Zhang Jianjun, who created all of this, did not participate in the discussion, but just silently watched, incomparably calm.

He was the only one who knew clearly that moving to the wine pen did not represent a true victory.


There are many people and many platforms that forward the screenshots of the wine pen chat, but the one that gets the most attention is the one posted by Jitterbug Xichuan Observations, and in less than an hour, the likes broke through a million.

Xichuan Observation @ Wine Pen in the caption, and then thousands of fans @ Wine Pen came out to get beaten up in the comment section.

The melon eating crowd ate melon with a big mouth, Li Tiezhu’s fans firecrackers, Li Tiezhu’s black fans laid down, and the most stifled were Xiao Zhen’s fans.

Things have come to this point, everyone understands.

The wine pen was stolen, so the thing that he told someone to P picture can not be denied, Li Tiezhu became a victim.

The wine pen that was crying and accusing Li Tiezhu of plagiarism in the live broadcast, instantly became the shit that ten thousand people spit on. Two days ago, he also wrote a song “Big Fish” in the jitterbug, attempting to prove something, now it seems really ironic.

The evidence was overwhelming, and Wine Pen’s not-so-successful musical path was completely broken.

This circle can tolerate scum, but also tolerate a lot, only can not tolerate the exposed scum, the survival of the fittest.

So, Wine Pen is finished.

Knowing that the wine pen is approaching the end of the wine pen, at this time is desperately trying to grab the last straw.

Wine Pen grabbed the phone with both hands and hissed:

“Keung! Help! Brother Qiang, I did everything according to your request, and now I’ve had my number stolen …… You guys can’t just ignore me! How about we also say that the picture is P?”

On the other side of the phone, Wu Yongqiang’s voice was cold:

“I had someone check, the person who stole your number is an expert, and didn’t leave any information. So, we don’t know if he has anything else in his hands, but one thing is for sure, since he was able to hack into your WeChat, he must have known that I transferred money to you. In other words, he knew I was Battle’s agent, but he didn’t blow the whistle on it. My guess is that this is the goodwill he released.”

Wine Pen’s hair was messy and sweaty, “Goodwill? Sh, what does that mean?”

Wu Yongqiang: “You know what it means.”

Toot Toot Toot ……

Wine Pen hung his head in dismay, of course he understood what it meant.