The Rockstar Chapter 170

As soon as the game was over, Penguin Music replaced it with a big cover tweet straight away: 10 days countdown to the release of Li Tiezhu’s debut album Seventeen.

Look at this situation, is to use the countdown to push ten days in a row ah!

In the end is their own family’s headliner, push up is really spared no blood, even Lao Zhou did not have this treatment.

Meanwhile, two not-so-obvious places in the lower right corner are updated with the news that Cho will be releasing a new album, “Dreaming of Flowers”, and Justin’s “Chinese Dream”, so there’s no harm without comparison.

The two albums are priced at $19 and $18 respectively.

Li Tiezhu gave Zhao Liya “Learning to Catcall” and “Dreaming of Flowers”, and she will also release a new album.

And “Remote Characters”, “Chinese Words” and “My Future is Not a Dream” went to Justin, but the copyright and royalties went to Li Tiezhu.

Tap the big cover push to see the song titles from the Seventeen album, pre-sale price: $29.

A Man Like Me.

You’ve Got a Nice Smile.

Persian Cat 1

“Persian Cat 2

“East Wind Break

The Boys.

“A Diao

“Sea and Sky

“Chasing Dreams

Farewell My Concubine

“The Difficult Sutra

The Snail

The Proud Boys.


“Song of the Nervous

The album contained a total of fifteen songs, fourteen of which were sung by Li Tiezhu during the Super Voice competition. The reason why “Song of Neuropathy” was included was purely to publicly thank Song Zhu’er.

Until you see the list of song titles of this album, everyone is like a dream, Li Tiezhu this is a bucket of gasification …… No, this is horrible as ah!

Almost every song is a superior work, hit song level, in addition to “Persian Cat 2”, any song can support an album. Of course, yeah, Song of the Nervous doesn’t have to be part of the discussion.

Just, people can’t help but ask, Li Tiezhu’s songs everyone has bought the live version, is there anyone else willing to spend money on an album?


At ten thirty, Li Tiezhu, Justin, Yi Xiaomao, Zhao Liya, Leng Ba and Song Zhu’er six people came to the barbecue restaurant, the meat was not yet cooked, when they saw a message on the Internet, the central mother confirmed that Li Tiezhu was invited to this year’s Spring Festival Gala.

The crowd congratulated, plus envied, for artists to be on the Spring Festival Gala is a kind of honour.

Li Tiezhu bristled, “I didn’t even receive any notice, is this an invitation? This is clearly a compulsion!”

Song Zhu’er secretly poked and arched fire: “Then shivering statement, we don’t go.”

Li Tiezhu: “Roll! I’m not stupid, I can go to the Spring Festival Gala is a great thing, why don’t I go?”

Then he received a message about the Spring Festival Gala from his agent Zhang Xiaomeng.

Li Tiezhu all laughed: “Hahaha …… Spring Festival Gala my remuneration is 1500 yuan, or before tax.”

Zhao Liya was grilling meat for everyone: “Is this a matter of money? A lot of people pour pay to be on the Spring Festival Gala, I know several.”

“I heard that the highest is only 5000.”

Yi Xiaomao said while sending a message to Sister Xiuhong, telling her to wash up first, he will go over to play cards after eating. There was no way, Li Tiezhu’s championship celebration plus birthday party, it was impossible for him not to attend.

Song Zhu’er: ”But this is too little, tonight’s meal and wine money is not enough! If it were me, I wouldn’t go to death.”

Li Tiezhu grunted coldly: “You come less, you ran faster than anyone the year you were on the Spring Festival Gala, no skin and no face is talking about people like you. The old pretender! I believe you a ghost.”

Song Zhu’er: “That year my labour cost 829 after tax! Kam! Waiter, fix two bottles of Wuliangye first!”

Li Tiezhu: “Can you drink it? How many of us are there in total?”

Song Zhu’er: “Yi Xiaomao, Justin, you, me, each of us must have half a catty, right?”

Old Jia’s face turned green: “White, white wine, I can’t.”

Leng Ba silently peeled hairy beans on the side, not saying anything.

Soon the wine came.

Song Zhu’er copied a small cup of one or two and said to Li Tiezhu, “Happy birthday! Welcome to the world of adults! I’ll drink up, feel free.”

Li Tiezhu had no choice but to dry up, and then he was wheeled round, except for the underage Zhao Liya all drank a cup, even Leng Ba made an exception and drank a cup.

Less than ten minutes, a bottle of Wuliangye was just the right amount of whitewash.

Song Zhu’er proudly said, “Look, this is not dry no bottle?”

Li Tiezhu speechless, I fucking haven’t eaten much, half a catty down, the whole dizzy all.

After this, Li Tiezhu did not drink much, the rest of the bottle was Song Zhu’er and Yi Xiaomao divided clean. Justin and Li Tiezhu drank a cup, on the red face and ears babbling, and then went to the bathroom to vomit a time to come to life, swore to death will not drink white wine.

A meal is very lively, the atmosphere is very high.

During the period, Li Tiezhu also took the time to make a phone call to the old man, telling him the news of his winning the championship and going to the Spring Festival Gala, the old man was so excited that Aunt Liu shouted.

Then, Liu Xiaohua unsuspectingly sent a 5 yuan red packet: congratulations to brother for winning the championship, wish you a happy birthday.

Li Tiezhu knows the rules, backhand is a big red packet of 200 to send over: study hard every day.

At twelve o’clock, Zhao Liya took out the birthday cake she prepared.

And then, everyone gave Li Tiezhu some small gifts.

Song Zhu’er’s gift was the most creative, she damn well didn’t know what relationship she went through to get Li Tiezhu a regular – driving licence.

“Hee hee hee, surprise! Like it or not? Which guy doesn’t like to drive? This way you can drive legally!”

Li Tiezhu was all shocked, “Isn’t this illegal for you?”

Song Zhu’er: “It’s not illegal, it’s just that …… it’s not legal either.”

Li Tiezhu collected, but still decided to go and take a proper test by himself.

This meal is of course still Li Tiezhu out of pocket, the birthday banquet can not let Zhao Liya please ah.

Out of the barbecue restaurant, Justin and Yi Xiaomao quickly evacuated.

Songzhuer a happy, drunk again dizzy, and Li Tiezhu hook shoulders chatter, threatened to go to set Luo Feiyan sack, sounds like the means of crime is extremely cruel.

Leng Ba let the rabbit smashed to lead Song Zhu’er away, Song Zhu’er did not go, spraying a mouth of alcohol:

“I do not! I do not go to your home, sofa, bed sheets, carpet what is pink eyes are blind, I like Li Tiezhu’s home, my clothes those are in his home. Moreover, Li Tiezhu below the thief delicious. Hey hey hey ……”

Rabbit smash face is red, towards Lengba shrugged, slipped: “I that there is no she wants to eat.”

Leng Ba sourly explained, “She said boiled noodles.”

Zhao Liya waved her hand, “Or what?”

Leng Ba: “……”

Li Tiezhu helped Song Zhu’er back to the flat, Leng Ba carried her own and Song Zhu’er’s bag, a little angry grunt …… so big a light bulb.

Back to the flat, the drunk Song Zhu’er first went to take a shower.

Li Tiezhu gave himself a cup of very light tea to wake up, although not drunk this time, but also drank half a catty, the head is a little swollen.

Leng Ba teased Xiao Jiu on the sofa aside, and it was a happy one.

Li Tiezhu licked his mouth, came over, reached out and pinched Little Nine, and said to Leng Ba: “The little guy is growing quite fast, and weighs one catty and three taels heavier than when he first bought it.”

Leng Ba nodded: “It is to be chubby to be cute, what are you doing with Little Nine ……?”

Li Tiezhu’s slightly ragged breathing, sprayed on her face.

Leng Ba looked in the direction of the bathroom and wanted to push Li Tiezhu away, “Don’t, can’t …… well ……”