The Rockstar Chapter 171

For a long time, the lips parted.

Leng Ba softly leaned on Li Tiezhu, gently whacked him: “Do you still like the birthday gift?”

The gift she said was just now like this.

Li Tiezhu nodded his head, remembering the expensive looking wallet that Leng Ba gave him. His head hurt a little and he missed the feeling of the last time Leng Ba gave him a head pinch, saying:

“Like it, but it feels almost something. Remember that last time I got drunk? At your house.”

“Mmm. Of course I remember!”

“Just that time, I still remember that touch …… It’s so nice, will you squeeze me again?”

“Can’t you be more subtle? What do you mean by touch?”

“It means soft and icy ……”

“Shhh! Don’t say it, shame on you. Don’t be overheard.”


Leng Ba snapped, “Bamboo child is there, how can I give you …… that? Do I still want to have a face?”

Ever since you asked me to bring the collar, the cat knew that you didn’t have good intentions, but the cat didn’t expect you to say it so bluntly! Sure enough, after tasting the sweetness, it let loose.

Li Tiezhu is a little puzzled, is it embarrassing to let you massage my head? So what if Zhu’er sees it? Forget it, it may be the baggage of a big star, and can not blame her, she is good enough.

But Li Tiezhu still slightly regretted, “Forget it then.”

The corner of Leng Ba’s mouth rose, the little guy is eating his words? Look at that aggrieved look, tsk, she softened her heart and said, “I will first accompany Song Zhu’er to sleep in the guest bedroom, when she falls asleep, I will come to give you …… a pinch ……”

Li Tiezhu is even more puzzled, I am asleep, but also pinch what ah?

Just about to speak, the bathroom door opened, and Song Zhu’er walked out in a bear bear pajamas, a little crooked.

Leng Ba made a thief and wiped his mouth.

Li Tiezhu said, “You wash first or I wash first?”

Leng Ba: “You first.”

Li Tiezhu went to wash, Song Zhu’er sat cross-legged on the sofa, hugging and kissing and rubbing Xiaojiu Xiaojiu was not annoyed, then, she suddenly looked at Lengba oddly:

“Huh? Sister Leng Ba, why aren’t you going home this late? Isn’t your home nearby?”

Leng Ba’s teeth itched, you’re even asking about me? I was raised by him, what’s wrong with you? Do you have any self-awareness left?

“I …… take care of you ah, you drink too much, in case something happens, Li Tiezhu a male is not convenient.”

“What inconvenient? I and Tiezhu casual very!”

“In short, it is inconvenient.”

“Have you ever received a heart-shaped stone?”

“Nonsense! Who hasn’t received one? That guy has a few sacks of them wholesale. Why are you talking about this?”

“Lend me your mobile phone.”

“What for?”

“Bring it to you!”

Matsutakeer, drunkenly, snatched the phone and started dialling.

Leng Ba: “Who are you calling?”

“Hello? You …… are Leng Ba?”

“Grass mud horse! It’s me again, can’t believe it? Fuck you!”


Hanging up the phone, Song Zhu’er lies on the sofa and laughs so hard that she stomps her legs and starts singing, “Hahahahahahahaha, one day I’ll have nothing to do so I’ll let Hot Paw tell a joke ……”

Leng Ba looked at the mad Song Zhu’er, suddenly have a little bit of heart, she for Li Tiezhu really life are open to go out ah, I?

Then, she took back the phone and called Luo Feiyan, and no one answered for a long time.

Song Zhu’er did not smile, angrily looked at Leng Ba, you want to be a traitor? Are you going to call and apologise?

But eventually picked up.

“Matsutakeer Nima ……”

“It’s Leng Ba, she just robbed my phone.”

“Oh, what’s up with you?”

“Nothing, just …… grass mud horse!”


Then, Leng Ba and Song Zhu’er looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

Li Tiezhu, who was taking a cold shower inside, was bewildered, what are these two laughing at in the middle of the night?

After the bath, Li Tiezhu changed clothes out, but found Song Zhu’er lying on all fours on the sofa asleep, Xiaojiu a fart pier sitting on her head. Leng Ba is playing mobile phone on the side, the expression is a bit puzzled.

Li Tiezhu wondered, “You knocked her out?”

Leng Ba rolled her eyes, “Do you think I can beat her?”

“That’s true, her fighting strength is second only to the class flower, and she is a rare expert among girls.”

“Just chatted well and was discussing the matter of going to give you the dubbing of That Rabbit, she …… suddenly dropped Xiaojiu and fell asleep with her eyes rolled back. Scared me!”

“Eh ……”

“I also reached out and probed her nose, and there was still air, so I realised it was asleep. What kind of person is this?”

“She’s always been so blunt.”

“You call this blunt? It’s called an advanced stage of neurosis!”

Li Tiezhu laughed, not caring at all about everyone’s misunderstanding of Song Zhu’er, and said, “Did you bring the stuff?”

Leng Ba suddenly got nervous and unnaturally pointed to her handbag.

“Take it out.”

“Don’t you do that, Bamboo is still here.”

“What do you care about her? Take it out.”

Li Tiezhu reached out forcefully.

Leng Ba wheedled and took out the cat collar, handing it to Li Tiezhu: “Excessive ……”

Li Tiezhu said, “Lengba, let’s raise a cat to end it?”

“For …… why?”

“Because this is very immoral and disrespectful to you, I don’t want you to make light of your identity like this. This game, no more. Starting tonight, I’m not transferring money to you.”

Leng Ba didn’t dare to look up, her ears were red through and through, and sure enough, what was coming was coming! After all, this guy is an adult today, she gave a faintly unnoticeable hmmm.

Li Tiezhu finally let go of the moral burden in his heart, took the cat collar and went into the bedroom and put it away.

Raising a cat or something, just pretend it never happened!

Then, he took out a wide white shirt, handed it to Leng Ba, and said, “I’ll watch her here, you go take a shower, this is for you to use as a nightgown. Then, let’s rest early, it’s late.”

Leng Ba’s hands were a little shaky as she took the shirt and gave Li Tiezhu a blank look.

Let’s rest early?


Do you even have a costume? The white shirt you wore in the wardrobe? I didn’t realise he was into that.

Li Tiezhu was puzzled: “What’s wrong?”

Leng Ba quickly went to the bathroom: “Nothing, as long as you are happy!”

Li Tiezhu sat on the sofa and swiped his mobile phone, sending messages back to those friends who sent birthday wishes and …… receiving red envelopes, happy as a horse.

It is much easier not to have a cat.

Starting tomorrow, try to chase Lengba sister, hehehe!

Speaking of which, it’s been so long since I learnt the theory, I wonder how good I am at practising it.

Will she accept it?

After all the kisses, it’s not like she’ll reject me, right?

Will she think I’m too young? Will she think I’m ……




Wait a minute! There seems to be some kind of bug!

Li Tiezhu avalanched up from the sofa, his face was white, and his eyes froze, I …… didn t receive the message that the system deducted IQ points!

Hurry to check it!

Current Intelligence: 99 points.

Remaining Intelligence: 38 points. (30 IQ points for winning the top three prizes)

Music Achievement: 291 points.

Variety Achievement: 280 points.

Film and Television Achievements: 55 points.

Shake fans: 31.41 million. (Up a lot of fans tonight.)

Cat tameness: 27%.

Not only were there no IQ points deducted, even the cat taming quest wasn’t cancelled, even …… the taming degree went up by a fucking 2%?????

What the hell?