The Rockstar Chapter 172

“Dog system you come out!”

[Ding! Host I advise you to be civilised, otherwise, it will affect the system’s mood]

“Cut the crap, didn’t I cancel the cat-taming mission?”

[Did not oh]

“I’ve just told her that I’m not playing anymore, and she agreed.”

[The host needs to understand that the system does not change due to language, but only follows the most primitive inner bonds]

“What bullshit bond?”

Simply put, words that are not what they seem, cannot be used as a reason to break them.

“I’m not lying!”

That’s her.

“Huh? Huh? Huh?”

“There’s no cat in the hand, there’s a cat in the heart.


“No cat is better than a cat!

“Hammer, don’t you dare exempt your old man’s son from me.”

[Ding! Cat domestication 1%, current 28%]

“How come a bath is all up? A-xi-bar-”

Li Tiezhu freaked out, what’s going on with Leng Ba? I don’t want a cat ah! I just want a snow-white, soft female ticket!

I’m not a pervert!

“Tie Zhu you are ……”

Song Zhu’er rolled over and muttered in her sleep.

Li Tiezhu was shocked, I’m talking to the system in my head, can you hear me? Although our brain circuits are similar, we don’t share brain waves, right?

Song Zhu’er spit a bubble, quickly broken: “Tiezhu you are the best! Let’s go catch …… the little frog, croak ……”

“So talking in your sleep, scared me!”

Li Tiezhu let out a long breath.

Regarding the matter of raising a cat, I’ve done my best, I can only think of a way later. At the moment it seems to be Miss Leng Ba’s self-positioning that is wrong, and it is necessary to find a way to make her get rid of the cat’s positioning before she can do so.

Not long after, Leng Ba came out after taking a bath, and Li Tiezhu watched his mouth dry up.

Leng Ba was a little twisted: “What are you looking at?”

Li Tiezhu giggled: “Hey ……”

“Carry her to the second bedroom, falling asleep is just right, so as to avoid trouble.”

“Oh oh.”

Li Tiezhu picked up Song Zhu’er, gently placed on the second bedroom bed, Leng Ba tiptoed to cover her with a quilt, obviously both of them didn’t want to wake her up, the cooperation was tacit.

Li Tiezhu was kinda looking forward to Leng Ba giving him a massage, so he smiled a little smugly.

Leng Ba breathing is accelerated, this guy is also too obvious, right?

Settling down Song Zhu’er, Li Tiezhu whispered, “Leng Ba, let’s go! I can’t wait.”

Leng Ba bit her lip and silently walked outside with Li Tie Zhu.

“The little frog is so delicious!”

Leng Ba was startled and looked at Song Zhu’er.

Li Tiezhu whispered, “It’s okay, she’s talking in her sleep!”

Song Zhu’er said, “Tiezhu, I just dreamt of catching little frogs, it smells so good!”

Leng Ba looked at Li Tiezhu in horror, Li Tiezhu was also surprised, dreaming in a dream? Or ……

Sure enough, Song Zhu’er on the bed’s head twisted: “Let’s go buy small frogs to eat tomorrow? Artificially farmed ones are not illegal.”

Leng Ba covered his forehead with one hand, “You fucking …… sleep fast and wake up fast?”

Li Tiezhu was also helpless, “Okay, okay, buy small frogs tomorrow, you sleep quickly.”

Said Li Tiezhu and Lengba gave each other a look and went away disappointed.

Leng Ba had to close the door and sleep next to Song Zhu’er.

“Have you ever eaten a small frog?”


“It’s delicious, fragrant and tender …… Li Tiezhu kills frogs especially neatly!”

“Quickly go to sleep, I’m turning off the light.”

“I just actually had a nightmare, but I didn’t want Tiezhu to worry and didn’t tell him.”

“I’m sleepy.”

“I dreamt of catching small frogs, then I met a huge frog, as big as Xu Shanqiang’s head, and it kept running after me ……”


“Sis are you still a virgin?”

“Shut up!”

“Li Tiezhu have all that, and still carry around apple flavoured hehehe, ah! I’m so envious!”

“He didn’t.”

“How do you know?”

“I was really asleep.”

“I like him.”

“Hmmmmm …… hmmm? What did you say?”


The lights were switched on.

Leng Ba sat up in horror and forcibly dragged the drunken Song Zhu’er to her feet with an angry look on her face, “What did you just say?”

Song Zhu’er giggled, “I might be in love, hehehehe ……”

Leng Ba five thunderbolts: “I said how you for Li Tiezhu, and iron head wa and fight. I should have thought of it ah!”

Song Zhu’er was drunk, but still managed to maintain a few moments of consciousness: “But I don’t dare to chase him, I haven’t learnt to chase boys yet, I’m afraid to scare him away too, I’m really scared …… ooooohhhh ……”

Leng Ba was annoyed to death, why the hell are you still crying?

I didn’t even cry!

“Are you really crying? In fact, Li Tiezhu is no good, I’ll introduce you to a handsome boyfriend, okay?”

“Not good! Oooh …… I don’t want a handsome one.”

“Well …… Li Tiezhu already has a favourite girl, they …… are already together.”

“Ah? ”

“Hehehe …… It’s okay, it’s okay, forget about him.”


In the master bedroom, Li Tiezhu waited for a while, and when Leng Ba did not come, he drifted off to sleep. If you don’t press it, you don’t press it, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

Sleeping in the middle of the night, Li Tiezhu heard a rustling sound in his confusion.

Then a mass of fragrant soft as jade drilled into the quilt, stuck to his body, warm body temperature and refreshing fragrance came to his face, Li Tiezhu instantly woke up.

It was the smell of Leng Ba!

Why did she drill into my comforter?

“Hello? Surprise.”

Leng Ba arched his back and asked in a low voice.

Li Tiezhu’s brain was still in a dangling state, completely unable to figure it out, so he didn’t make a sound. If it’s here for a massage, it wouldn’t be so bad as to get under the covers ah?

Leng Ba muttered: ”Really asleep? That Song Zhu’er is annoying, crying and whining for half an hour before falling asleep again.”

Li Tiezhu is even more puzzled, in the middle of the night, Song Zhu’er crying what ah?


Iron head doll! Queen of Blitz!


You’re not dreaming of a little frog and crying, are you?


What kind of rhythm is this? Did I have a dream?

Li Tiezhu found that Leng Ba grabbed his hand, and then, sent his hand into her clothes, climbing to an inexplicable plateau ……

“Huffing and puffing! Huffing!”

Li Tiezhu’s breath was all messed up.


Leng Ba raised her head and looked at Li Tiezhu.

Then the dim light from the bedside lamp, she found his eyes shining brightly.

Li Tiezhu had ten thousand doubts, but they were all driven out of his head, not wanting to think about anything. He unconsciously clenched in his hands, then rolled over and pressed over like a madman.

Leng Ba was almost pleading, “No! You said yourself that last time like that, you can’t go overboard! I …… am not ready.”

“Like last time?”

Li Tiezhu head instantly cleared, the last time he was drunk …… was not a dream, it was a real jerking cat! So, tonight he said massage, but the cat …… misunderstood.

This ……

“I like you. That’s why I said no more cats, and I bought a $9.90 book, and I’ve been learning to chase girls, and I’m afraid you won’t say yes, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to look at me, and I’m afraid ……”

Li Tiezhu incoherent, then do not say, directly ripped off the shirt, buried his head.

Leng Ba tearful, tightly biting the lower lip.