The Rockstar Chapter 173

In the middle of the day, Li Tiezhu raised his head, “Leng Ba, will you be my girlfriend? How about I start chasing you tomorrow? I’ve learnt a lot recently ……”

Leng Ba bared in front of Li Tiezhu, trembling a bit angrily, “Shut up! I’m like this, and you’re still talking sarcasm!”

Li Tiezhu froze for a moment before reacting and burying his head again.

Leng Ba held Li Tiezhu’s head, her body shivering slightly, what else could she do? When has a cat ever rejected you? Moreover, there is a tiger next door that is eyeing ……

After a few minutes, Li Tiezhu forced himself to calm down and did not cross the line, he respected Lengba’s decision.

Leng Ba said, “Tie Zhu, if another girl chases you, will you leave me behind?”

Li Tiezhu did not hesitate, “Of course not. I swear …….”

The cold and slightly trembling jade hand pressed his lips, “Don’t swear, I believe. Even if …… I don’t regret it, when I’m ready, can I?”

Li Tiezhu hugged the exquisite woman in his arms tightly: “Good.”

After that, Li Tiezhu really did not have over-excited actions, just simply embraced Leng Ba, extraordinarily gentle.

Leng Ba was at ease in Li Tiezhu’s arms, time passed for a long time, but she couldn’t sleep, her little tummy was pinched a little hard. Of course she knew that, she looked up at Li Tiezhu, and he was really awake too.

“Can’t sleep?”

“It’s okay, I’ll wait for you to sleep first …… hiss ……”

Li Tiezhu’s head was confused, because Miss Lengba made a move, steady and accurate.

Leng Ba gently kissed Li Tiezhu on his face, “I’m really not ready yet, but …… the cat can help you.”

Li Tiezhu wanted to refuse, but in the end, primitive overcame reason and stared at Leng Ba without a word. Perhaps embarrassed by the look, Leng Ba’s head was also buried in the quilt, resting on Li Tiezhu’s chest.

Leng Ba does not have much experience, but listened to a certain Mimi popularised a lot of profound knowledge, so the hand talk skills are okay, just Li Tiezhu in the end is a hard man, the position is too firm.

Leng Ba wanted to civilised hand talk for a game, and soon his hands were sore, changed to verbal bargaining, and eventually became annoyed and cursed.

Li Tiezhu froze, his head buzzed, as if opening a new universe!

Originally, Li Tiezhu thought that this kind of thing would be fine to listen to Qin Tao ……

And the cat’s domestication degree is also climbing, too fast ah!

Although she is not very eloquent, but the axiom is also reasoned and justified, very hard to help Li Tiezhu to solve the problem, in the end, Li Tiezhu successfully poured out a cavity of stifling, was enlightened very thoroughly.

Until Li Tiezhu surrendered, the cat’s domestication degree stopped at 39%. With this deep exchange just now, it went up by 11%, breaking the record!


[Cat tameness 45%]

Early the next morning, Li Tiezhu looked at Leng Ba who once again washed out of the bathroom, his mind fluctuates violently, this thing really up the degree of domestication?

45% can do this, 100% can do what?

I don’t have enough brains!

Leng Ba was a little tired, and his voice was a little muffled after drilling back into the quilt, “Ahem …… let me sleep a little more, okay? Early in the morning you ……”

Li Tiezhu now knows the heartache, said, “You sleep! Sorry, I ……”

Leng Ba’s eyes are slightly sad, but more tender: “It’s okay!”

Li Tiezhu couldn’t figure out why he was bullying her so much.

There was no respect at all!

As soon as she woke up in the morning, she pressed her head down, and she was good and very obedient. Under the close attention of Li Tiezhu, Leng Ba had another sincere verbal negotiation, scolding Tiezhu with tears and straight shivers.

Da da da da ……

Song Zhu’er pushed the door in a small run, “Tiezhu Tiezhu, Sister Leng Ba disappeared …… er, and found it again.”

Li Tiezhu and Leng Ba stayed as if they were wooden chickens.

Song Zhu’er turned around and went out the door.

Leng Ba rolled over and got up, luckily both of them were wearing clothes covered with quilts, “Why didn’t you lock the door?”

Li Tiezhu: “Last night it was you who came in after, it was you who didn’t lock the door. Get up?”

Leng Ba rolled over and lay down again, “No, anyway, all saw …… me sleep a little more, and she won’t come in again.”

Da da da ……

Song Zhu’er secretly poked and burrowed in, and also rubbed her eyes, “So what, I’ll just make sure that it’s not my eyes that are blurred. Hmm! Bye!”

And ran off again.

Coldbar: “……”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Leng Ba: “She’s not coming back, is she? Is there a pit in her brain?”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s not certain.”

Da da da da ……

Song Zhu’er jumped in, huffing and puffing, “I …… I’m still unconvinced, just ask, are you guys building little dolls?”

Leng Ba hissed, annoyed, “No, we’re chatting. Early in the morning I came over to find Li Tiezhu to chat, I’m chatty, and I talked Tiezhu to vomit.”

Li Tiezhu blushed, too true, it was indeed pure chat, chatting deeply and enjoyably.

Song Zhu’er grunted and ran to the window, opening Li Tiezhu’s backpack to rummage.

Leng Ba looked confused, “What are you looking for?”

Song Zhu’er held up an apple flavour and bounced over, “It’s not working yet? You guys are really chatting? I almost misunderstood you guys! Hahaha, Sister Leng Ba woke up early enough, huh? I thought you came over in the middle of the night, scared me to death!”

Leng Ba was so angry that she sat up, I damn well came over in the middle of the night! She grabbed the things in Song Zhu’er’s hand and handed them to Li Tiezhu to collect for backup.

Li Tiezhu was also confused.

Song Zhu’er sat on the edge of the bed and asked, “What are you guys chatting about? I also want to chat.”

Leng Ba rolled her eyes, “No way! You can’t participate.”

Song Zhu’er: “Petty! When you’re gone, I’ll have Tie Zhu talk to me, and he’ll definitely be willing to talk to me, right?”

Leng Ba glared at Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu hurriedly shook his head, anyway, wearing beach trousers and vest, directly out of bed: “This topic …… is not appropriate for you to chat, so what, I’ll go and cook, what do you want to eat?”

“Don’t eat, I want to sleep until noon!”

Said, Leng Ba to the quilt, two arduous debates down, tired, neck is sour. Li Tiezhu really is as his name suggests, Ayn Peila Li.

Song Zhu’er chased after Li Tiezhu: “I eat onion oil noodles, how is that woman like this? After chatting with you, she even slept directly on your bed? Isn’t she shy? Which is like me, always shy and introverted.”

Simply made a breakfast, Li Tiezhu and Songzhu’er ate it and went to the vegetable market to buy small frogs.

“I fell asleep on the sofa last night, did you carry me into the bedroom?”

“Otherwise? Also, you woke up once and said you wanted to eat the little frogs.”

“Did I? That might have been a break, I break a lot.”

“Leng Ba said you cried last night.”

“How can that be? She must have started a rumour, I don’t cry. By the way, what secret stuff did you guys talk about?”

“Indeed …… it’s secret, so I can’t talk to you.”

“Hmph! Tie Zhu, tell you a secret.”


“I have a favourite boy.”

“Eh ……”

On the way back after Li Tiezhu’s purchase, the words were obviously much less, and it was all Song Zhu’er who was talking. He remembered the strange fluctuation inside his heart when he held hands that time yesterday, and when he looked at ……

So, Song Zhu’er’s so-called secret, in fact, is a kind of provocation, after all, the two people know that moment each other’s mental fluctuations.