The Rockstar Chapter 174

On this day, Li Tiezhu won the voice of the “gold-plated microphone award” of the aftermath still exists, several well-known boxer was taken away by the police to investigate the case is also a warm response, Li Tiezhu team sued the female reporter’s heat is not small.

A certain wave of media overnight dismissed the reporter, and claimed that this is the reporter’s personal behaviour, has nothing to do with a certain wave.

That female reporter also publicly apologised online, it seems that …… Luo Fei Yan did not refuse to pay the back eight hundred thousand because of the failure of the mission, or maybe even more, otherwise the female reporter would not have willingly led this box lunch.

Then, another new hotness was topped up, Meteor Culture and Monolith Culture were suspected of tax evasion, and the two companies’ urgent public relations still failed to suppress the hotness.

The only solution for a hot event is to be topped by another hot, so ……

Wang Feng released a new song.

Many netizens began to flirt with Wang Leather Pants – we waited to eat melon.

After all, Wang Feng is also equipped with superpowers comparable to the rain god, as long as a new song is issued, the entertainment circle will have a big melon to eat.

Although Wang Feng has withdrawn from Monolith, Meteor and Monolith have used all their resources to fire Wang Feng to the top of the heap in order to quell the tax evasion incident.

Now the entire internet was waiting to eat melons, and a group of melon eaters had even started to make predictions and guesses.

Wang Feng even sent out a scarf:

“No one will steal the hot search with me this time?”

The melon people: I don’t believe it, Wang Leather Pants, you wait and see, will never let you get the first hot search.


Song Zhu’er was talking non-stop all the way dejectedly, her words were even more and denser than before.

One moment she said she wanted to go buy a phone bombing software to scold Luo Fei Yan every day, one moment she said she wanted to take Li Tiezhu to Kyoto to attend the training course for the art exam, one moment she said she wanted to go to see Li Tiezhu’s concert but didn’t have the time, and one moment she said she wanted to learn how to play mahjong.

The moment she returned to the flat, Song Zhu’er was suddenly quiet.

Leng Ba was fully dressed, but she was still sleepy and sitting on the sofa jerking Xiao Jiu.

Song Zhu’er’s eyes suddenly went red, “Hmph!”

She actually understood all along, after all, she wasn’t a fool, she was just pretending to be crazy on purpose.

She thought she could stubbornly act like she didn’t know, so that she could continue to be reckless with Li Tiezhu, could pretend that he didn’t have a girlfriend, could pretend to pursue Li Tiezhu.

However, the acting was still not good enough, and it was very difficult in her heart.

Li Tiezhu also knew that the atmosphere was not right, and silently went to the kitchen to cook, hoping that Song Zhu’er could find her prince, it is obvious that I am not a prince, I am a bumpkin.

Song Zhu’er in the end is an iron head doll, she quickly held back her tears, and went over to grip away the cat in Lengba’s hand and jerked it up herself.

Strange to say, Xiao Jiu bared his teeth when he saw anyone, but only Song Zhu’er could casually scratch it.

Leng Ba did not grab, slowly boil a pot of pure water to make tea, and then began to peel the apple. She knows that Song Zhu’er figured out her relationship with Li Tiezhu, but so what?

You like Li Tiezhu, but Sister shagged him! Twice!

“Zhu’er, do you still remember the crying last night?”

“No memory, it’s broken.”

Song Zhu’er really didn’t remember this.

Leng Ba felt the need to strike a blow to her competitor’s mind, lazily stretched her waist, and said, “You said you liked that whoever but didn’t dare to chase after him, he had a girlfriend too, and then you cried.”

Song Zhu’er blushed, it seemed that she did expose it last night!

No wonder she chose to sneak attack Li Tiezhu in the middle of the night, it’s all my fault, the enemy turned out to be around, I was careless.


Obviously, they did not reach the ultimate crime of building a small doll, but also politely ditch passed, is it with …… meh! I Song Zhu’er is not a three year old child, what do not understand? I did not think that Leng Ba was so open-minded, I blame Li Tiezhu charm is too big.

Song Zhu’er serious face: ”It seems that I have always thought wrong …… There is no special routine for chasing boys! Offering one’s body is the most sincere confession!!!”

Lessons learnt from the enemy, lessons learnt in blood.

That book, $9.90, a loss.

Leng Ba is not annoyed, and even a little bit of theft, cut the apple into small pieces, “It is not shameful to give your favourite boy …… how to do it.”

Song Zhu’er nodded: “This is reasonable!”

The water boiled, Leng Ba poured a cup of hot tea for Song Zhu’er: “You ah, young and beautiful, it’s okay to change a boy to like, there are many attractive boys in the circle.”

Song Zhu’er shook her head, “I’m not afraid! I’m an iron-headed doll who am I afraid of? I am not going to give up and will buck the trend to become the main palace, let her serve me tea and water and give me ……”

Leng Ba puts down her tea cup, a little angry, and pokes up a piece of fruit with a toothpick, which is snatched away by Song Zhu’er.

Song Zhu’er eats the apple, “Peel the fruit for me!”

The two dark arrows hurt Pili Yangqiu, Xiao Jiudu slips away with a scared meow.

Not long after, the little frog was ready, and the three of them ate their midday meal together.

Pine Bamboo Er has regained its vibrant appearance, looks like it really came out from the blow. Leng Ba also did not continue to mess with Song Zhu Er’s mind, after all, she was also humiliated by the rabbit.

Overall, the atmosphere was not bad.

After the meal, Song Zhu’er was about to leave and asked Li Tiezhu to send her off, “Tiezhu, send me to the airport.”

Although Leng Ba was listening from the sidelines, Li Tiezhu didn’t hesitate, “Okay.”

Leng Ba was a bit sour: “Go go go, I have to go to Mimi’s company for a meeting in the afternoon, and fly directly to Hengdian with her in the evening.”

Song Zhu’er: “Then, Lengba sister goodbye, I Tiehouwa will come back!”

The attitude is resolute as hell.

Lengba knew her strings, smiled and stepped forward, hugged hard, came to a pair of touching, who is small, who is embarrassed, Mimi sister passed on the stunt.

Bounce away.


Matsutake-chan was pinned down, it was my loss, I appreciate it! Hug!

The enemy is unprecedentedly powerful! Indeed, it is namely empty and before, get up so long has not yet worn it? Its siege weapon is so dominant, no wonder Li Tiezhu was easily overrun, who can withstand this?

But I will try to improve myself! Next time I touch, may not be false you!

Leng Ba occupies the overwhelming advantage: “Bamboo little sister goodbye! My Tie Zhu and I like you very much, come and play more often when you have time.”

My Tie Zhu?

Song Zhu’er looked serious and turned around, “Understood! Depart!”

Li Tiezhu carried her small suitcase and followed her out the door, and was yanked back by Leng Ba to boink a big mouthful.

Outside the door, Tiehou Wa, who had a strong will to fight, suddenly fell on his face:

Please keep your voice down!

To the airport, Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er are wearing masks, lest they be recognised, but still forced to sign a photo many times. Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er have talked and laughed, but also said that the next time to teach Song Zhu’er to play mahjong.

Almost into the ticket gate, Song Zhu’er asked with a smile, “In addition to kissing, you guys also do very strange things, right?”

Li Tiezhu was confused on the spot, “Ah? You ……”

Song Zhu’er shrugged her shoulders and turned to walk away, “It’s okay, I’m just a psycho that no one likes anyway.”

Li Tiezhu can not speak, feel very guilty, if there is no cat this stall, there is no doubt that he will choose and take the initiative to pursue Song Zhu’er. That was eighteen years a go, the first time his heart fluttered because of a girl, not even Coldba.

“Ticket and ID please.”

Song Zhu’er rummaged through her pockets twice, not knowing which tendon was wrong, she kicked open the suitcase, her handbag was also thrown, turned around and rushed towards Li Tiezhu.