The Rockstar Chapter 175

The lady checking the tickets was startled, and thought that Ironhead Wa was going to beat her up.

Li Tiezhu was also shocked, what is she doing? What is she going to do? She is not angry enough to rush over and give me a headbutt?

Song Zhu’er ripped off her mask, rushed over and wrapped her arms around Li Tiezhu’s neck, ripped off his mask with her hand, and then jumped and bit on it.

Li Tiezhu’s brain buzzed and exploded, a blank.

Click Click Click ……

The travellers next to him took out their mobile phones as a matter of course, some taking pictures and some recording videos.

Song Zhu’er is a novice, the operation is very amateurish, and Li Tiezhu, who has received several trainings, subconsciously guided it, and then he was even more confused, Song Zhu’er attacked fiercely, and Li Tiezhu couldn’t defend it.

After ten seconds or so, separate.

Song Zhu’er stared at Li Tiezhu: “That rubbish book, I have deleted it. I have my own way of chasing people! Is it okay?”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah …… this ……”

Song Zhu’er still looked at Li Tiezhu, pointed her finger to the right, and said in a domineering manner, “Then who, video shivering, don’t forget to @ me!”

The big sister who shot the video was startled, and then even more startled: “I’m fucking …… live heartache Wang leather trousers!”

The crowd of melon eaters on the scene even began to clap and coax.

Song Zhu’er only then turned away with satisfaction, “Put it away! Sister’s first kiss.”

Until Song Zhu’er disappeared at the ticket gate, and the onlookers dispersed, Li Tiezhu still had not come back to his senses from the state of dumbfoundedness, which …… was immoral!

Once again, he was forcibly kissed.

Then the question comes, why do I say again?

Tokai Airport. It’s toxic, right?

The first time, it was Leng Ba who committed a crime here, albeit in a remote location. This time, it’s Song Zhu’er. It’s an open crime in front of a large crowd.

I’m afraid this is going to be a hot topic.

Li Tiezhu didn’t remember how he got back to the flat.

Leng Ba had already left, and in the empty flat, only Li Tiezhu and Xiao Jiu were left.

Edit WeChat and send it to Leng Ba: “There’s a thing, you have to be mentally prepared ……”

Leng Ba: “In a meeting, saw her kiss your video, congratulations, ah, the first hot search, Wang Pi Pants prophet ah.”

The tone of voice is not good ah, are already on the hot search?

So fast?

Li Tiezhu opened the jittery voice to see, tens of thousands of @ him, the video of Song Zhu’er flying and asking for a kiss is even more overwhelming, Song Zhu’er herself has forwarded this one, also with a text:

“Not very good at pursuing boys, first stamp and sign in, from today onwards to chase Li Tiezhu, Tiehouwa stay.”

Less than an hour, three million likes.

The comment section was even more fiery beyond words:

“Sign in!”

“Stamped and signed!”

“I found out that it was Matsutakeer who stuck out his tongue.”

“Something’s not right upstairs, I suspect you guys are engaging in royal sex.”


“These two golden boys and girls, match a face.”

“What’s a golden couple? It’s called the Iron Girls.”

“What’s a jade girl? It’s clearly Iron Boy and Iron Girl.”

“An iron pillar and an iron head, I want to know who’s hard, the pillar or the head.”

“Upstairs this one is directly handcuffed away.”

“Crooked, crooked, crooked, the Public Security Bureau is here.”

“Don’t you all know you’re hurting Wang Leather Pants?”

“What’s there to feel sorry for? He should be used to it. Don’t you have any idea?”

“I’m already numb!”

Wang Leather Pants did brush this video, his teeth hurt, cursed and laughed out loud, and backhanded a comment.

In the afternoon, Yi Xiaomao still did not get up, well, Sister Xiuhong fell in kissing the chicken dance, Xiaomao brushed the phone, is a shiver, scared Sister Xiuhong rushed to avoid, but also thought that you …… Yi Xiaomao backhanded is a praise.

Zhao Liya also brushed to the video, completely do not understand the silly column has what attracts people, these two went forward and backward, but also are the initiative to offer, do not still can not be the kind of, tsk …… are brain problem, give you a compliment.

The scary thing is, even Wan Yun’s mother made a special call to ask Zhao Liya: “Ya Ya, Li Tiezhu and Song Zhuer is not true?”

Zhao Liya was speechless: “Didn’t they say it themselves? Still pursuing.”

“Then how come they kissed? It’s fine, sooner or later we’re going to be together anyway.”

“Mum, what’s wrong with you? Last time, Leng Ba, you disliked people for bringing down your family Tie Zhu, and this time, Song Zhu Er, you can’t wait for them to get married in place. You’re being too double standard, aren’t you?”

“Can that be the same? Leng Ba is too much older than Tie Zhu, and she just looks immodest. Song Zhu’er is different, she’s a good match for Li Tiezhu, and she even helps Tiezhu in fights. If you were as righteous as others, I’d be saved.”

Zhao Liya was speechless, she helped Li Tiezhu this time, it’s just that everyone doesn’t know about it, otherwise it could be so coincidental to explode the tax evasion of those two families?

That’s right, it’s Zhao Liya who reported it by her real name, she once cooperated with Meteor, and it was obvious that she didn’t pay taxes.


Li Tiezhu’s side of the phone is also inundated with calls.

Xiao Zhen called: ”Brother! Bullish ah! ”

Li Tiezhu: “I point your mother to sell twisted child praise!”

Then, Qin Tao that animal specially called to ask Li Tiezhu: “Dog, how does it feel to be kissed forcibly, did you stick out your tongue, sip or not sip? Did you sip it?

Li Tiezhu backhanded is a sentence: “You eat good shit don’t talk.”

Li Tiezhu finished and hung up the phone, patted his head, right hello, the small spicy paw lipstick is strawberry flavoured, more special ……

Even Zhang Xiaomeng can not help it, under the hands of the head of such a big scandal, he can not sit still is strange, directly door to force to ask: “You and Song Zhu’er in the end what is going on? Why don’t you know to restrain a little? However, you and she are both more special, different from other stars, you two …… actually did not fall out of the powder, but instead earned another wave of heat because of it.”

Li Tiezhu poured a cup of water for Zhang Xiaomeng: “I have a headache, I simply don’t know which of her tendons is wrong, hey, I don’t know how to end it.”

Zhang Xiaomeng is also a LSP: “How else to end it? Directly want ah! Didn’t she say she’s after you? You pretend to drag it out for a month or so, and then just make the official announcement! She’s also good looking and has a good body, what else are you not satisfied with?”

“What if one of my friends isn’t satisfied?”

“What the fuck friend?”

“A girlfriend.”

“Ahhhhh? You really have ……”

“Fake, lying to you.”

“Say a thing, that rabbit’s launch conference is almost ready, wait for you to come back from the tour to find time to convene the conference, I try to go back to contact some more big names to support the scene.”

“Good. Hard work, that rabbit bring Justin and Yi Xiaomao with you, I promised them.”

Sending away the agent, Li Tiezhu in his head repeatedly thinking about how to explain to Leng Ba, after all, people just and you that, you turn your head and someone else on the hot search.

Apologise? Send a gift? Write a letter of guarantee?

Then Coldbar’s call came in, “Hello? ”

Li Tiezhu sat up straight: “Hmm.”

“So what ……”

“Leng Ba, you say.”

“Is she …… good?”

“Don’t be like this, I have nothing with her, I will talk to her clearly. Don’t be angry, okay?”

“The cat is not angry ah, the cat is very good. Just wanted to say, if it’s good you eat more.”


“Well, the cat is going to eat, take care of yourself. Lick you yo!”

“Cough cough cough ……”