The Rockstar Chapter 176

Li Tiezhu choked, the cat is now talking too raw, right? In the morning also whispered what either spoiled me or that good me, eek mess! The world of adults is really scary! However, she said this in a strange way, really not angry?

Sent a tweet, “Really not angry?”

Over there, Leng Ba finished the phone call, got down from the car, sighed, forced a smile and Mimi and the others walked into the restaurant, and after settling down in a private room, she took her mobile phone to return the message:

“It’s a lie to say that I’m not angry, except that Cat isn’t going to stop you because you guys do look good together, and I’m the one who looks like I’m redundant.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to let her get away with it, I have a strong stance, don’t be afraid Cat.”

Leng Ba pursed her lips and switched off her phone.

Heh! I knew that selling misery was the most effective, the cat breeder is such a bottom line and ethical person, the more you let him go and indulge, the more steady he is, and hurts the cat. Those two strokes at night and in the morning were not in vain!


Li Tiezhu paid another six months of rent, he liked the flat, because …… it was very monumental, he was ready to rent before buying.

In the living room, Li Tiezhu used his mobile phone to calculate the account, including the composition fee of Dream – Three Kingdoms, the film and episode fee of Heart and Flower, the one million bonus of The Voice, and the royalties of the songs he received this month, he now has a total of thirteen million yuan in his hand.

And “that year that rabbit those things” also let Zhang Xiaomeng talk down, the total investment of twenty million, Li Tiezhu only invested eight million, dumpling Keli two million. The remaining ten million, divided by many stars, and even, even Penguin Culture has forced a million, originally Penguin wanted to invest more, but the quota is limited.

In this way, Li Tiezhu will have five million left in his hand, and, the next six tours have income.

He is ready to take the money back, buy a house in Shudu, and give the old man and Aunt Liu as a wedding gift.

This thing, go back and do it!

IQ 99 Although it is still slightly lower than the average, but it is already in the normal human category, Li Tiezhu is no longer obsessed with repairing houses in the countryside.

[Ding! The new mainline mission has been loaded, please click on the host to view]

“Don’t look! Scram!”

Li Tiezhu’s attitude was unusually arrogant.

[Host please be friendly to the system, or the system will get angry]

“Get lost! I summed up an experience, I have three times a day to audition the song, ten seconds each time, you can choose your own audition start time. For a song, I listen to it in twenty or so auditions, then, I just write it directly, I don’t even need to buy IQ points.”

[Ding! Thank you for the bug provided by the host, this side has been revised and completed, each song audition fixes the chorus for ten seconds]

“I Nima…… IQ is still not enough!”

Don’t read it or don’t read it!

Li Tiezhu was furious, then began to finish cooking for himself, the sky was already dark.

Little frog fried rice.

That’s right, leftovers.


The waiter starts serving cold cuts in the hotel’s luxury box.

Sister Mimi and a few investors, were discussing the investment of Pride and Prejudice, which was a new resource she had pulled for Leng Ba, preparing to promote her into the film industry.

Leng Ba was lost in thought the whole time, holding the chopsticks and not moving, her head was all about Li Tiezhu’s curious baby-like face, and when she gave Li Tiezhu a solution to his problems, he had a funny expression.

A new girl who came with Mimi curtly gave Leng Ba chopsticks of shredded squid, “Sister Leng Ba try it, this is super tasty.”

Mimi frowned, “What are you doing? Don’t you know she hates the fishy smell of seafood?”

The newcomer was scared and rushed to apologise.

However, she saw Leng Ba pick up the shredded squid and ate it, both eyes empty.

Mimi was startled and pushed Leng Ba awake, “You’re eating shredded squid, isn’t it fishy?”

Leng Ba looked at the bowl and chewed again, “Not fishy ah.”

The newcomer breathed a sigh of relief.

Mimi, however, revealed a bizarre expression and stared at Leng Ba dead in the face until Leng Ba’s eyes averted and reddened her ears, then she laughed with a ha, “Ha! You’re not a picky eater, mind the secrecy!”

Leng Ba: “Hmm.”

After the meal, Leng Ba was forced into her car by Mimi, with a bad smile on her face, “You’re really good! What you dare to eat! Who is it? So great charm?”

Leng Ba shame burst, blushing face embarrassed: “Do not say it.”

Sister Mimi: “Little girl, tell us the truth, who is this handsome man? Can make our little Leng Ba so hungry for food?”

“You speak so disgusting.”

“You’re not disgusting when you eat, and you’re talking about me?”

“It wasn’t you who told me about keeping men in check with their stomachs ……”

“Hmph, let me guess, Shenglun? Is impossible to drop! Wang Da Shao, is also unrealistic drops, Li Tiezhu …… is very spot on bar mitzvah ah! People are only eighteen ah! You can really go down to the mouth ah! Tsk tsk tsk ……”

“Don’t say it, not ……”

“Don’t you pretend! Your assistants are all my eyes. Where did you sleep last night, can I not know?”

“Erm ……”

“By the way, he and Song Zhu’er …… You guys weren’t a threesome last night, were you?”

“Of course not!”

“Tsk, what did I say? I knew you were an M the first time I saw you, and even if the other person wasn’t, you would have been forced into an S.”

“Ahhhhh! Suffer death!”

Leng Ba was annoyed that Mimi’s prediction from a few years ago had come true. She pounced on her and tickled her, and the two of them made a mess.

A certain newly signed young nun watched her boss and Leng Ba enter the car, and before long the car shook violently, her face turned white with fear. I know that the entertainment circle is complicated, so I signed a female boss, I didn t expect that I still couldn t escape my destiny …… Could it be that if I want to be red, I have to pay a price?


Kyoto, Song Zhu’er sat on the carpet of her own home and giggled, the agent Sister Zhuang was angry and cursed endlessly, but Song Zhu’er could not hear a word.

It’s amazing!

Want to take a plane back to the East China Sea, and then stick with Tie Zhu for half an hour, how can there be such a magical thing?

No wonder humans want to fall in love!

Smashing his mouth, Song Zhu’er picked up his mobile phone, there are a few Li Tiezhu’s “clarification” message, she did not think of how to reply, but now she figured it out.

Under the watchful eye of the agent, Song Zhu’er replied:

“I’ve been dizzy all afternoon, thank you! I love you! I hope one day I can impress you enough to really take me on …… hah shucks! Your hot paws aren’t that serious! Kiss you once when I see you! Haha! Chase you to the ends of the earth!”

Click to send.

Sister Zhuang rolled her huge, cataract-like eyes, “You’re a fucking …… bull! Love what you want.”

Song Zhu’er: “Sister Zhuang? When did you come? Quickly sit down.”

Sister Zhuang: “I fucking picked you up at the airport ……”

Then, Song Zhu’er’s mother called, Sister Zhuang gloated, Song Zhu’er was also weak, shivering and picked up the phone, “Mom?”

“You and that Li Tiezhu thing ……”


“Shut up! I mean, you send me his information, and contact numbers and stuff, I’ll talk to him and see when both sides meet the parents. Also, you don’t just kiss, you have to talk to him ……”

“Mum! You can’t!”

“Get married early and have a baby early, and go back to acting after giving birth, or else, look at a bunch of old women in the entertainment circle now, who can’t get married.”

“Er …… goodbye you le!”


Sister Zhuang people are stupid, it is really genetically strong.

Song Zhu’er hangs up the phone decisively, and looks for Sister Zhuang to ask for her mobile phone, call Luo Fei Yan, of course, such a happy thing, of course, to celebrate with her.