The Rockstar Chapter 177

The cultural performance started at nine o’clock in the morning, the high school and junior high school together, has lasted for three hours, Li Tiezhu watched straight yawn. If before, he would have watched with great interest, but now he is like an adult watching kindergarten children perform.

What made it hard for him to hold himself was that there was a Erha harassing him next to him, and on the other side, the class flower was frantically assisting.

For example, Song Zhu’er said a “we go to Xiling Snow Mountain skiing”, the other side of the class flower will add a “wear too much affect the operation”, Li Tiezhu can not keep up the rhythm.

Finally, at the last moment, it was Li Tiezhu’s turn to make a grand finale.

The male host said in a staccato voice: “The new China is forged with the blood of our forefathers, in the distant peninsula, hundreds of thousands of heroes blood stained the sands …….”

The hostess is more pretentious: “Ah …… that endless white snow, you cold not but their a passionate blood! Ah …… that rampant artillery fire, you can not break the Chinese steel spine! Ah ……”

The man and woman said at the same time, “Applause please welcome the winner of the sixth edition of The Super Voice, the current No. 1 on Penguin Music’s Hot Songs Chart, an alumnus of our XXX Middle School, Li Tiezhu from Senior Class 7, to bring you this classic song – Pursuing Dreams with a Red Heart.”

Li Tiezhu’s sweaty hairs stood up, and his embarrassment cancer broke out.

The song was moderately well sung, but the reaction on the stage was too enthusiastic, even the Little Prince Against the Wind jumped up from the teacher’s seat and danced the despondent senior bungee cha-cha-cha.

Little Prince Against the Wind was floating.

This year, I brought out a female tennis player sent to the University of Sport, but also brought out a good voice champion, Nortel Chinese theatre steady, I should not be a little flirty? There is also a worship Yu Qian but so far did not perform on stage Qin Tao, I do not even rare to say, shame!

The end of the performance, Li Tiezhu went to the location of the junior high school, and found Liu Xiaohua, still bragging with the students, to carry her away.

Liu Xiaohua did not struggle, too long face! I am proud!

My brother is awesome.

There is also the big star Song Zhu’er and the senior middle school solid school girl accompanied by the ceremony, view my being dragged away by force the ceremony, Kam.

At noon ate a meal of Jianyang mutton soup, and then, the four people killed to go to the mahjong hall, Song Zhu’er this mahjong idiot is the most excited.

Four people playing is each person seven cards of the bloody battle to the end, quite brutal.

Liu Xiaohua forced shamelessness, “Sister Zhu’er, do you have two strips?”

Li Tiezhu had a stern face, “No cheating.”

Liu Xiaohua: “Wow ah! I’m going to tell my mum, Li Tiezhu you bullied me, wooooooooo……”

Li Tiezhu goaded: “So what, still want to go to Disney?”

Liu Xiaohua instantly raised a smile, “Sister Zhu’er, two bars.”

Song Zhu’er, the stupid turtle, played a two-bar.

Liu Xiaohua pushes down the mahjong, “Clear card two bars! Wahahahaha ……”

Song Zhu’er: “Wow, you’re great! What’s going on?”

Jung Yeon Zee: “You’re going to lose sixteen to her.”

Songjul: “……”

Liu Xiaohua: “Thank you sister-in-law.”

Song Zhu’er is overjoyed: “Next time you are short of any cards, tell your sister-in-law.”

Li Tiezhu embarrassed a horse: “Hot claws you enough, endless still, after playing cards you go back to Kyoto, I buy you discounted air tickets. Five.”

Song Zhu’er: “It’s a long holiday, I don’t go to class. Nine.”

Zheng Yanzi: “Two bars. I’m damn well looking forward to you two getting married and having babies! It’s my ultimate fantasy to keep Li Tiezhu in a nightmare for the rest of his life, and you’re my last hope, Hot Paw! Come on! I’ll come here to play with you when you’re ready!”

Song Zhu’er: “I told you it’s Nezha! What’s wrong with you Xichuan people …… eight cakes.”

Li Tiezhu: “Hu.”

Zheng Yan Zi: “Three times, gone. Ohaha double whammy!”

Song Zhu’er: “So …… this hand I lost a few dozen?”

Zheng Yan Zi: “Three clear three times, sixty-four dollars, Li Tiezhu quickly pay out.”

Li Tiezhu: “She lost, it’s none of my business?”

Song Zhu’er forced herself to be cute: “Boing~”

Liu Xiaohua playing auxiliary: “Huh! Your bitch lost, shouldn’t you pay mai? Li Tiezhu, don’t let me, Liu Xiaohua, look down on you!”

Zheng Yan Zi: “One, two ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Give give give! Liu Xiaohua you table nonsense yellow language, she is not yet my mother-in-law.”


Song Zhu’er squirming: “Tiezhu you don’t rush, we are still small, hate la …… two stripes! Touch!”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

The cultural performance ended at noon, and then the holiday, Li Tiezhu took Nezha to play mahjong for a few hours in the teahouse, and returned to the construction site at five in the afternoon. Banhua encouraged Songzhu’er after leaving first, Liu Xiaohua although living in school, but stubbornly want to stand up for “sister-in-law”, accompanied Songzhu’er to the construction site.

Li Tiezhu heart a thousand grass mud horse galloped past, fortunately Song Zhu’er wearing a mask, was not recognised by the workers.

In the evening, Li Tiezhu took the old man, Aunt Liu, Song Zhu’er and Liu Xiaohua to eat frog fish, fixed a private room.

Liu Xiaohua is simply exuberant unlike words, the pot has not been served up, it is the first to introduce to everyone:

“Sister-in-law, this is dad, brother’s own father my stepfather, this is my mother, and later also your mother Liu Cuiqun, they are in free love, next week will go to the registration of marriage. By the way, Dad, Mum, this is my brother’s girlfriend, my future sister-in-law Song Zhu’er. Sister-in-law fierce batch explosion, ahem …… very powerful, seven years old acting TV, nine years old on the Spring Festival Gala, this ha only eighteen years old is already a first line actor ……”

Li Tiezhu had the heart to interrupt, but was afraid that too many people hurt Song Zhu’er’s face, a little embarrassed.

Song Zhu’er is straightforward, pick up the glass is a sentence: “I first toast uncle and aunt! Little Flower is cute, but she didn’t tell the truth. I’m still pursuing Tie Zhu, not her sister-in-law yet, hehehehe …… but I’ll work hard, this cup, I’m dry, you guys feel free!”

Li Fugui was shocked and looked at his son, where are those two before you? Spend that one even if, that girlfriend? Li Laohan manipulated the heart, you damn …… don t wear help ah!

Li Tiezhu speechless, Zhao Liya is not my girlfriend, this is not, what can I say? Just like that, hey …… sinful fate ah!

Seats, Li Tiezhu talked about buying a house, Aunt Liu refused, said:

“Tiezhu, you can now make money, aunt know, but you do not give us this money to spend, you stay married and have a baby.”

Li Tiezhu also drank too much, was Songzhu’er irrigation, beat the table and said:

“It shall not work! This house must be bought! Your wedding room, and even, after the wedding room of the small flower wedding, are I buy! This thing, there is no room for discussion, I have the final say.”

Old man Li nodded slightly, this waifu is like a man.

Liu Cuiqun still felt wasted.

Song Zhu’er picked up the fourth cup of one or two glasses of wine and directly disliked Liu Cuiqun: “Mom, no, that what …… aunt! You guys feel free to buy a house! Tiezhu and I will never let our family suffer! Including Little Flower, Little Flower is my own sister!”

Aunt Liu was so excited that she burst into tears and immediately drank a toast with Song Zhu’er.

Li Tiezhu was confused, how did the enemy get inside? Song Zhu’er you damn chasing a hanyou is still not going out of the ordinary ah!