The Rockstar Chapter 178

Living conditions at the site were rather gruelling, so the accommodation arrangements for the night were rather peculiar.

Li Tiezhu want to give Songzhuer set nearby luxury hotel, Songzhuer through the wine hard to pretend that they do not have an ID card, do not go.

Li Tiezhu angry, you don’t want to take the plane ID card?


Anyway, all in all, in a word, Song Zhu’er and Li Tiezhu were arranged in the tin house. Liu Cuiqun and Liu Xiaohua live upstairs in the canteen, and Li Fugui is on duty anyway, guarding the janitorial room.

This seems to be the result of the balance of forces between all parties ……

Li Tiezhu was embarrassed because, customarily, he had to video his own cat every night before going to bed.

There was no way but to video the cat while Song Zhu’er went to the bathroom in Aunt Liu’s house to take a bath.

Aunt Liu seems to like Song Zhu’er, Liu Xiaohua also, Song Zhu’er originally also atmosphere, after giving the two mothers and daughters secretly brought gifts, it is really close as a family.

Song Zhu’er chasing Li Tiezhu this matter, in the Internet are spread all over, Liu aunt only know a general, but Liu Xiaohua but worship incomparable, everything all understand.

“Sister-in-law! Tonight you have to cheer up, I tell you women chasing men through the veil, novels are so written, boys are sex dogs. You just need to give up, my brother absolutely can’t help it, you are so beautiful ……”

“Hey hey hey …… others are pretty too.”

“Hmm? I don’t get it. Anyway, guys can’t resist the embrace of a pretty kid! Trust me! Come on, I’ll prepare buns for you in the morning, so you can fall asleep!”


“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!”

“Little Flower you’re so cute!”

“That’s right!”

In the tin house, Li Tiezhu watched the current affairs and politics to be tested in the college entrance exam while chatting with Leng Ba, which was the usual practice.

The door suddenly opened, Song Zhu’er bounced in wearing Kumamoto bear pajamas, it was a warm greeting, “Sister Leng Ba, how are you! How’s the filming going these days? I’m all set to sleep with Tie Zhu, I can’t sleep once I see you.”

Leng Ba: “Li Tiezhu, you translate.”

Li Tiezhu: “She sleeps on the top bunk, I sleep on the bottom bunk, look, this is the bunk bed.”

Song Zhu’er: “Yes it is, I happened to come to Shudu to play, so I came to look for Tie Zhu. He’s on the bottom, I’m on the top. Teacher, what happened to your face? Why are there crow’s feet?”

Leng Ba: “You’re looking at it wrong! There’s no way I have crow’s feet! Li Tiezhu, you remember to keep your body like a jade!”

Li Tiezhu: “Huh?”

Song Zhu’er: “See what you’re saying, it’s not like I’m going to force X him! Heh heh heh, teacher you’re so humorous ……”

Leng Ba: “I’m damn scared!”

Li Tiezhu: “…… Let’s talk about something that’s not vulgar, okay? Two?”

Song Zhu’er rolled over is a pounce, hold down Li Tiezhu will be forced to kiss, was Li Tiezhu blocked away. Leng Ba in the mobile phone video to see the eyes bulging, but there is nothing you can do ……

Song Zhu’er bad smile to the mobile phone, “Eh! Sister you woke me up, I suddenly have a bold idea.”


On the other end, Leng Ba was shaking with anger!

After that, Song Zhu’er was honest, afraid that Li Tiezhu was really angry.

She was tutoring Li Tiezhu in English grammar, and after an hour, Song Zhu’er, who had already drunk a lot, got tired herself and climbed up to the upper bunk to sleep.

Li Tiezhu long breath, sneak to the cat to send a tweet to explain, but also photographed Song Zhu’er indecent sleeping position as evidence in court.

As a result, Leng Ba replied, “She wears a hood or not, you touch it?”

Li Tiezhu instantly broke and replied back, “Get lost!”

Switch off and go to sleep.

Qin Tao did not lie to me, it is true that when a woman is colourful, there is nothing for a man to do.

Sleeping in the middle of the night, Li Tiezhu confused feel someone pick his trousers, open his eyes to see has been leaked to the sky, a jolt of trousers up.

A dark poke female voice full of surprise: “Wow ~”

Li Tiezhu furious: “You damn ……”

“Hey hey hey …… is to get acquainted in advance, after all, in the future the head is not to see the head.”

“The arse le! If I do not wake up, this moment you even greeted on it?”

“I sleepwalk often sleep.”

“Sleep sleepwalking ah, I believe you a ghost! You get the hell back!”

Song Zhu’er then climbed up to the upper bunk, halfway up and nodded towards Tie Zhu: “First time meeting! Please take care of me!”

Li Tiezhu jumped up to punch her.

Song Zhu’er reach agile, rolled over and jumped on the bed to shrink into the quilt: “Hahahahahaha hiccups …… long acquaintance, long acquaintance.”

Li Tiezhu finally did not hold back and angrily hit her hip.


“Sleep well.”

Song Zhu’er poked out half of her head, revealing a colourful and sweet expression, “Be gentle.”


The next day, half past six.

Li Tiezhu’s biological clock was very fixed, woke up on time, found a pair of big watery eyes staring at him, and shivered with fear again, hurriedly lifted the covers to look down.

Song Zhu’er was sitting on the small horse tie next to the bed, holding her face and looking at Li Tiezhu, smiling, “I didn’t take it off, I just watched you sleep, your eyelashes are quite long, and your nose is quite straight.”

Li Tiezhu was deeply powerless: “Hot paw, don’t you like lazy beds? Wake up so early?”

Song Zhu’er’s eyes narrowed, “It’s true that a lover’s eyes make a beauty, the more I look at you lately, the more handsome you are!”

Li Tiezhu: “I kind of understand Peng Yu Chang now.”

“This is the feeling of being in love ah, feeling giddy all day, seeing you gives me strange feelings, the kind last time, you know ……”

“Who’s in love with you?”

“I’m better than Guan Shuangshuang, her boyfriend sings, my boyfriend also sings, or write his own. Moreover, the two of them to talk about a relationship with the righteousness of the golden orchid like, or my boyfriend has a manly ……”

“The medicine don’t stop.”

“Oh, right, it’s time to take your medicine. I’m going to forget all about it.”

Song Zhu’er’s eyes got serious, turned around and got high on a pill, took a sip of water, and continued to look at Li Tiezhu, her eyes were not right again.

Li Tiezhu was so scared that he jumped out of bed: “What did you just eat? Spit it out for me! Can medicine be eaten indiscriminately?”

Song Zhu’er shook her head, “Depression medicine, I eat a piece every morning, after eating continue to sleep.”

Li Tiezhu suspected that he had heard wrong: “You would damn well have such an advanced disease?”

Song Zhu’er proudly jumped up and flipped out the diagnosis in her mobile phone, “How is it? You didn’t expect it, did you? Lao Zi is that advanced!”

Li Tiezhu couldn’t help but wonder, how could she have depression when she was such a cheerful person? This is not scientific ah.

Song Zhu’er sat back on the small horse:

“It’s just mild depression! The doctor analysed that may be the reason I have no friends, because fame is too early, I really have no friends in school. In the circle is also, because I am not good character drink fighting swearing, also have no friends. Zheng Yan Zi counted half, we do not count chatting, just we have no friends. I’m all day cheeky and nervous like, when I’m alone it’s hard, especially hard …… doctors also say that falling in love can cure the disease.”

Li Tiezhu did not know how to comfort her, thought for a moment and said, “It’s okay, after that I am your friend.”

Song Zhu’er immediately retorted, “We were friends before! Not after that.”

Li Tiezhu suddenly felt some heartache for this guy.

Song Zhu’er giggled and asked Li Tiezhu, “Tiezhu, can you hug me? Not kiss you.”