The Rockstar Chapter 18

“Hello? Tie Zhu, did you see that jitterbug?”

On the phone, Qin Tao’s voice looked a little excited, screaming so much that his voice broke.

Under the setting sun, Li Tiezhu hugged a large porcelain basin, squatting at the entrance of the canteen to eat, a large basin of rice eliminated, only left a large chicken leg imposed on him by Aunt Liu, he wondered:

“What jitterbug? I didn’t watch ah, mobile phone traffic is not enough.”

“Eh …… that is, it’s that the wine pen’s micro signal was stolen, he recruited people to P pictures to discredit you, saying that ‘People Like Me’ was written by him. Chat screenshots were sent out, he’s done! Hahaha ……”


Li Tiezhu put down the porcelain pot and started to gnaw on the chicken leg, there’s still this matter? That guy is finished or not finished and what does it have to do with me?

[Ding! The host has completed the side mission: make the wine pen lose its reputation. Rewarded with 10 IQ points and a sense of absolute sound.


It’s really something to do with me.

Emma, that smells good!

What’s the absolute sound sense? It doesn’t seem to change much. It’s not important.

Qin Tao: “What’s your reaction? He framed you and now that retribution has come, aren’t you happy?”

Li Tiezhu: “Happy is happy, but I always feel that there is still almost something.”


“Let me think ……”

Li Tiezhu was honest enough to receive the reward in the system and then added it to his IQ.

[Ding! IQ added successfully, host’s current IQ point: 90]

Suddenly, Li Tiezhu hit a cold war, his eyes suddenly became clear, and his originally chaotic and sluggish head immediately became silky and swift.

The smart IQ has taken over the high ground again!

This life has never been so smart, his IQ epileptic peak is only 87 points.

Once his head turned, Li Tiezhu knew what was still almost there, sure enough, having a brain is good.

“This way, you immediately send a jittery video as my agent. Ask the wine pen to do a formal apology in three days, in the form of a video in the jitterbug, the word count should not be less than three thousand words, and if the attitude is sincere, we will not take the blame. Otherwise, after three days, go and sue him for copyright infringement and defamation, pursue legal responsibility, and make him pay compensation for the loss of his reputation and copyright loss, and pay compensation of umm …… five hundred thousand.”

This is only complete Well, do things pay attention to a beginning and an end. Why didn’t you think of a lawsuit before? Also, at that time, the IQ valley.

Qin Tao: “Well well well! But why don’t you send it yourself?”

Li Tiezhu: “I don’t have the traffic.”

Soon, Qin Tao sent out the video, and at first there were people who didn’t believe him, forcing him to call Li Tiezhu to prove it. Li Tiezhu had no choice but to go outside the site leader’s office to rub WiFi for a while, forwarding and commenting on the video.

The comment area was peaceful, saying that Li Tiezhu kills and kills, and plays like a thief.

Now, everyone is waiting for the wine pen to apologise, three thousand words, poof …… no apology is fine, waiting for jail to pay money. These days Chinese copyright protection is very strong, a lot of plagiarism and libel have squatted.

Brush a moment of jittery, Li Tiezhu back are squatting numb, limping towards the tin house.

Ring Ring Ring ……

10086 sent a text message, your traffic has been used up, exceeding 0.6G.

Li Tiezhu the whole person is not good, the legs are squatting numb results rubbed a lonely! The guy in the site office is a real dog! Actually change the password.

Fortunately, the mobile phone is not down.

Li Tiezhu nimbly turned off the traffic in the settings, and returned to the tin house with a face of pain, and switched back to the mobile phone with the old man.

“Old man, the mobile phone back to you.”

“What? Smartphones don’t play well? Video not good?”

“It’s good, but the traffic can’t handle it.”

“Good-looking is right, you stay to see for yourself, I have your Aunt Liu. I taught her the mastery of cooking mat noodles, she is now obedient and willing to try new things.”

“Ah? What oh?”

“You stay to personally watch up play, pay attention to the body.”


Li Tiezhu couldn’t figure out the connection in the old man’s words, watching a jitterbug to pay attention to the body ah? In the end, he still returned the smartphone to the old man, he used back to the function machine.

Using a smartphone, it’s too spread out.

Li Fugui thought to himself, the waif is a good waif, anyway, he is too young to be in moderation!

It is also good to wait for the old man to go and collect a batch of new knowledge, and then pass it on to my son.

The mountain of books is a path of diligence, the sea of learning is not the end of the bitter boat!

“Old man, I participated in a singing competition and made some money.”

“School organised wow?”

“No, I just have to take time off work to go a few times in the future. With the money I earned, I’m going to get you a nice car, I’ll go pick up the car for you tomorrow. The rest, I’ll give you the card tomorrow.”

“Get a new bike? Don’t spend the money recklessly, be like me and donate some if you have more.”

“Got it, I’ll go ahead and donate tomorrow.”

Li Fugui didn’t make much money, and the two of them lived a miserable life, but he always went to Hong Fund every few months to donate some money, three to five hundred each time.

Workers usually do not make fun of this Li Fugui, said his own children can not feed, but also to learn the big money to give love. Li Fugui did not explain, only Li Tiezhu know why.

So, when the old man talked about donating money, he also felt it was appropriate.

After all, he has more than two hundred thousand lying in his card, and he doesn’t dare to take it out hastily yet, for fear of scaring the old man out of his wits, and he can only do it step by step.

Out of the tin house, Li Laohan went to the janitorial room and Huang Daqi shift.

The yellow grandpa suddenly called Li Tiezhu in a mysterious way: “Pillar! In the past two days, I heard your old man say that you have grown up. Tsk …… go go go, grandpa take you to Bend Alley to see the world.”

Li Laohan wondered: “Where is Bend Alley? See what the world?”

The yellow moncler outlet uk despised: “You know a hammer, baby grows up just read the information can not, to actually operate.”

“I’m not going to be able to do that. I have to go overtime at night.”

Li Tiezhu shook his head, the mood was once very low, wasted, wasted, tonight to work overtime to earn back.

Grandpa Huang waved his hand, “No! I’ve already asked the foreman to take leave for you, tonight you go with moncler outlet uk a super plate of qualification. Your old man ha poked and prodded, or moncler outlet online I’m good to you.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll know when you get there, heh heh heh ……”

“You’re not smiling right.”

“If it’s not right, it’s right, if it’s right, it’s not right, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe ……”

The proper brother was dragged out of the construction site by the old and immodest Master Huang.

Huang moncler outlet store was joyful, met the acquaintance of the introduction of Li Fugui’s son, tonight out of the army, to take the little guy to see the big world, the other side have complimented the yellow moncler outlet store hard to get.

Li Tiezhu dizzy was brought to a few streets away from a certain fat intestines powder shop, just dry a large pot of rice Li Tiezhu, sighing and grunting eating a bowl of large portion of fat intestines powder, eat to roll their eyes.

I thought, the so-called see the world, this?

Of course he knows that this fat intestines powder in Shu can rank into the top three, is a real old, he is not never eaten.

Eat and drink enough, Huang moncler outlet online took Li Tiezhu out of the shop door, killed straight to the diagonal opposite door of the alley, the dragon walk.

“Pillar, are you full?”


“Well, as strong as you can be.”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head to follow, look at the grandpa this forward momentum, dry must be a big thing.

In front of the fat sausage noodle shop, a small girl wearing a plaid skirt and a mask inclined her head, looking at Li Tiezhu crossing the road, thought for a moment, and also followed across the road to follow.

What a coincidence to meet this guy here.

The little girl is Zhao Liya, her family’s villa area is not far from here, she has often come to this shop since she was a child to eat fat intestines powder.