The Rockstar Chapter 180

This time Li Tiezhu didn’t refuse, sat on the edge of the bed, poured himself a cup of water and opened his arms.

Song Zhu’er then jumped over.

She suddenly with a sobbing voice: “Tie Zhu ah, recently a friend died, I’m so hard to bear, so I can’t help but fly over to look for you, I even cried for several days ……”

Li Tiezhu patted her head and didn’t say anything.

Song Zhu’er sighed: “I will never raise flowers and plants again, even the cactus can be killed by me, there is no one ……”

“So that friend of yours is a cactus?”

“It’s called an exterminator.”

“Nice name!”

“Right? It’s been with me for most of my life, I talk to it when I’m having a hard time and it always listens patiently, unlike everyone else. Everyone who listens to me treats me like a fool, like a sick person, like a brainiac, and it doesn’t ……”

“Neither will I. You can talk to me later.”

“Hmmmmm, why don’t I call you Exterminator from now on? It’s very imposing.”

“Don’t call me Bully, can’t afford it.”

“Huh? You’ve got strong tastes! I thought you were honest. By the way, how far did you and Leng Ba go?”

“Let’s talk about the Exterminator, how did it die?”

“Watering it to death.”

“It’s still pretty dangerous to be friends with you. I say, do you want to go see my friends? Little onions and garlic seedlings, growing nicely ……”

No response.

Li Tiezhu looked down, Song Zhu’er has fallen asleep on his chest, he wanted to put her on the bed, but Song Zhu’er didn’t sleep deeply, and wrapped her arms around Li Tiezhu’s neck humming, Li Tiezhu can only continue to hold.

Hey, what to do ah?

Li Tiezhu is a little confused.

Just now, he felt that strange throbbing again, which was not there when he was with Leng Ba. And, this throbbing was returned, from this person in his arms who was full of nonsense.

Knock knock!

“Those inside listen! You have been surrounded by me, Liu Xiaohua, I’m going to charge in on the count of three, yo, three!”

Liu Xiaohua pushes the door in carrying a bun.

Li Tiezhu: “Shhh!”

Liu Xiaohua tiptoed over: “How old are you, do you still need to be carried to sleep? I brought buns for sister-in-law!”

Li Tiezhu: “Put me to eat, you let our mother in the canteen to leave her some, this thing is estimated to sleep for a long time, just crazy half a day before falling asleep.”

Liu Xiaohua showed a surprised expression, “You guys …… in the morning hey, forget it, young people just have no moderation.”

Li Tiezhu raised his leg and kicked her, “Less fucking read some novels, yin and yang.”

Liu Xiaohua flashed away, back hand a shake towards the door: “I counted on my fingers, this small flower is only five hundred to save enough money to buy Diya electric car!”

Li Tiezhu rolled his eyes, “Go buy it for you this afternoon!”

Liu Xiaohua biu turned and closed the door, nimbly: “Brother, you’re so handsome!”

Li Tiezhu took the water cup and finished the water slowly before he gently put Song Zhu’er back on the bed he had slept on and covered her with the quilt.

Then, Li Tiezhu began to memorise English words.

Song Zhu’er slept until almost noon before waking up, ate and hurriedly left to go to Hengdian to play the heroine.

Li Tiezhu didn’t send her off, but just hugged her under the sycamore tree by the roadside: “Zhu’er, whenever you feel hard again, come to me anytime, okay?”

When Song Zhu’er nodded her head, she reddened her face, and was rarely shy: “I want to kiss.”

Li Tiezhu laid out the facts and reasoned with her, there is already a Lengba preoccupation, you make it difficult for me, I hope you can maintain restraint. Moreover, even if you do not restrain, you have not yet chased this han ah, why should you kiss first? You belong to the category of cars with incomplete formalities that can’t be put on the road. Not only do we have to abide by the rules, but we also have to be ethical.

This time, the kiss was long.

Separated, Song Zhuer eyes are lost, Li Tiezhu is full of guilt, but …… did not stop there.

Song Zhu’er: “She is not your girlfriend, right?”

Li Tiezhu: “I don’t know.”

“Then it doesn’t matter, I’ll keep chasing you until you accept.”

“No, this thing is not right ah.”

“There’s nothing right or wrong, does it matter what your situation is with her, or if I’m in a relationship with you?”

“Doesn’t matter?”

“Does it matter?

“Does it matter?”

“Well …… have to think about this one, it never felt right.”

“Let’s go, I’ll kiss you next time.”

Song Zhu’er left, I Song Zhu’er said to do it, see once to kiss once!

There’s another woman? Aren’t all men in this circle like that? People still wholesale stones. Li Tiezhu is so strange. He’s obviously a smart guy, but he actually dwells on this kind of problem.

Li Tiezhu could not understand, so he sent a message to ask the cat teacher, and got a very mysterious reply:

Captive cat: “Cat breeders, say there is a relationship also has a relationship, say it does not matter that also does not matter. Depends on how you think about yourself.”

Captive Cat: “But, teacher that’s unethical.”

Captive Cat: “What you did that morning, moral? What’s moral behind closed doors?”

Foster Cat: “Thanks, I feel better now.”

Li Tiezhu didn’t think it through, but the guilt was much lighter, traded for modesty.

In the afternoon, Li Tiezhu took Liu Xiaohua to buy a pink Diya electric car, three thousand two hundred, Li Tiezhu helped advance five hundred. Liu Xiaohua is still very backbone, not let Li Tiezhu help her buy, this five hundred is also to return.

After buying the car, Li Tiezhu went to find a housing agency, let them help recommend some housing, to big three rooms.

As a result, the room did not look into, but was surrounded by spectators, nearly caused a traffic jam.

Li Tiezhu easily slipped away from the back door.

Until now, he was not really clear about his current influence.

So, he had to leave the matter of buying a house to Zhang Xiaomeng, who followed him to Shudu, bringing Xiao Jiu by the way, and bringing a good news.

Li Tiezhu’s new album “seventeen years old” sold out, only just two days on the shelves, the number of purchases exceeded one million, has been killed into the seasonal album sales list of the top ten, and the rising momentum is very fierce.

Looks like a quarter down the top three no problem.

This is a bit unexpected, although the penguin big push, but also just to stand up, after all, these songs have been sold once the live version.

People didn’t really have particularly high expectations for the album’s sales, and they didn’t expect them to explode.

Penguin music confidence increased, Zhao Liya and Justin two of the album has not finished recording, after all, many are new songs, so Penguin temporarily decided to additional investment, and to the two of them no one to get two good songs.

The next day, the second of October.

The launching conference of the animated film “That Year, That Rabbit, Those Things” was held in Shudu Shenghong Hotel, which was not large in scale, but the atmosphere was very warm.

Director: Li Tiezhu (titular)

Screenplay: Li Tiezhu, Dumpling Keli

Producer: Fang Bo

Producer: Xu Shanqiang

Music Director: Zhou Dong

Art Director: Xu Wenguang

In addition, the stars who were there to support the show include Liu Hua Hua, Sun Lei, Yue Yupeng, Chen Chichi, etc.

The conference is not long, after Li Tiezhu out of pocket to treat everyone to a meal and then dispersed, in Zhang Xiaomeng’s main grasp, the animation film project has been officially launched, is doing the setting, waiting for Li Tiezhu’s script.

That night, Li Tiezhu returned home ready to “copy” the script, but found …… system 404!