The Rockstar Chapter 181

“Is this system …… dead?”

Li Tiezhu can not help but wonder, the first time I heard that the system can also 404, you are not like a certain mushroom puppets like death to write the royal uncle and female fist, how to 404?

Repeatedly tried several times, the system is really can not enter.

Li Tiezhu a little square Zhang, can not view the song, the cartoon can not see, audition function is gone, I fucking rabbit script how to do? What about the music of Dreams of Three Kingdoms?

The homepage is just a few words:

404 not found

Try to wake up, Li Tiezhu shouted in his consciousness, “System? Dog system?”

No response at all.

Li Tiezhu despondent up, thinking, must be I and Lengba that what, and shamelessly go and Song Zhu’er kiss, but also stick out the tongue, noble and moral system can not see it, blocked me.

[Ding! Not really! The system even welcomes you to flirt more, and can also issue you more targeted tasks]

“Hey? You’re still alive?”

[Ding! Playing dead]

“Why are you playing dead? Not working properly.”

Don’t you have any idea what’s going on in your heart? Not only do you not look at the new mission, but you also curse the system, boing ……]

“Okay, I’m wrong, you open the system.”

[Do you want to see the new mission? And curse the system or not?”]

“I’ll look at the new mission.”

[That’s more like it, hey? No, something is missing ……]

“Nothing is missing, open it.”

[Ding! Welcome back to the system, please answer the login verification question: what is the full name of the system?”]

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Who the hell remembers this? I only remember that it was a very long and unorthodox name.

“Secondary Culture Exchange System?”

“Interdimensional Classic Exchange System?”


“Interdimensional Civic Classic Exchange System?”

[Ding! Login successful, welcome back host]

“Damn you!”

A full twenty minutes later, Li Tiezhu finally masked the right, this thing by remembering is impossible to remember, all rely on guessing.

Current intelligence value: 99 points.

Remaining intelligence value: 38 points.

Music Achievement: 459 points. (Album sells like hotcakes. Add 1 point for every 10,000 people who buy it)

Variety Achievements: 302 points.

Film and TV Achievements: 55 points.

Shake fans: 37.13 million.

Cat Domestication: 45%.

[The main quest has been loaded and completed.


Li Tiezhu still clicked on the new main quest.

[Ding! Main line mission no. 3: Three months variety achievement reached 1000. reward: 30 points of intelligence. Gift: 5 points of Intelligence cap]

【Note: Only films in which the host is mainly involved are counted, such as director, screenwriter, and lead actor, the rest are no longer counted, such as “Heart and Soul” and “Big Fish”】.

Intelligence cap is a good thing!

However, this is a bit too jumpy, isn’t it? Didn’t you sing before? How come it’s variety? The career change is too fast. I haven’t even got into Nortel yet.

[Host can’t refuse]

“Okay! But since you’ve issued such a difficult mission, you have to be generous and give the host some start-up funds or something. Otherwise, even though I know you’re very, very powerful, it’ll come off as weak and petty.”

[Is the system that powerful? That …… Ding! Rewarding the host with 15 points of Intelligence + Intermediate Acting Skill]

“System Dad is old and fluffy!”

Li Tiezhu backhanded a set of rainbow farts, then indifferently pulled out his tablet to go copy the script to go. The results of the research showed that the system was an arrogant little stupid beep.

[Ding! Consuming 10 points of intelligence value, purchasing the remaining ten episodes of That Rabbit was successful]

Laughing and crying while copying. What was playing in his head was that world’s Na Rabbit, the drawing style was cute, but the production was slightly rough, but it was just classic.

Anyway, Li Tiezhu doesn’t know how to write a script, so he wrote down the twelve episodes of the story by writing an essay, and then threw it to Dumpling Keli to help him change it into a real film script.

Tablet typing is very slow, Li Tiezhu’s hands are sore, more tired than carrying bricks.

“Forget it, let’s go buy a Bluetooth keyboard tomorrow and write again, let’s do the game music demo first.”

The remaining 23 songs of the full set of music of Three Kingdoms, packaged for purchase.

[Ding! Consuming 23 points of intelligence value, purchase successful]

[Currently 20 IQ points left.]

Li Tiezhu concentrated on writing the song, Xiaojiu lay on his lap and slept, and in one night’s time, the four seasons in the “Spring Sprout” and “Summer March” demos were completed.

Lying on the bed thinking about the words that Song Zhu’er had said to him before, not the flirty words, but those serious words.

She analysed Li Tiezhu’s current situation and suggested that instead of going to study classes, he should take on more variety shows and roles like he did.

Variety arts can rub as much as they can, increasing exposure can boost fame and help a lot in the art exams, basically there are very few cases of famous stars being brushed off.

Acting take roles do not take the lead, not enough time, more small roles, more mix a few crews after, not only the actor circle of contacts wide, but also can learn a lot of acting skills, it is important for the examination.

She also operated this year, some years ago she basically did not go on the variety show, but this year, she went on a large series, I heard that she also signed a what “flowers and teenagers”, which will start early next year.

The tasks released by the Pride System still seem to make a bit of sense huh? Surprisingly, it’s still very relevant.

Li Tiezhu lay on the bed and dialled Zhang Xiaomeng’s phone.

“Brother Meng, still not sleeping?”

“Looking at houses online, what’s wrong?”

“Tough, you said last time there was a variety show looking for me? What’s the situation? What’s the price?”

“The lowest is half a million a period.”

“That much?”

“Don’t you have any idea what you’re up to now? The first newcomer that Central Mum has put up ah! You’re on par with Song Zhu’er, but you’ve got more momentum. However, didn’t you say last time that you want to study and not go? Why are you suddenly asking again.”

“Today, Song Zhu’er told me that letting me dabble more in variety shows will help me a lot in my art exams. What do you think?”

“Of course! I was going to tell you, but I was afraid that you would be stubborn, or your girlfriend would have a way with you. Actually, there’s only one variety show? There’s a whole bunch more after that one, I’ll give you a pick tomorrow if you want to go.”

“Okay, please.”

Hanging up the phone, Li Tiezhu thought back to the time when he was on Infinite Challenge and Mushroom House, and felt that it was still quite fun to be on a variety show.


The next morning.

Li Tiezhu hugged a large pot of noodles, eating while videoing with the second grandpa, his six wheel tractor could not back up to the courtyard gate again, almost disliking the courtyard wall.

“Beat it to the left, back, back, back! Good, the steering wheel back to the right …… stop stop stop! Mo run over the dog, good, keep backing ……”

The tractor is too loud, Li Tiezhu is almost with a roar.

After commanding, Li Tiezhu only found that the fat bearded man Zhang Xiaomeng came and pulled out his ears on the side.

Li Tiezhu: “Good morning Brother Meng.”

Zhang Xiaomeng said that your voice is really natural, squatted down and opened the laptop: “Let’s show you the variety offer, a total of a dozen, too inferior to be deleted by me, leaving a few ratings and word of mouth are good.”

Li Tiezhu sucked the noodles, can not read: “Good complicated ah, you this form.”

Zhang Xiaomeng then turned off the computer and said, “One period of ‘Masked Singer’ is six hundred thousand, two periods of one million. One million for one instalment of ‘Big King vs Little King’. Finally there’s a variety show you have to go to, ‘Hahaha’ two issues of two million.”