The Rockstar Chapter 182

Li Tiezhu nodded, “Let’s start with these three.”

Zhang Xiaomeng said, “I’ll ask my assistant to contact those programmes, I’ll take you to see the houses first.”

Li Tiezhu: “I won’t go, my dad and the others will go to see it, as long as they are satisfied. I’m going to practice driving you forgot? You enrolled me in a driving school. By the way, I’m going to shave an inch.”

Zhang Xiaomeng’s face was bitter: “I beg you, this hairstyle is fine! Don’t go the whole inch, it’s fine for you to have earthy tastes, but if you continue to be so unkempt, it’s not a slap in the face of the team, but it will make people think that you’re deliberately pretending to be plain, do you understand?”


“Call your girlfriend and ask her yourself, she’s in charge.”

After saying that, Zhang Xiaomeng held the computer and went to the janitorial room to look for Li Fugui, not long after he took Li Fugui, Liu Cuiqun and Liu Xiaohua to look at the house in the car allocated by the company.

Li Tiezhu took out his mobile phone, his finger hesitated on the names of Leng Ba and Song Zhu’er, and clicked on Song Zhu’er.

Song Zhu’er naturally strongly opposed to Li Tiezhu cut inch head, his face shape is not suitable, and even suggested that Li Tiezhu go to the whole tens of thousands of dollars of hair design, was Li Tiezhu refused without hesitation.

After talking about business, Li Tiezhu politely refused the other party’s chatty hints, and decisively hung up the phone to practice.

He was thirteen years old will drive a tractor, every time to help the second grandpa reversing, six wheeler reversing is quite anti-human, but Li Tiezhu is gifted.

Therefore, Li Tiezhu learnt to drive very easily. He did not have the idea of buying a luxury car to pretend to be a pussy, but he just thought that his future acting career would be very busy, so he might as well take the test first. After all, it can’t really be used with that illegal book given by Hot Paw.

National Day holiday a few days down, Li Tiezhu harvested a lot.

Twelve episodes of the “That Year That Rabbit Those Things” story was written and sent to Dumpling Clay to help touch up.

Dream – Three Kingdoms” game music a total of twenty-four, demos and scores are all completed, the good thing is that these music are basically more than one minute long. demos and scores have been sent to the electric spirit company, Zhang Xiaomeng let people in the East China Sea to prepare for the orchestra ready to record.

The old man also picked a hundred and fifty square feet of existing houses, interestingly enough, he looked at the price is too expensive, but can not leave, look at the bathroom, look at the balcony, but also talk to Aunt Liu refrigerator and washing machine to put that place is appropriate.

Listening to Zhang Xiaomeng’s description, Li Tiezhu set this suite, Shudu housing prices are not high, one hundred and fifty square feet of the house bought only spent two million.

Finally, Li Laohan and Aunt Liu went to get a certificate, and then busy with the decoration of the new house.

After the long holiday, Li Tiezhu back on the small schoolbag to go to study, feel back to the state of ordinary students.

Of course, he was the only one who had this illusion.

After all, there was no pussy in his heart.

No one in the school treats him as an ordinary student anymore, even the hands of the canteen aunt don’t shake anymore, every time Li Tiezhu’s bowl of braised meat is a few piles more than others.

Teachers are much more tolerant of Li Tiezhu, every time after the topic to ask a question: “Li Tiezhu, do you understand? Ah, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get it, you just need to get the most basic topics right.”

The girls are much more enthusiastic about Li Tiezhu, either asking for an autograph, or asking for showbiz gossip, and looking for him to get Xiao Zhen’s signature.

There were a few eyes that were clearly out of place, but in the final analysis no one dared to chase him and tease him, after all, Song Zhu’er’s fierce reputation was out there.

Boys are much more direct, even if they have fought before can be calm and chat, there are people bitchy ask Song Zhu’er not moist, was Li Tiezhu fat beat, of course, is not a real fight.

What do you care if she is not moist? With you have nothing to do with ah? The cat is more moist, last time the sheets are wet, she is proud of it?

Only Banhua’s attitude towards Li Tiezhu has not changed, or very domineering, she is hard Li Tiezhu is also hard, but ultimately still Banhua more hard. In addition to the crotch humiliation in the beginning, she has one more threatening means:

“Xiong Da I told your wife to go!”

So, Li Tiezhu still can only buy her milk tea and snacks, and occasionally accompany her to the tennis court to train and be abused.

In the blink of an eye half a month has passed.

On the 23rd of October, Sunday night.

Li Tiezhu again took leave in advance, packed his bag and ran to the East China Sea, in addition to going to supervise the game music of Dream – Three Kingdoms, he also had to go to Nandu to record an episode of Masked Singer.

After finishing, he had to go to Kyoto for the third rehearsal of the Spring Festival Gala.

The first two rehearsals when Li Tiezhu is not yet red, naturally did not go into, he belongs to the temporary addition of the programme, of course, there is a possibility that the final was taken out.

As soon as he arrived at the flat, Li Tiezhu received a video from Song Zhu’er.

“Hey hey hey …… Happy Frost!”

“What happy?”

“Frosting! One of the twenty-four solar terms.”

“Hot paw, you just want to make a fucking phone call, what’s the excuse? It’s very skimpy.”

“Isn’t that because I’m afraid you’ll think I’m annoying?”

“I don’t dare to, I’m afraid of being watered to death by you like the exterminator.”

Over there, Song Zhu’er weirdly reddened, “Shameless! Bah!”

Li Tiezhu was puzzled: “You are the one who is shameless.”

“Hmph! You’re shameless, you and Leng Ba are both shameless!”

“Recently the temperature has cooled down, Hot Paw you pay attention to adding clothes, I see that the ‘Kyushu’ costume you posted is very thin ah, wear autumn clothes and autumn trousers on the inside.”

“Ah? Wear autumn trousers inside the costume? Then isn’t it even colder to wear woollen trousers?”

“What does it matter? You can’t tell from the outside.”

“Well! You’re so smart, I’m going to get it. By the way, is your cat still alive?”

“Cold …… No, Xiao Jiu is fine.”

“Sure enough, only I don’t deserve to keep things, so what, I came to find you to show off, there is a boy who pursues me! Hahahaha …… old me also have today!”

Song Zhu’er laughed wildly.

Li Tiezhu was very shameless and sour in his heart, “Is that so? Then congratulations.”

“Congratulations what? I will not agree, is a lead actor in our theatre group, people are quite handsome, just do not like to talk, not acting a whole day can not hear him say a word.”

“That’s quite similar to your family’s Exterminator.”

“Yes, yes, yes, super similar! Not only does he not talk, he’s also prickly and hard to get in touch with, so he’s probably a loner. But he’s been coming to me all the time lately, he doesn’t know how to talk, you know? The first thing he says when he comes to me is, do you know how to play Slocum? I nyah! I’m humanly stupid!”

“Hahahahahahaha ……”

“Also, he brought me breakfast and gave me milk tea, so naive! He buys one cup of milk tea and no one else in the crew gets a share, so how dare I drink it? Isn’t that offensive? Besides, he asked me to go to the cinema yesterday. A cartoon? Laugh me to death, of course I refused.”

“I like watching cartoons too.”

“Really? Then I’ll go watch it with you sometime! Today he asked me to go listen to some musical again, and I fucking told him on the spot that I have a boyfriend, named Li Tiezhu.”

“You’re dumping this pot, the whole internet knows that you didn’t chase me ah! He can believe it?”

“I showed him the video of our long kiss under the sycamore tree, more than three minutes. I said that although I haven’t chased him yet, I’m already enjoying the girlfriend treatment in advance ……”

“When the hell did you record that? And show it to people! Kill and kill!”

“When you stuck your tongue out with your eyes closed, hey, hey, hey, hey, can’t believe it? He almost cried when he watched it, and then he even said he wouldn’t give up so easily.”

“That’s tragic a guy ……”

“When you’re free to visit the cast, look me up!”